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Hello my love,

I'm Ella Tsang

It is soul nice to meet you ūüíē

I am a Truth Embodiment Coach, Trainer of NLP & Kundalini Yoga Teacher. My work is all about guiding you to experience, embody & express the Truth of who you are, in your life & your online brand. 

My devotion is in activating purpose, unconditional love, confidence, personal power & TRUTH within you, so that you can lead a beautiful life + brand where you LOVE all of you. And where truly, you wake up every day with SOUL excitement coursing through your veins for who you are, the purpose you lead, your heart’s desires & the legacy you’re committed to leave behind.¬†

Your deepest transformation in coming home to yourself is my #1 priority. 

Integrating the potent modalities of NLP, Kundalini Yoga & Energetics, my teachings & practices activate change within you at the subconscious mind, embodied & energetic levels so that you effortlessly BECOME the Truest expression of yourself.   

I deeply believe that you are inherently whole, worthy & Divinity embodied. The greatest teacher you’ve been seeking for is within you. My job is to guide you in experiencing that.¬†


I serve you in...


✨ Activating clarity on your purpose & cultivating unshakeable confidence to show up for it    

✨ Developing an irrevocable relationship of LOVE with yourself through subconscious + embodied inner child healing 

✨ Cultivating a breathtaking multidimensional online brand that fully expresses you & serves your soulmate people with your unique medicine 

✨ Deepening your connection to Source/ God through a nourishing spiritual practice 

✨ Mastering your mindset, emotional intelligence & energetics to create a life of pure rapture 


So how did I get here being the embodiment of this kind of work? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.¬†


A Peek Into My Story


I will never forget that one night in June 2017 that changed everything. I was in the middle of eating a shrimp salad at home when I was struck with a full blown panic attack. My chest started hurting & my entire body went numb. I had a flashing thought… “what if I died today?” I was immediately rushed to the hospital where the only logical explanation for my situation was stress – a lot of it.¬†As I laid on the stretcher waiting for my heart rate to slow down, a voice whispered inside: “If you don’t change your life, you’re not going to make it. And we need you to make it.”¬†

Up until that point in my life, I had everything seemingly figured out on the outside. I had graduated university with a 3.91 GPA, top of my class & went straight into a highly prestigious dream corporate job. However on the inside, I was broken, depressed & engaged in highly self-destructive thinking & being patterns. I was constantly stressed out, anxious about work & feeling not enough… & that led to endless overworking & overproving. The only model of life I’d learned was “you need to work hard & be THE best”… But trust me, there was nothing BEST about the way I was living. Numbing Netflix, way too much alcohol & the inability to get out of bed on the weekend… that was my norm.¬†

After that hospital incident, I felt the nudge to buy a bunch of self-development & spiritual books on Amazon. That summer, I devoured book after book by Gabby Bernstein, Marianne Williamson & Rebecca Campbell. Rebecca Campbell’s book¬†Light Is The New Black activated an innate knowing in my soul. One I couldn’t explain, but I just felt. “Follow what lights you up & you will light up the world…” ¬†– one of my favourite quotes from that book, & what I devoted myself to live by.¬†

And so, I started to follow what lit me up…¬†


Through all my deep dive into self-development, I was pulled to start my own coaching business as a side hustle. I had 0 idea really what I was doing, but just had the biggest desire on my heart to help others. I started with what I knew best: social media & branding, & built a beautiful online community of entrepreneurs whom I supported with my courses & 1:1 coaching program.

In the summer of 2018, my spiritual awakening deepened & I felt the call to bridge¬†mindset into my work. I became certified in NLP & dove head first into understanding the subconscious mind. As I began to embody this work, I started to observe shifts in myself… the awareness of my beliefs & the ability to change narratives that I’d carried for years. I was hooked.¬†

In Fall of 2018, Kundalini Yoga found me. I saw this form of yoga everywhere I went & followed the nudge to attend an in-person class. The first time I went, I cried. My soul had never experienced this kind of coming home. I knew I was onto something big. I made Kundalini Yoga a part of my daily practice & signed myself up to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher.  


The signs were nonstop… the 11:11s & just the endless soul call. In May 2019, I took the leap of quitting my corporate job & committing to my business full time. My work started to tailor to spiritual beings who were looking to find their purpose, start an online brand & develop the confidence to show up with consistency. I served many clients 1:1 & witnessed powerful inside out transformations. I became a Master NLP Practitioner & deepened my mastery of NLP techniques.¬†

On my personal healing journey, I continued to work my self-awareness, shift my thinking patterns & uncover layers of fears that held me back. I had made significant progress since 2017. However still… there was a lot more to unravel in my relationship with myself. At that time I didn’t realize… but now I see… my past patterns from school & corporate were morphing into my business. Overworking, perfectionism, needing to prove…they were all still present, but just shape shifted into new expressions.¬†


A BIG year for the entire world. This was the year where everything came to light for me – a whole new level of spiritual awakening & healing.¬†I went into several psychedelic plant medicine journeys the revealed the clarity of my purpose. I had a powerful Kundalini awakening that quite honestly, words cannot encapsulate. All I can say is, God came through¬†me. Being in lockdown with a partner in a turbulent¬†relationship revealed to me trauma that I didn’t even know I had & set me off on the path of deep inner child healing & therapy.¬†

I started receiving raw Kundalini energy transmission to support my Kundalini awakening. Kundalini energy is the Infinite lifeforce energy that exists within every one of us. Once awakened, it reveals to us our True nature & strips away all that is not True & expansive. With this awakening, I started to clearly SEE all my self-defeating patterns & my old identity built out of defense began to C R U M B L E. 

The overthinking, the proving, the need to be the best, the perfectionism, the fear of getting it wrong, the constant unworthiness… all started to fall away… Until all that was left, was ME. Raw, True, heart-opened, & ready to live life in a whole new way. One where I no longer needed to protect myself from disappointment & pain.¬†¬†¬†¬†


Now here I am today. 2021 has gifted me with more expansion that I have words for. In devoting to the breathtaking romance of a lifetime my heart desired, I left a relationship that wasn’t fully satisfying. For months I sat with the pain of loneliness, sadness & confusion. But in the midst of all the pain, I showed up more powerfully than ever before. I committed to a 30 day live challenge to overcome my resistance of being seen & FELL IN LOVE with being a channel in live transmissions. I ran a brand new program, Creatrix Channel which supported beautiful clients in bridging the Masculine & Feminine together in a heart-centered approach for building an online brand.¬†

In May 2021, the love of my life was dropped into my life¬† *ahem* into my Instagram DMs to be specific. This man is everything I’ve ever asked God for, & MORE…& the biggest reflection back to all the self-healing & self-love work I’ve been devoted to.¬†We embarked on soul many breathtaking adventures this past summer & he is as obsessed as I am with creating & living a life of beauty + rapture.¬†

And that leads me to this point in time right now… where I feel the most profound amount of love for myself that I have ever experienced. I’ve just finished running my first ever self-love program, Enraptured,¬†& I’ve never felt more on purpose in my life. There is soul much excitement for all that I am creating & sharing in my business & my clients are experiencing the most magical self-transformations!

Magic unfolds day by day, & I’m in the space of being OPEN, fully receiving all that life has to give, & alchemizing everything that happens into GOLD for my purpose.¬†

I am here to activate Truth in you, in me, in all of us. 

You feeling this vibe?

Mmmm I would LOVE to get to know you & see how we can expand together on your journey. Click below to discover all the ways we can co-create!