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Get ready to manifest your most lit up


You’ve tried all the things when it comes to manifesting🤦🏻‍♀️

You’ve read The Secret, meditated with your crystals, and declared out loud what you WANT (many times too)… but it doesn’t seem to be working.

You know that manifestation works for other people: you’ve seen the countless success stories on Facebook & Instagram & heard about all your friends manifesting things left & right… but for some reason, you just haven’t been able to make it work for YOU. 

You’re really starting to wonder: 

“Does the Universe REALLY have my back? 😭” 

You are furiously writing out your affirmations 100x a day, making a laundry list of things you’re grateful for, listening to your abundance binaural beats as you sleep, staring at your vision board and watching YouTube video after YouTube video on why the Law of Attraction could possibly NOT be working for you…


but to...

  • Overthink and worry about things a lot – especially when you try to think of things you want, you automatically start thinking of reasons why you can’t have it, why it won’t happen or how it’s not already here yet

  • Find yourself clinging on too tightly and worrying about outcomes and HOW exactly things are supposed to happen 

  • Feel like you’re not actually good enough & deserving to GET what you want because things just don’t come easily for you
  • Compare your progress in life and business to everyone else you’re following on Instagram and make yourself feel bad that you’re not “there” yet 

  • Wonder if you actually really do know what YOU want, because if you were to dig a level deeper, you’re not really even sure WHY you want your desires

  • Find it a challenge to balance between working hard to make things happen and letting go and surrendering. Plus, you have no idea really where to start…

  • Struggle with taking consistent massive action towards your  desires, because every time you take a few steps forward and feel fear & resistance, you’d just stall, stop and convince yourself why it’s not going to happen


And I want you to imagine this for a moment...

You're manifesting more abundance into your life than ever before in all its forms! 



  • A LIT UP & prosperous soulful business where you are serving soulmate AF clients, charging your worth, creating massive impact doing your soul’s work and raising the collective vibration of this planet

  • A life of freedom & purpose that you are excited to wake up to every day, and where you can be, do and have whatever you want, whenever you want (aka yoga class mid afternoon and an impromptu trip to Bali)

  • A deep connection with your inner self & creator power and a spiritual relationship with the Divine where you always feel fully aligned, supported and trusting that everything is working out for you (even when curveballs are thrown at you)

  • Fulfilling and nurturing relationships (both romantic and not 😉) where you feel LOVED, empowered, understood, supported and uplifted into your most radiant self

  • Endless high vibrational energy that creates positive feelings, inspiration, confidence and motivation.  And even when feel low (because yes, we’re all humans), you have the awareness and spiritual + mindset tools to guide yourself back to more empowering thoughts and feelings that manifest your desires 


"Wow... that all sounds amazing! But isn't it too much to ask for?"

Nope. Not at all. 


This is all possible. 


The very fact that you can imagine it, means that they already exist at the Quantum level (the subatomic level which everything originates from)✨ 


Now what if I told you you already HAVE all of those things? 


You just haven’t EXPERIENCED them yet? 


Manifestation isn’t so much about CREATING FROM SCRATCH but rather it’s about removing your resistance and blocks to what IS already yours and making it a non-negotiable for your desires to show up in your outer reality once you have that inner energetic alignment 💛 


That’s what this all comes down to. And that’s exactly what I’ll guide you to experience through Light Up & Manifest. 


Beyond the manifestation principles, we’re diving into the tangible, subconscious mind & energetic work that you can easily implement every day to FINALLY create that deep internal shift with your identity and clarity of your desires & change your point of attraction to create your outer manifestations. 


Module by Module

Module 1: Elevate Into Your Creator Potential✨

  • Understand why manifestation & Law of Attraction WORK at the Quantum Physics, neuroscience & spiritual levels and what is your role as a creator of your reality
  • Learn the fundamental Universal Laws that make manifesting your desired reality possible and how to make them work for YOU 
  • Deep dive into the power of your subconscious mind, why it is important to work at the subconscious level and how to effectively communicate with it to get what you want using NLP 
  • Uncover the manifestation power behind your aura (your electromagnetic field)& understand how Kundalini yoga helps to amplify your manifestation power

Module 2: Define Your Most LIT UP Identity & Desires📝

  • Declare your deepest desires & clearest vision in your most LIT UP life and business & know WHY it’s important for you to have them 
  • Outline who you need to embody at a subconscious identity to effortlessly call in your desires 
  • Understand how to implement Quantum Linguistic Patterns (aka using artful language intentionally to shift YOUR mind) in scripting & speaking your desires into existence for Quantum results 

Module 3: Reprogram Your Subconscious to
Manifest with Ease 🧠

  • Identify the self-image identifications & beliefs currently holding you back from being in alignment with your desires 
  • Learn my potent 3-step Limit to Light process for quickly recoding any limiting belief 
  • Heal & rewrite old stories and fears around not being good enough or worthy to get what you want 
  • Define & install new empowering high vibrational beliefs aligned with your next level identity that magnetize in your desires 
  • Understand how to #mindhack your self-sabotage patterns (aka breaking down your outdated subconscious programs step-by-step) so you can shift them to take more massive action
  • Leverage powerful NLP techniques like hypnosis & TIME to release negative emotions from the past & program in your next level identity to manifest with ease

Module 4: Elevate Your Energetic Vibration & Build Your Aura to Magnetize Your Desires 🧘🏻‍♀️

  • Learn daily rituals and practices to shift your thoughts, guide your emotions and consistently elevate your energetic vibration to gratitude, love & abundance
  • Leverage daily EFT tapping & Kundalini yoga to shift your energy, raise your abundance frequency, strengthen your aura and release resistance in becoming an energetic match for your desires
  • Discover the power of sound vibration & mantra in changing your brain patterns and instantly raise your frequency tp attract with intentional sound & mantra practices 
  • Explore Quantum NLP visualization & embodiment techniques to affirm at a subconscious & energetic level that what you desire is already yours  

Module 5: Take Massive Aligned Action & Implement High Vibe Manifestation Rituals 🔮

  • Create tangible + aligned action plans to clearly map out and act on what you need to do to create your desires 
  • Learn how to balance the Masculine & Feminine energies & access your intuition to speed up your manifestations 
  • Step into unstoppable confidence, certainty and persistence in showing up and doing the work required to meet the Universe halfway (say bye bye to procrastination & inconsistent action!)
  • Build your daily aligned manifestation rituals to ground you into the energy of your desires and empower you to embody the YOU who already has it all 

Module 6: Surrender, Trust, Let the F Go & RECEIVE ⚡️

  • Deepen your connection with the Universe and learn how to release attachment to your desires at the subconscious level
  • Ask for signs and invite in Divine guidance and support to maintain your deep belief and affirm that your desires are on their way 
  • Develop daily practices & tools for trusting that things are happening FOR you and that what you desire is on its way to you 
  • Learn how to embrace full worthiness and openness to receive what you’ve asked for with grace 

This is not just another course to teach you the basics of manifestation. 

This is a course with potent practices that reprogram your subconscious mind & raise your consciousness + energetic vibration. 

All to empower you to BE & DO the aligned things right NOW to get what you want to HAVE. 


Hey! It's me, Ella!

I’m your new spiritual life & biz bestie.

It is my soul purpose to empower lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs like you to expand your consciousness, connect with your truth & massively uplevel your subconscious mind to manifest your most LIT UP life & business. I’m the igniter you’ve been searching for to LIGHT YOU UP from the inside out so you can shine big time 

I’m a:

Spiritual (AF) Life & Business Transformation Coach

Master Life & Success Coach, NLP Licensed Practitioner, EFT, TIME Techniques & Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Yoga Alliance 200 HR Yoga Teacher

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Graduate


I know more than a thing or two about manifestation. 

At just 24 years old, I have manifested living my dream life with freedom as an online entrepreneur, creating soulful content to raise the vibration of this planet daily and guiding my clients and community to massively transform in their lives & businesses. I wake up every day, feeling EXCITED to start my day and create epic magic in my soul’s purpose. 



In the last 3 years of my life alone, I’ve manifested:

Crystal clarity on my soul mission in this lifetime 

A 16k+ online community of badass lightworkers across Instagram, FB & YouTube

A radiant glow to my skin (after suffering from cystic acne for years!)

Leaving my (previously manifested DREAM) corporate job to pursue my soul’s calling full-time 

A soulmate AF relationship with a man who’s just as spiritual as me

My first 5 figure income month 

Countless soulmate clients & students who massively elevate through my work 

…& so much more 

The way I approach manifestation to goes WAY beyond the surface. 

I combine neuro-science through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to reprogram your subconscious, strengthen your aura + nervous system (your electromagnetic field that determines what you attract) with Kundalini Yoga + technology to amp your magnetism & raise your vibration with Energetic Alchemy pratices all to clear you so that you can match your desires and bring them from the non-physical into your physical reality. 

You in for the ride to manifest your most LIT UP life? I thought so!


Your Experience Includes:✨

6 x pre-recorded modules 📹 ($3000 USD VALUE)

with bite-sized videos & guiding PDF material so that learning & implementing is easy & digestible

6 x manifest-action guides ✨ ($2500 USD VALUE)

including comprehensive journal prompts, hypnosis audios, guided meditations, EFT tapping, Kundalini kriyas + meditations & energetic practices to guide you in deeply shifting at a subconscious level

6 x weekly Q/A calls 📞 ($2100 USD VALUE)

where you can ask any questions you have and receive 1:1 support from me on your journey

A private community of LIT UP manifestors & spiritual entrepreneurs just like yourself 👯‍♀️ (PRICELESS!)

where you can meet new spiritual besties, receive high vibe support & share your manifestation wins!

& Also These BONUSES ⚡️

2 x LIVE Kundalini yoga classes with me 🧘🏻‍♀️ ($250 USD VALUE)

Over a live Zoom call, we’ll shift your energy and connect you to cosmic consciousness to manifest with ease and flow 

LIT UP Manifestation Crystal Guide 💎 ($49 USD VALUE)
Discover my favourite crystals  & crystal rituals for potent AF manifestation 


Your Investment?

90%+ less than that 😏


Light Up & Manifest is starting in January 2020.

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