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A 7 Module Program to Build a Wonderland Brand That Is a Multidimensional Expression of Your Soul & Offer Your Gifts to Your Soulmate People


Industry of YOU

For so long we’ve approached building a brand the other way around.

Looking outside of ourselves to find “what works” & “what’s understood” & making it a box to fit into.

But no matter how hard we try… our greatness simply cannot be contained by a title, an industry, or a narrow niche.

Which is why YOU are HERE.

This journey is about standing for a new paradigm

where who you are & the value you bring through your multifaceted gifts are an integrated EXPERIENCE of transformation.


Because it’s not just what you do that changes the world, but it’s who you are in your unique frequency as you do & create that leaves behind a mark that no other can replicate.


You have always been WAY MORE than just an “I help…” statement.


It’s time to remember your “I am…” Truths & craft a multidimensional brand that is an extension of your Soul.

Welcome to the Industry of YOU!


🔥 Step into your Industry of Me leader identity where you confidently run your brand & business in a way that honours your full multidimensional nature

🌴 Unapologetically claim your purpose & translate it into a breathtaking brand that looks & feels like an absolute wonderland to create, serve & play in


✨ Design multidimensional healing & coaching offerings that integrate ALL your gifts & get you next level turned on to talk about every day


⚡️  Become a living & breathing embodiment of your craft so that your life becomes the greatest muse for your creations


🥳 Craft creative, loving & FUN ways of building connection with your soulmate people & selling  your offers – which is really just inviting them to PLAY IN YOUR WONDERLAND!


I am…
an artist
a coach
a guide
a priestess
a lover
a speaker
a creatrix
a Kundalini energy activator
an experiential spaceholder
an NLP trainer
… the list goes on

Over the past 4 years, I have built a multidimensional online brand that is a True & effortless expression of who I am & what sets my soul on fire.

I lead clients through life-changing transformations in the realms of healing their self-relationship by rewiring their subconscious, body & energy, awakening unconditional self-love, building soul-led brands from purpose, expressing online with confidence, embodying Divine Feminine essence & activating their Kundalini energy – all of which I have led myself through & continue to deepen my embodiment of every day.

My brand Truth Alchemy is a one-of-a-kind experience where healing & expansion are FUN & anyone who comes into interaction with its frequency will only ever leave Truer to themselves.

I am in the industry of me.

I have built a brand wonderland that expresses my one-of-a-kind frequency & integrates all my gifts across offerings in a way NO ONE can replicate. ​

... & I want to show you how in this program


Opening Foundations & Embody Your Industry of Me Leader Identity


Laying the Foundations of Your Wonderland


Wonderland Attraction Design (Part 1)


Wonderland Attraction Design (Part 2)


Falling in LOVE With Your Offers


Love-Led Relationship & Community Building


Sales & Invitations to Play In Your Wonderland

& BONUS Wonderland Masterclass 🪄


Pay in Full

$555 USD

4 x Bi-Weekly Payments of 

$139 USD


Read through what past clients have to say about working with me & experiencing my programs 💖