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Get ready to manifest your most lit up

You’ve tried all the things when it comes to manifesting your best life & business 🤦🏻‍♀️

You’ve read The Secret, meditated with your crystals, and declared out loud what you WANT (many times too)… but it doesn’t seem to be working.

You know that manifestation works for other people: you’ve seen the countless success stories on Facebook & Instagram & heard about all your friends manifesting things left & right… but for some reason, you just haven’t been able to make it work for YOU. 

You’re really starting to wonder: 

“Does the Universe REALLY have my back? 😭” 

You are furiously writing out your affirmations 100x a day, making a laundry list of things you’re grateful for, listening to your abundance binaural beats as you sleep, staring at your vision board and watching YouTube video after YouTube video on why the Law of Attraction could possibly NOT be working for you…


but to...

  • Overthink and worry about things a lot – especially when you think of things you want (like the extra cash that would REALLY be helpful RN & that soulmate partner you’ve been calling in since early 2019), you automatically start thinking of reasons why you can’t have it, why it won’t happen or how it’s not already here yet (*cue exasperated cry & a negative thought spiral you just can’t get out of*)
  • Find yourself clinging on too tightly and attaching outcomes and HOW exactly things are supposed to happen… if they haven’t happened yet, WHY should they happen now?! 
  • Feel like you’re not actually good enough & deserving to GET what you want because things just don’t come easily for you.
  • Compare your progress in life and business to everyone else you’re following on Instagram and make yourself feel bad that you’re not “there” yet (even though you’re not even really sure that “there” looks like)

  • Wonder if you actually really do know what YOU want, because if you were to dig a level deeper, you’re not really even sure WHAT would make you feel the most fulfilled. You’ve spent most of your life going after what you THOUGHT you want, to prove to your family & random people on the Internet that you are worthy. 

  • Struggle with taking consistent massive action towards your desires, because every time you take a few steps forward and feel the fear & resistance creeping up, you’d just stall, stop and convince yourself why it’s not going to happen


And I want you to imagine this for a moment...

You're manifesting more abundance into your life than ever before in all its forms! 


Such as...

  • A LIT UP & prosperous soulful business where you are serving soulmate AF clients, charging your worth, creating massive impact doing your soul’s work and raising the collective vibration of this planet
  • A life of freedom & purpose that you are excited to wake up to every day, and where you can be, do and have whatever you want, whenever you want (aka yoga class mid afternoon and an impromptu trip to Bali)
  • A deep connection with your inner self & creator power and a spiritual relationship with the Divine where you always feel fully aligned, supported and trusting that everything is working out for you (even when curveballs are thrown at you)
  • Fulfilling and nurturing relationships (both romantic and not 😉) where you feel LOVED, empowered, understood, supported and uplifted into your most radiant self
  • Endless high vibrational energy that creates positive feelings, inspiration, confidence and motivation.  And even when feel low (because yes, we’re all humans), you have the heightened consciousness and spiritual + mindset tools to acknowledge what’s happening & guide yourself back to more empowering thoughts and feelings that manifest your desires 


"Wow... that all sounds amazing! But isn't it too much to ask for?"

Nope. Not at all. 

This is all possible. 

The very fact that you can imagine it, means that they already exist at the Quantum level (the subatomic level which everything originates from)✨ 

Now what if I told you you already HAVE all of those things? 

You just haven’t EXPERIENCED them yet? 

Manifestation isn’t so much about CREATING FROM SCRATCH but rather it’s about removing your resistance and blocks to what IS already yours and making it a non-negotiable for your desires to show up in your outer reality once you have that inner energetic alignment 💛

That’s what this all comes down to: frequency matching. And that’s exactly what I’ll guide you to experience through Light Up & Manifest. 

Beyond the manifestation principles, we’re diving into the tangible, subconscious mind & energetic work that you can easily implement every day to FINALLY create that deep internal shift with your identity and clarity of your desires & change your point of attraction to create your outer manifestations. 


Module by Module

Module 1: Light Up Manifestation Fundamentals ✨

Stop guessing how you can create reality & start leveraging Quantum principles + your subconscious mind to manifest your desired outcomes with ease.

  • Understand why manifestation & Law of Attraction WORK at the Quantum Physics, neuroscience & spiritual levels (no more second guessing!) & how to blend these domains seamlessly to create your dream reality 
  • Deep dive into the key link between NLP & manifestation (*ahem* subconscious mind) & what just may be the secret sauce you’ve been missing out on to quickly manifest your desired outcomes  
  • Uncover the manifestation power behind your aura (your electromagnetic field) & tap into how Kundalini yoga amplifies your magnetism to draw in your desires (literally like a magnet!) 

Module 2: Lean Into Your Most Lit Vision, Desires, Identity & Goals 📝

Ditch the beating around the bush about what you REALLY want, declare your deepest aligned desires, so you can direct your subconscious & the Universe to work FOR you.

  • Learn my lit up 5-step process by clarifying & declaring your deepest desires & vision in your most LIT UP life and business
  • Design your next level subconscious identity (aka meet the version of you who’s already living your desired reality) using my NLP & energetics infused framework to effortlessly call in your desires 
  • Become as master at Quantum Linguistic Patterns (aka using artful language intentionally to shift YOUR mind & reality) in your thoughts & speech to speak your desires into existence 

Module 3: Identify the Limits & Reprogram Your Subconscious to Manifest with Ease 🧠

Release your limiting identity & beliefs, transform your subconscious patterns, so you can fully align yourself with the next level you who has what you desire.

  • Identify the current limited subconscious program holding you back from being in alignment with your desires (aka actually become aware of how YOU are creating what DON’T want) 
  • Use my potent 3-step Limit to Light process for quickly alchemizing your limiting beliefs to empowering ones that amplify your frequency to manifest
  • Integrate transformative spiritual teachings (made easy!) to heal & rewrite old stories and fears around not being good enough or worthy to get what you want 
  • Discover 3 easy ways to install new empowering high vibrational beliefs aligned with your next level identity – so that shifts literally happens in minutes! 
  • Learn my secret 3-step strategy for hacking your self-sabotage patterns so you can rewire your subconscious mind strategy to take more massive action
  • Utilize powerful NLP techniques like hypnosis & TIME to release negative emotions from the past & encode in your next level identity to manifest with ease

Module 4: Get Your Energetic Vibration High & Your Aura Strong 🧘🏻‍♀️

Let go of lower vibrational habits, elevate your vibration at a mind, body & soul level, so you can become an effortless energetic match for what you're calling in.

  • Learn my exclusive set of Energetic Alchemy spiritual practices to shift your thoughts, guide your emotions and consistently tap into abundance & gratitude for speedy manifestations 
  • Leverage potent EFT tapping sequences & my top daily sacred energy-recoding Kundalini yoga practices to shift your energy, raise your abundance frequency, strengthen your aura and release resistance in becoming an energetic match for your desires 
  • Experience & learn my Quantum Future Embodiment & Quantum Parallel Self visualization techniques where you can rehearse your desired reality into your actuality, & meet a parallel version of you (who already has what you desire) & integrate with them to instantly elevate your identity 

Module 5: Heck Yes to Massive Action & Aligned Rituals 🔮

Say good-bye to procrastination & waiting around, embody your most action-taking confident self, so you can implement massive aligned actions to create your desired outcomes.

  • Create tangible + aligned action plans to clearly map out your priorities and do what you need to create your desires (say bye bye to procrastination & inconsistent action!) 
  • Learn the biggest mistake people make when trying to connect with their intuition… & what to do instead to tap into massive flow & get divine guidance in manifesting your desires 
  • Implement my magical 5-step-state-shifting formula to access unstoppable confidence, certainty and persistence within seconds – showing up consistently & meeting the Universe halfway becomes a no-brainer! 
  • Get access to my tried & tested morning rituals to ground you into the energy of your desires and activate your attraction power  

Module 6: Trust, Surrender Let the F Go & RECEIVE ⚡️

Release attachment to your desires + outcomes, step into deep trust & Divine alignment so you can easily receive your desires + miracles every day

  • Uncover how attachment is getting in between you & your desires & how releasing attachment & deepening your connection with the Universe can actually be EASY (no woo-woo magic even required!) 
  • Learn my simple & proven process to ask for signs and invite in Divine confirmation that your desires are on their way 
  • Embody potent daily practices for trusting in Divine timing (aka things are happening FOR you) and surrendering to what you desire coming to you!
  • Learn how to tap into the energy of full worthiness & openness on the daily, so that you are always in a state to receive with grace 

This is not just another course to teach you the basics of manifestation. 

This is a course with potent practices that reprogram your subconscious mind & raise your consciousness + energetic vibration in a LASTING way. 

Aka – we’re not just about shiny penny quick wins here. We’re altering who you ARE so that you getting what you WANT becomes a non-negotiable for the rest of your life. 


NLP, Kundalini & Energetic Alchemy

Click through this carousel to learn about each of these magical, light-activating modalities that reprogram your subconscious mind for success & raise your energetic frequency to be magnetic AF. 

NLP: Neuro-Linguisitic Programming​
NLP is a methodology & attitude for understanding the language of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious runs 99.996% of the show in your every day decision-making, action-taking & state of being. When you gain awareness over how your your subconscious identity, beliefs, values & programs have held you back & reprogram it to reflect your TRUE self, you can literally achieve anything you set your mind to & manifest whatever you desire with ease & flow! As an Master NLP Practitioner, I incorporate advanced NLP mind-shifting + language techniques, strategies, hypnosis & TIME Techniques to shift your subconscious identity (how you see YOU), alchemize your fears & limiting beliefs into POWER & get you showing up as your Truest most confident self DAILY.
Kundalini Yoga & Technology
Kundalini yoga is a yogic technology infusing kriya (postures & movement), pranayam (breath), mudra (hand gestures), mantra (chanting) & meditation to expand your consciousness, bridge your finite identity with your Infinite self and awaken you to your Truth (Sat Nam). When you commit to a Kundalini practice, you build physical & mental resilience to withstand any pressure, clear your subconscious mind, strengthen your energy, aura + magnetic field to attract in all that you desire, radiate with your inner light and come home to your True purpose. I guide you through sacred Kundalini kriya & meditation teachings to awaken the True light and Creative potential within you (your Kundalini energy) & massively expand your radiance from the inside out, so that life just works FOR you!
Energetic Alchemy​
Energetic Alchemy is all about the process of alchemizing ENERGY into physical MATTER- also commonly known as manifestation. This modality combines a potent blend of energy practices & spiritual principles to change your energetic frequency for quantum manifestation. This means instead of the typical Law of Attraction idea that you need to attract something you don't yet have, we affirm that what you desire is ALREADY AVAILABLE to you NOW, & it's about shifting your own energy to receive it. Energetic Alchemy is based in the scientific & spiritual FACT that everything is energy. e are all energy and so are everything that we desire in our lives. So to manifest and create our desired reality, we must actively manage our energy and release resistances that lower our vibration. We work with powerful energy techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), thought + feeling awareness & shifting, Reiki & Quantum visualization.


Hey! It's me, Ella!

I’m your new spiritual life & biz bestie.

It is my soul purpose to empower lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs like you to expand your consciousness, connect with your truth & massively uplevel your subconscious mind to manifest your most LIT UP life & business. I’m the igniter you’ve been searching for to LIGHT YOU UP from the inside out so you can shine big time 

I’m a:

Spiritual (AF) Life & Business Transformation Coach

Master Life & Success Coach, NLP Licensed Practitioner, EFT, TIME Techniques & Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Yoga Alliance 200 HR Yoga Teacher

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Graduate


I know more than a thing or two about manifestation. 

At just 24 years old, I have manifested living my dream life with freedom as an online entrepreneur, creating soulful content to raise the vibration of this planet daily and guiding my clients and community to massively transform in their lives & businesses. I wake up every day, feeling EXCITED to start my day and create epic magic in my soul’s purpose. 



In the last 3 years of my life alone, I’ve manifested:

Crystal clarity on my soul mission in this lifetime 

A 16k+ online community of badass lightworkers across Instagram, FB & YouTube

A radiant glow to my skin (after suffering from cystic acne for years!)

Leaving my (previously manifested DREAM) corporate job to pursue my soul’s calling full-time 

My dream apartment that literally has “1111” as the building buzzer code 

A soulmate AF relationship with a man who’s just as spiritual as me

My first 5 figure income month 

Countless soulmate clients & students who massively elevate through my work 

…& so much more 

The way I approach manifestation to goes WAY beyond the surface. 

I combine neuro-science through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to reprogram your subconscious, strengthen your aura + nervous system (your electromagnetic field that determines what you attract) with Kundalini Yoga + technology to amp your magnetism & raise your vibration with Energetic Alchemy pratices all to clear you so that you can match your desires and bring them from the non-physical into your physical reality. 

You in for the ride to manifest your most LIT UP life? I thought so!


Your Experience Includes:✨

6 x pre-recorded modules 📹 ($3000 USD VALUE)

with 35+ video lessons & comprehensive + interactive Light Learning Sheets loaded up in an easy-to-navigate course portal so that learning & implementing is go-at-your-own-pace, simple & digestible

6 x manifest-action guides ✨ ($2500 USD VALUE)

including highly transformative hypnosis audios, guided meditations, EFT tapping, Kundalini kriyas + meditations & energetic practices to guide you in deeply shifting & embodying changes at a subconscious level

& Also These BONUSES ⚡️

2 x BONUS Recorded Energy-Recoding Kundalini Yoga Classes🧘🏻‍♀️ ($250 USD VALUE)

You’ll learn 2 powerful Kundalini kriyas & meditations to radically shift your energy field & expand your capacity to receive abundance. 

LIT UP Manifestation Crystal Guide 💎 ($49 USD VALUE)
Discover my favourite crystals  & crystal rituals for potent AF manifestation 



Get in For Only
$444 USD✨

or 2 monthly payments of $244 USD

or 3 monthly payments of $166 USD


Jenny Rousseau

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest

The Light Up & Manifest experience arrived at a perfect timing in my life. It allowed me to deconstruct my limiting beliefs, understand some old patterns and rebuild new habits that have honestly made my life so much better. My biggest takeaway is that we truly have everything within us to be our best amazing self, that version of ourselves that we truly love. It just requires time, conscious efforts and the willingness to make these transformational changes in our lives to get to it. It is such a beautiful process to live and experience, and honestly, it takes some perspective to see the results. However, I can definitely say that I felt myself transform. And so many friends around me noticed my evolution and were curious to understand how it was possible for me to seem so happy and at peace with my life. I truly became aware of what was blocking me in my life and understood what had to be done to unlock my next level self, the one I want to be every day! It is so empowering to not only connect with your true nature but to have the tools to nurture it on a daily basis and witness the progress. I definitely recommend joining this program & working with Ella. Ella is such a gem, she is so generous, dedicated, and truly genuine in her work. She will never give you the answers to your questions but she will guide you to find those answers within you by sharing some relevant tools and questions. It’s probably one of the best investments in your life! Honestly, this program is a recipe to success if you are ready to put in the effort and time!

Saiyak Rakeeb

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest | Digital Wellness Coach

Before I joined Light Up & Manifest, I was struggling with confidence in terms of showing up with my work online. I was afraid of judgment and that was the main thing holding me back from becoming the person I wanted to be. I learned a lot of new things from Light Up & Manifest! I gained a lot of knowledge on things that I didn’t know about before (e.g. Kundalini Yoga, EFT, NLP, etc.) It was more than just a course, it was an experience. I even cried after a hypnosis. I really love Ella’s essence and wisdom. I felt like I developed a greater understanding of my values and learned just how significant my language was to my subconscious mind and to my path of manifesting my desired reality. My biggest win was seeing progress happen right in front of me as I began to embody the type of person I wanted to be. Ella KNOWS I would recommend her & this course. I’ve already done it multiple times on my Instagram. She’s like a friend I’ve always wanted. As a coach, she’s brilliant and wonderful.

Mimi Boyer

Master NLP Life & Business Coach (Subconscious Mind Breakthrough Day Client)

Cheyenne Beardsley

Transformation Coach for Heart-Centered Changemakers (Previous Shine Your Light 1:1 Client)

Before I worked with Ella, I was struggling with the direction I wanted to go with my brand new coaching business, as well as knowing how to build my audience and clientele. Ella helped me to find so much more clarity around my mission and purpose as a coach. She helped me embrace my spiritual self and helped me to see that I needed to show up as fully me in my business and brand. It feels great to be fully invested in the light work I’m doing as a coach! Since working with Ella, I feel more confident, excited and ready to show up more fully every day. My resistance to showing up and expressing myself on social media has transformed into excitement! The subconscious mindset work we did helped me to be more confident, self-trusting and aligned… I love the mix of mindset, spiritual and practical guidance she provides.

Bolly Phachaya Methakittiworakun

Content Creator (Previous BS to BADASS Mindset Bootcamp Student)

I have invested in a lot of other courses and this is definitely by far the best one. Ella’s intention is definitely to give help and share her beautiful positive energy with everyone. Her energy, her content, her strategy of guidance is mindblowing. I have been seeing a therapist since I was 13 years old, now 23 turning 24 and none have helped me face my fear or helped me understand my fear to help me overcome it until I took part in Ella’s Bootcamp. After doing the first week of Ella’s Bootcamp, I was able to answer all the questions that were asked, share my story without shame, and this has definitely helped me believe in myself and with that, it has made me felt so much more positive about what the future has held for me.

Krystel Malimban

Visionary Coach & Play Expert (Previous Shine Your Light 1:1 Client)

When I started working with Ella, I was on an emotional roller coaster with my business and i really wanted to get grounded again. I wanted to implement a spiritual practice in my life that connected my noisy mind to my soul’s purpose. Through working with Ella, I’ve gotten really good at shifting out of fearful thoughts into calm and loving ones! It feels like a relief mostly! To feel so deeply connected to the universe that you start trusting that you are always on the right path.I’ve truly been able to ground myself in my purpose and begun to feel that my good work in my business is being reflected back to me in the results I see. I have gotten so clear with my messaging and am now more easily able to communicate my souls purpose to attract my tribe. My business is the most aligned with my loving energy than it’s ever been!


I would DEFINITELY recommend working with Ella! She holds space for you to process your thoughts and emotions. I really appreciate her use of NLP knowledge and techniques for getting her I’m so glad Ella introduced me to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, because it’s changed my life as a tool for raising my energetic vibration.



Megan Fraisier

Self-Love & Development Coach (Previous Shine Your Light 1:1 Client)

“When I began coaching with Ella, I was struggling with wanting to start a business and having the idea in my head but no idea where to start. I really didn’t know anything about branding, digital, email marketing…the list was endless. I can’t even believe over the last several months how far I have come!! This truly is in a huge part to Ella! I feel completely amazed by all the work that has been done and truly so thankful for all of the knowledge that Ella has shared with me to make my business a reality and a success. It really is remarkable when I think of how much Ella has helped me to grow not only within my business but also to grow in mindset, confidence and learning to completely shift my mindset.

I now have a tribe and community of amazing women, have launched a freebie, have launched a free challenge within my group, have built a course and am offering 1:1 services, have been a guest on several podcasts, am now a contributing author in a book and have my first paid speaking gig coming up in November. At the beginning I was horrified of going LIVE for FB – and truly I can confidently say I have come so far with Ella’s help, guidance and teaching!! I sometimes feel like it is a dream!

I absolutely recommend working with Ella! She is so full of knowledge and has answers to so many questions. She is always wiling to help and has never made me feel ridiculous even though truthfully I completely started from scratch. It was truly fun to collaborate with Ella and share her positive vibes! She is amazing at lifting others up would always bring positive light to our coaching sessions.


So you're probably wondering...

Q: How long is each week’s content?

A: Every week’s module has multiple videos which total to about 90-120 minutes. The videos are separated in separate lessons so that it’s easier for you to go through. You will also receive a Light Learning Sheet with each lesson to complete powerful homework exercises that rewire your subconscious and align you with your desires. In total, you can expect to dedicate about 3-4 hours every week to the course content.  

Q: Do you guarantee results?

A: I guarantee that if you commit yourself and take consistent massive action, you are going to see results. No doubt. However since you are at CAUSE for your actions and results (and not me!), I can’t guarantee your results. By taking ownership and giving this work your full dedication, your success is inevitable. 

Q: Is subconscious mindset work HARD & DIFFICULT? 

A: The subconscious mindset work is not any more HARD & DIFFICULT than struggling under your limiting beliefs, perpetually feeling like you’re not good enough and witnessing time after time again, what you want not showing up. In fact, in comparison to THAT, actually committing yourself to the subconscious mind reprogramming work and elevating yourself to your next level is the MOST LIBERATING thing ever.  

Not to say that it’s all going to be rainbows & butterflies because we are going DEEP to unravel old stories and beliefs. But with my potent toolkit of NLP, Kundalini Yoga & Energetic Alchemy tools, subconscious change can happen SO MUCH FASTER than you could ever imagine, and actually be fun & easy at the same time.      

Q: What if I don’t have time to commit fully to it? 

A: I’ll be honest, this work does require you to be 111% in to transform in an epic way. So if you are not ALL IN to FINALLY change your limiting patterns once & for all and manifest your most lit up life- then this is not going to be for you. 

However, if your worry is that you won’t be able to tune into every module & do all the work right away each week- don’t worry!

Since the modules are pre-recorded and you get to keep them forever, you can go at your own pace to consume and review the content. 

Bottom line is, if YOU DECIDE to COMMIT YOURSELF, time will arrange itself, I promise.  

Q: Kundalini Yoga seems a bit weird & intimidating…what if I don’t vibe with it? 

A: LOL first of all, you are NOT alone with wondering what EXACTLY IS Kundalini yoga and why do people wear white all the time when doing it. I was so intimidated when I first saw it too! 

 After experiencing the lifechanging magic of this practice, my life’s purpose now is to make Kundalini yoga as digestible and understandable for the everyday non-yogi and so in Light Up & Manifest, you are going to be guided to fully understand how Kundalini yoga works and how you can make it work for YOU. 

Kundalini yoga is one of the fastest ways to create lasting subconscious change, connect to your soul & raise your energy to attract in abundance. So trust me, it will work MAGIC on you.

However if you REALLY don’t vibe with it, there are so many other potent tools included in this transformation from NLP & Energetic Alchemy that will guide you to uplevel massively regardless. 

Q: I’m basically pretty damn sold (I did make it all the way down to this page right now). But I don’t have the money right now to sign up. 

A: First of all, YAY thanks for making it all the way down to this page.  

I completely understand & am always happy to find ways to make this work for YOU as my priority is to give you the transformation that I know is SO possible for you! 

There are 2 different payment plan options available at the moment but if they do not work for you, reach out to me at and we can chat about other options.

There is also Paypal Credit that you can apply for and get the financing to begin the program now. As you reprogram your subconscious, align yourself with your desires and take massive action in life and business, manifesting that investment back as your next level self becomes easy & effortless. Learn more about Paypal Credit here.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due to the nature of this experience, there are no refunds available.