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A 9 Module Self-Study Course Experience

Birth Your Truest & Most Beautiful Online Brand- One That Embodies Your Potent Medicine, Serves Your Soulmate People & Expresses ALL of You ❤️

My know it's what you're here for

It started as a nudge & soon it became a deep soul calling. Now there’s no running away from it. 

It’s what your heart desires & what your soul KNOWS you’re meant to do. 

You’re here to awaken others to their power & make them FEEL.

You’re here to heal yourself & the world through your unique purpose, medicine & presence.

You’re here to leave a legacy behind…through who you ARE & the lives you transform. 

 And you know a big part of this path involves creating a True & beautiful brand online that embodies your potent medicine, serves your soulmate people, & fully expresses ALL of you.

The kind of brand that courses inexplicable excitement & bliss through your veins with every inspired idea, channeled creation & Divine offering 🤩

The kind of brand that empowers you to be the best & most confidently-embodied version of you 🎉

The kind of brand that magnetizes in your soulmate people because your frequency is FELT & awakens something deep within them 🔥

The kind of brand that transforms the world through the energetic & physical realms, simply by existing. 


If you really have what it takes to help others, transform lives & be paid through your soul’s work…

How you can fully embody what you you do & step into your role as a leader with unwavering confidence behind your message

What needs to happen so you can have aligned content, creations & offerings effortlessly flow through your channel 

What kind of magic people use to create visually beautiful brands with powerful messages that draw you right in 

How you can finally let go of the resistance that has held you back & allow yourself to be SEEN & HEARD

You're not alone xx


And through that curiosity I committed myself to uncovering the answers & becoming a LIVING EMBODIMENT of it. 

What I’ve found is that the path of building your Truest brand is what will guide you home to the Truest you. 

In order to create your Truest & most beautiful brand, you have to BECOME the Truest & most beautifully expressed version of you. 

I’ve been in the realm of online & personal branding since 2015. 

I started my journey as a health & fitness blogger 🏋🏻‍♀️

Evolved into an #Instafamous (LOL) smoothie bowl influencer 🍓

Became a brand, online business & social media marketing coach (while still keeping up with the smoothie bowls) 📱

Then ventured into becoming a mindset coach…🧠

Fell in love with NLP, Kundalini Yoga & initiated my spiritual awakening 🧘🏻‍♀️

Pivoted to become a spiritual life & business coach…✨

Moved into talking about mindset, manifestation, spirituality & aligned business…💫

Activated the knowing of my star & cosmic origins & so I started playing with the idea of being a Cosmic Life & Business mentor…

All these little steps…

All these little shifts…

And the commitment to building a brand that truly lights me up & activates my soul, landed me to where I’m at today:

Leading in my TRUEST & MOST BEAUTIFUL ONLINE BRAND that serves thousands of people around the world through my content, attracts in the most soulmate clients & is a complete embodiment of WHO I AM.  

 I am a Truth Embodiment Coach with an unshakeable knowing that I am here to activate Truth in others- the Truth of who they are, what they are here to do & the lives they came here to life 🐍

I have built a beautiful brand that is 111% ON PURPOSE, embraces my multidimensionality & is where I am excited to serve in EVERY DAY as all of myself.

I am creating a ripple effect of awakening & change in the world, just by being ME & sharing my raw Truth 🌏

You are a vessel for a unique frequency & expression of the Divine's work.

And your brand is the vessel through which this frequency gets to reach those who have been YEARNING for you & what you have to offer. 

My approach in branding is not just about making sure you pick the right colours & have the prettiest Instagram feed (although that is a cherry on top the sundae 🍒😉)

My Truth-embodied approach in cultivating your Truest & most beautiful brand lies in…

✨ Activating your multidimensionality & anchoring you into a purpose SO MUCH greater than your human limits – one that’ll keep you going & showing up no matter what  

✨ Showing you how to become a living embodiment of your work so that it’s not just something you “do”, but it’s who you ARE – which makes leading in your brand absolutely effortless 

✨ Guiding you home to your Truest self & igniting the confidence within to fully express yourself & your message with excitement, certainty & power  

✨ Designing a brand experience for you where ALL of you is welcome & where all of your gifts can be channelled through as offerings & medicine for your soulmate people – we’re tossing out the boxes & “have to”s!

✨ Empowering you to live & speak your Truth every step of the way, which makes you an absolute magnet for all those who are MEANT to be activated by you  

Everything that you are, gets to exist in your brand. YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. 


Your initiation to confidently become a channel for Source & God’s work ✨

Your path to embodying this work into your BEING, & allowing it to be alchemized into your Truest & most beautiful brand.

One that activates you to be more of yourself every day.

One that activates others into their power through the gift of your medicine & presence.

One that is completely breathtaking to look at & even more breathtaking to experience the magic of. 

One that will shift paradigms, transform lives & leave a legacy through your lifetime. 

A course to not only birth a brand that is True to your heart & soul’s highest purpose, but to also BECOME the living & breathing expression of this brand. 

Beyond just the visuals & looks, this is about cultivating complete embodiment of your message & medicine & changing lives just through your BEING. 

Beyond having the perfectly crafted words & mission statements, this is about developing unshakeable certainty in who you are & showing up to speak your Truth & share your work. 

Beyond worrying about getting it “perfect” & “right” , this is about realizing this journey in creating a True & beautiful brand runs simultaneous to your spiritual awakening. 

You go first. 

As you expand, it expands. 

As you evolve, it evolves. 

And you are worthy & more than enough to massively serve people & receive abundance with your presence & medicine, every step of the way.  


🎉  9 x recorded modules with powerful codes for integration for building your most aligned brand 

🎉  Accompanying workbooks with every module that include detailed notes & activities for implementation

🎉  Beautifully crafted visual guides to support your understanding & facilitate integration 

🎉 Various Kundalini Yoga practices, meditations, embodiment practices & breathwork experiences to activate your confidence in being seen & leading your brand  


Hey it's me, Ella!

Formally speaking, I’m a Truth Embodiment Coach, Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT + TIME Techniques & Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Informally speaking, I’m your multidimensional BFF who gets the ins & outs of deeply transformative & embodied mindset work that’ll transform your self-relationship. I am here to get you experiencing, embodying & expressing the Truest version of you in your every day – & to LOVE every bit of YOU.

And… to turn all that you ARE & have to offer into a powerful online brand.

Over the last 4 years of my life, I have lead myself out of a depression, countless years of deep anxiety & an extremely toxic self-relationship. And have since stepped into the embodiment of a woman & leader who is anchored in her power & leading in an impactful online brand that serves clients from all over the world 💕

I have learned to how to show up fully as myself with confidence online & offer my unique medicine.

I know how to have my own back no matter what, & am in the deepest devotion to my desires & purpose.

What massively supported me through my journey was the combination of subconscious mindset work, Kundalini Yoga + Kundalini energy activation, inner child healing, developing a relationship with Infinite/ Source, – which are all aspects of my work that I guide you through in Creatrix Channel, along with practical branding implementations.

I believe that we are multidimensional beings who are here to FULLY EXPRESS all that we ARE & add massive value to the Collective through our beautiful online brands.

I want to show you how to create this magic ✨



You walk away with deep clarity on who you are & confidently stand behind what you have to offer your soulmate clients 

You lead a beautiful & magnetic online brand with a powerful experience that adds massive value, attracts in your soulmate clients & is a natural expression of all of YOU

You show up with profound confidence, sharing your message, channelling content & being a magnetizing embodiment of the transformation you offer 

You become an open channel for Source & God to express through.

Creating, sharing & serving in your brand becomes effortless. 

Your soulmate people are drawn into your world, not just for what you do but for who you ARE. Because you activate them. 

And no matter what challenges comes your way…you know exactly how to lead yourself through those moments & alchemize it back into value in your brand. 


The beautiful soul-led online entrepreneur, coach, mentor, wayshower, guide & healer who is EXCITED to throw out the boxes & revolutionize the way they express in their brand 💕

Whether you are brand new to building a brand, or you have already had a brand & just KNOW there’s deeper level of Truth to be unveiled within it.

You are committed to going first in embodying your work & BECOMING a leading example of it. 

You are devoted to healing & becoming your Truest self, no matter the resistance that may arise.

You are dedicated to serving the Collective from a place of integrity, alignment & Truth. 

You are ready to open your heart, be SEEN, be HEARD & be RECEIVED for the very purpose that Source & God streamed through your channel. 

The Curriculum

Ready to Jump In?

Self-Investment 🎉

4 weekly payments of $145 USD

8 weekly payments of $82 USD

Katia Pedersen

Client of Creatrix Channel |

Before joining Creatrix Channel, I was super lost in my business!

I’ve had so many wins from this… like finding my WHY! Healing parts within myself. Learning to balance the doing with the BEING. Actually SHOWING up as who I am in the world and in my brand and on Instagram! Doing my first lives on Instagram! Getting to the point where I just KNOW I’m a channel for my business from source and that I always always always have my own back no matter the circumstances I’m in. (I was in big time lack-mindset) but now I know everything is on it’s way to me and I have been able to handle some tough moments much better since. 

I 1000% would recommend working with Ella! She’s the best! 

For anyone thinking of joining Creatrix Channel, don’t hesitate for a minute and don’t be surprised if you’re being guided from Ella on what is the best fit of you two working together. Trust her! She knows what you need before you do! (And it’ll be nothing less than magical)

Josephine Hobbs

Client of Creatrix Channel |

What inspired me to join Creatrix Channel was the way it focused on uncovering our unique, multidimensional selves. So many courses are about strategy and a list of things to do, I’d never seen a course and approach that focused so much on our own indiviudal being and I knew I had to sign up!

The experience was a magical, intense month! I loved the intimate nature of the calls, the wisdom that Ella channeled and every module felt like she spoke to my soul on a deep level.

By the end of it, I found myself remembering my own true power and divinity. I remembered my own magic, came back to my self and felt deeply empowered with renewed confidence in myself! I still revisit the modules as there is always more wisdom that speaks to me.

If you’re thinking of joining, go for it! It will activate you in ways you never thought possible!


Rasheeda Roach

Client of Enraptured |

The Enraptured experience was amazing! I learned so much about myself, my desires and connected with my inner child. My biggest takeaway is when you able to love yourself unconditionally, it creates a ripple effects to all your other relationships. Everything begins to shift in order to match the change in energy. After this experience, I feel overflowing with love for myself on all levels. Being able to connect with my higher self and experience the life that she is living became a great motivator for me to know that I’m on the right path to actually live that life! I definitely recommend working with Ella. She has such a unique energy about her that pulls you in. She knows the right questions to ask to help you find the answers within yourself.


Janessa Lew

A little excerpt from this beautiful testimonial transmission:
“…If you’re feeling that call to work more deeply with Ella, it’s an opportunity to be witnessed, to be held & to be supported, but in a way that empowers to know that this is YOU. This is your essence unfolding, this is all of who you already are, & you have someone who is believing in you, & loving you unconditionally so that you can feel safe in that journey. Even when all the stuff comes up…the inner child work, the holding yourself when you are in the middle of a death & rebirth cycle & you feel completely alone…you somehow know you can have your own back. Ella has been so so critical in my unfolding, in my ability to receive others receiving me…If you feel that YES & that curiosity of what if I allowed myself to be held this way… F**King take the leap!”

Geneviève Paquette

“I used to have horrible self-talk, low confidence and low self-esteem. I identified myself as a negative person. I honestly thought it was who I am. I would compare myself constantly and use it to put me down. I used to not be able to feel my emotions, I felt numb. My main struggle was really my mindset and learn how to tap into my emotions.

Working with Ella inside of Light Up Your Life was literally the best thing I have ever done ! It allowed me to find my true self and show up with confidence. I used to hide in the sidelines but now I feel like I want to be front and center ! My biggest highlight is literally Ella she is the best. I feel like we were perfectly aligned and she always had exactly what I needed when I needed it, sometimes without even knowing ! I wouldn’t be able to pin point what was my favorite part of the program because I feel like my answer would be the entire experience. It’s that good !

I felt like I used to show up in my life as a caterpillar and now I am a beautiful butterfly flying all over the place. I found myself and fell in love with the person I am. My biggest shift is loving who I am. It gave me the courage and confidence to actually start my coaching business which I was pushing to the side By fear of not being good enough (self-sabotaging at it’s finest). I used to be a ghost on social media and now I am able to show up with confidence and certainty, sharing my message on my social platform. Something I would of never have been able to do before this program. I have never felt this good in my skin. I feel like I glow where ever I go.

Thinking about the opportunity of working with Ella? Don’t think twice, take it ! It’s the best investment you will ever make. You can’t put a value on a program like this. Loving your life and yourself is priceless!

Ella, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are I can’t even put words on how grateful I am for the work you do !”

Sarah Vigil

When I started working with Ella, I knew little about not just the online education industry, but about myself as an individual. I signed on because I wanted to learn what a coaching program is, and I know that one of the best to learn is to be a student. I had a few mentors to choose from, though, and I decided to work with Ella because there was something that intrigued me about spirituality because it made me feel somewhat uncomfortable – because it was unknown to me. The other coaches had seemingly simple programs, but Ella’s was different, and once I worked with her, I realized it’s different because her work is an expression of who she is. And that’s exactly what I learned from her that is more valuable than anything I could learn in a book or a course – I learned how to create a personal brand that actually is PERSONAL because I design and create it all (yes, Ella taught me this too). She truly is a multi-talented and passionate being who does exceptional work because she loves her craft, and it shows through in absolutely everything she does.


Catherine Paquette

“When I started working with Ella, I knew deep down in my heart that I wanted to become a coach, but didn’t know how to go about starting and felt like I needed years of experience before getting started! Since working together, I’ve been feel amazing, fulfilled and ready to conquer the world. Ella allowed me to understand and believe that I was already a coach. I didn’t need years of experience to get started. If you had told me four months ago that I would have a website running, a free mini-course, a 1:1 coaching program, closing a month of coaching three amazing BETA clients, and ready to find my first soulmate client to work with, I would not have believed you! Ella is a guide everyone needs, the friend you can turn to when you are not sure of yourself and the confidence booster that will have you take massive-action! I’ve never believed so much in myself and the potential I have. Ella was the confidence booster I needed to live fully in my next level identity! Oh, and did I mention that I gained abs from this 1:1 coaching!! Kundalini is now part of my daily life, all thanks to Ella! I would recommend and have recommended her in a heart beat because I’ve loved her way of working, her approach and I am so grateful for the epic transformation that came out of us working together. I can fairly say that she has exceeded my expectations!”

Jaime Lee

Past Creatrix Channel Client |

Here’s a real-time capture of Jaime’s celebrations in self-love & healing her relationship with herself in the Creatrix Channel program. You can watch this video on Jaime’s IGTV here

Jerine Nicole

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest | Nurse & Blogger |

You can read a full article that Jerine wrote on her Light Up & Manifest experience here 🎉

“Before being in this experience, I was struggling with being able to trust my decisions. I would overthink every single decision in my life, career and business. I didn’t know who I was and how to show up online as “myself”. I thought that I had to be two different persons, but I also wasn’t comfortable showing up as my “current self” then. I had no clear direction of where I was going. I felt anxious, stressed and pressured to follow the society’s standards of what success looked like. I learned to be the type of coach who would niche down, except I knew in my heart that I couldn’t do it. I knew I had something more to offer other than just one thing.

The Light Up & Manifest experience was absolutely amazing. At first, I was very skeptical as I’m not a spiritual person. But when Ella teaches the content, things make sense because I’ve been experiencing them throughout my life, and I just wasn’t aware of it. My favourites were our group calls and how she can support each one of us and always give her all. I could feel the same energy that she has on her Instagram videos and in her content. I always feel like Ella’s teachings are guiding me.

After this program, I feel that I could take on the world. I feel much more confident in making decisions in my life. I feel more clear about where I want to go in life. I am more comfortable and confident in expressing myself both in life and online because I always have my own back. I don’t feel rushed to do things or to achieve things, because I’ve learned to enjoy the process. And I know that there’s no other way but what I want to show up. These words are so simple, yet they are so powerful. One of my key wins from this program was really finding inner peace in this crazy world. I also started my own blog. I pivoted from the coaching business to writing online because that’s where my heart led me. I still have ups & downs, but they don’t bother me as much anymore. Because of tools that Ella gave, I know how to get myself back up.

Ella gives all her heart to everything that she does. She shows up in whatever energy she is in and because of her strong relationship with herself. With that, she’s also able to transmit and inspire others to do the same. She will give you the tools that you need to be able to make your own decisions. If you want to feel empowered in your life and business, then this is for you.

Even if you’re not into spirituality, this is a good program to start with. After this program, you will feel more comfortable with your relationship with yourself. I think it’s also the most important relationship that you can work on before being able to show up and serve others.”