Investing In Yourself Means NOTHING If You’re Still Unwilling to DO THE WORK

Investing In Yourself Means NOTHING If You’re Still Unwilling to DO THE WORK

Oh trust me, I’ve been there too. ⁣

You’re excitedly punching in your credit card for yet another course teaching you the magical 5-step strategy to success, thinking to yourself: “THIS is going to be the thing that changes EVERYTHING”. ⁣

You hit “SUBMIT”, adrenaline rushing through your veins, quite literally getting a high from the fact that you are investing in yourself (because that’s a non-negotiable trait of all highly successful people 😌). ⁣

You see “Congratulations! You’re IN!” flash across the screen. You smile with pride. You DID IT. ⁣

You login to the course for the first time…click thru the modules… play a few videos, download some worksheets….⁣

And then… that’s about the last time you ever login. ⁣

So what are you doing instead? ⁣

✨Scrolling through Instagram, stalking all the other people in your niche & making yourself feel bad⁣
✨Making all the excuses of why you’re not “ready” yet⁣
✨Hiding from your fears b/c the last thing you want is to open that can of worms ⁣
✨Low key scoping out new programs you should invest in next to save you…⁣

I gotta break it to you, but, hoarding courses ≠ getting your desired outcomes. ⁣

I’ve been there too, thinking that just by swiping my credit card, things will just miraculously work out & money would pour in.⁣

Nope, it never worked. You know what did? ⁣

Actually doing the work & embodying it⁣
Discipline. ⁣
Consistency in showing up. ⁣
Taking action before I felt ready. ⁣
Getting up after every “failure” & continuing on (yup, like getting crickets on a launch)⁣

All of that STARTS with your subconscious program- the blueprint for how you see you & what you believe in. That’s why subconscious mind reprogramming with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is INTEGRAL to my coaching & mentoring work in facilitating lasting transformations where you actually become the person you’ve always wanted to be NOW, & take massive action on your purpose. ⁣

How are you feeling about your subconscious program right now & what do you think needs to change?

I LOVE helping badass lightworkers & leaders align their mindset & step into their next level identity so that they can finally ditch the BS that’s been dimming their light & finally take massive action towards their purpose. If that sounds like something you are currently needing some support with (aka getting over yourself & actually COMMITTING to taking the action that moves the needle in your life & business), book in a free Light Activation Clarity Call with me here, & let’s chat about your roadmap to get to your biggest vision in life & business. And of course, if I feel like I can support you on your journey through my work, I’ll let you know how we can make it happen 😉