And have a custom mindset master plan created for me! 


Hey Badass Lightworker!

Don’t have the time to watch the full video above or simply didn’t feel like it? I get you! You are busy, so let’s cut to the chase of what I’m inviting you to in this EXCLUSIVE OFFER:


I’m offering you to join me in a 60 minute Aligned AF Mindset Master Plan Session for just an up-front commitment of $1 USD to reserve your spot.



Mindset is EVERYTHING to get you to your desired life and success. Together, we will craft you a mindset strategy and action plan to overcome your subconscious blocks and step into your NEXT LEVEL reality in life and business.

(Psst..even if you don’t have a business yet or aren’t planning to start one, this session will still be for YOU as we will tailor your master plan to your life goals!)

We will get clarity on your vision & goals for life and business + the old subconscious paradigms holding you back and create an Aligned AF Mindset Master Plan personalized to your life and business that you can take home with you.


You will also receive a COMPLEMENTARY 30 Day Aligned AF Spiritual &  Mindset Rituals Checklist to help you implement. 


At the end of session, if you feel like you have received value, you will then be charged an additional $88 USD for our time together and your Aligned AF Mindset Master Plan. But this is only AFTER the call and IF you feel like you have received value (which I’m sure you will 😉). However, if in the case you don’t, just let me know & you won’t be charged a single cent more. I’ll even send you a FREE gift!


Now in this session,  you can expect us to chat through some magical AF modalities like:

NLP (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming) 


TIME Techniques

Spiritual Wisdom & Principles

Manifestation, Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction Principles 

 Kundalini Yoga & Technology 

… and implement these modalities INTO your master plan.


So why am I doing this? I believe in full transparency so I will let you in on a little secret:

This is one of my favourite ways to connect with Badass Lightworkers who become amazing 1:1 clients. If during the session you want to learn more about how we can work together to implement your mindset master plan and help you step into your next level life and business reality FAST, we can chat all about that.

If not, and you want to take your master plan and implement it on your own, then I send you MASSIVE LOVE & high vibes to make it happen!

So don’t wait, click below and register your Aligned AF Mindset Master Plan spot today for just $1 USD! Spots are limited (it’s physically impossible for me to work with more than a few people at a time 1:1), so act on it while they’re still available!

See you soon!!

xx Ella

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