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A 7 Week Self-Study Experience



Manifesting your most purposeful life & business where you are living every day with pure joy & gratitude has everything to do with being who you REALLY are first.

What if I told you…

that in 7 weeks, you will become confidently embodied in your Truest expression with a deep connection to your purpose AND know exactly how to lead yourself towards your desires in life & business… no matter what? 💛

Imagine this as you new normal…

Having deep clarity on your purpose & what desires you want to create to experience the most fulfillment 

Feeling profound unconditional love in your heart for who you are & radiating with calm confidence & EXCITEMENT about what you’re manifesting in life & business 

Having the self-awareness to identify limiting beliefs & patterns & knowing how to powerfully shift out of those moments 

Seeing yourself unapologetically expressed & taking consistent action to creates ripple effect changes in your life & the world

Knowing that no matter what emotions & challenges arise on your path, you have absolute confidence in your ability to navigate through it all, & to stay an energetic match to your desires

How would that make you feel? 🤩


A 7-week self-study program to embody unwavering confidence in who you Truly are, so that you can powerfully act towards & manifest a purposeful life & business 🎉

In this container, we’re aligning you with your most purposeful life + business by alchemizing disempowering subconscious programming ( the “I’m not good enoughs” & “who am I to deserve this?”) into deep embodiment of your Truest expression, through the modalities of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Kundalini Yoga & Energetic Alchemy. 

A powerful combination of mind, energy & embodiment work I term the Truth Alchemy Method 🐍 which creates lasting shifts for you at the subconscious, embodied & energetic levels so that you can confidently act towards your desires. 


🎉  7 x pre-recorded modules with multiple video lessons infused with potent codes   

🎉  Accompanying Light Learning Sheets with every lesson that include detailed notes & integration activities

🎉 6 x Truth-Embodied Manifestation Guides including highly transformative subconscious mind, energy-shifting & embodiment practices tap you into your Truest expression & magnetism. This is a potent blend of Kundalini Yoga kriyas & meditations, hypnosis audios, & embodiment experiences.


💫 Gain deep clarity on your overarching purpose & your True desires, so you know exactly what will bring you lasting fulfilment & WHY

💫 Heal the subconscious limiting beliefs that have held you back & tap into your most confident expression where you deeply love who you are & feel empowered to take massive action

💫 Develop the capacity to honour, experience & love yourself through ALL your emotions, so that you can feel safe in your experiences & lead yourself towards your desires with emotional resilience 

💫 Embody your desires with unshakeable certainty & take energetically-aligned action that manifests your desires, even when you aren’t seeing the physical “evidence” right away 

💫 Learn how to masterfully navigate out of challenges & “I’m not good enough” moments with self-LOVE & compassion, in order to stay anchored in your purpose & desires 

💫 Adopt a new aligned & intuitive action-taking approach that allows you to take big leaps forward while pleasurably enjoying the process

I live & breathe this embodiment 💕

The codes I share with you inside of this program have radically transformed my relationship with myself & connected me with my deepest purpose. This has since made me a magnet to so many wonderful things in my life & business

An expanding online presence & audience

A breathtaking soulmate partnership

Beautiful soulmate clients

Magical miracles of abundance & endless creativity

& most importantly, an unshakeable knowing of who I am.  

For so long in my life, I was chasing the external validation of being “successful” & “smart”, so much so that I never had the chance of actually meeting & appreciating who I AM, beyond what I DO. 

Although I had all the shiny boxes checked off by age 22- a dream corporate job with a manager title & a high paying salary… I was also feeling the most alone, anxious & sad I’ve ever felt in my life. This phase of my life ignited my spiritual awakening, guided me onto the path of practicing Kundalini Yoga & studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)… which has since guided me to become embodied in my Truest expression & serve my highest purpose.

I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been an easy journey unravelling all the beliefs & self-identities that I’ve held onto for dear life, thinking that was “me”. It also isn’t always the prettiest scene when you come to witness how harsh you have been on yourself & how hard you’ve tried to run away from uncomfortable emotions…

But trust me with this one thing

This journey of healing that my desires led me on, where I came home to my Truth & learned how to have my own back no matter what has been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Every day, it continues to amaze me & fill me up with the deepest gratitude.

It has Truly shown me how to LOVE who I Am. 

Which I deeply believe, is the ultimate manifestation of all.


Because our deepest love for ourselves becomes the magnet for everything else.


Hey it's me, Ella!

Formally speaking, I’m a Truth Embodiment Coach, Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT + TIME Techniques & Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Informally speaking, I’m your multidimensional BFF who gets the ins & outs of deeply transformative & embodied mindset work. I am here to get you experiencing, embodying & expressing the Truest version of you in your every day – so that you can manifest more joy, freedom & abundance while living out your True purpose & identity.

 I literally went from the girl who:

✨ constantly felt not good enough at everything to the point that it landed me in the hospital with a panic attack & full body numbness

✨ was terrified AF to show her face online (literally took me months to record a video & over a year before I mustered up the courage to ask for a sale) because I was paralyzed at the thought of Fing up & being judged

✨ was always dreaming up big ideas & offers, but then deserting them at the first sign of something not working because I took everything so personally

to a Truth-embodied leader who:

💕 is full-time leading her most aligned purposeful business & showing up to serve her soulmate audience & clients daily

💕 has deep emotional resilience to navigate any challenges & tempting shadow moments + keep on going for her desires no matter what 

💕 has massively healed the layers of deeply rooted not-enoughness, shame, fear & anxiety that once steered her entire life

💕 deeply LOVES who she IS before what she does & loves showing up online & being seen in her Truth 

The key pieces to my transformation involve opening myself to spiritual support, healing the unTruths I’ve taken on using NLP & embodied healing work, experiencing the Infinite through a Kundalini Yoga practice & committing to the practice of embodying my Truest self. All of which I am here to show you how you can integrate within YOU in this program. 

Take it from the girl who struggled through years of anxiety & literally once could not even fathom the idea of being alone with her thoughts. If I can do this & lead in a purposeful life that is aligned with my Truth- so can you.'s what we're covering

Foundations 💛

✨ Understand exactly how you create your reality at the neuroscience, spiritual, energetics & Quantum Physics level. This provides you with the science & logic behind why you’re doing the subconscious, energy & embodiment work you’re doing in this program (which makes the work work even better 😉)

✨ Get the low down of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Kundalini Yoga & Energetic Alchemy & how the overarching concept of Truth Alchemy works 

✨ Start your daily potent Truth Alchemy journaling & embodiment practice to connect with your purpose, activate your Truth & get into energetic alignment with your desires

Week 1: Lead with Your Soul Vision & Experience Your True Identity 📝

✨ Gain pristine clarity on your purpose & unapologetically declare what you TRULY want in life & business, so that you can start making that vision your reality 

✨ Experience & integrate your True identity at a subconscious & embodied level (the real YOU past the layers of “I should”s & endless proving) so that you can remember who you are & start embodying that version of you now

✨  Become a master of Quantum Linguistic Patterns so that you intentionally communicate your soul’s desires into existence using language that changes your inner & outer realities

Week 2 & 3: Identify Your Subconscious Shadows & Alchemize Them Into Your Truest Expression✨

 This lesson is separated into 2 weeks because the work we do here goes DEEP & requires more time to integrate

✨ Dive deep into your subconscious programming to determine what has been holding you back from fully showing up as yourself with confidence & certainty 

✨  Learn how to alchemize your past subconscious limiting beliefs into empowering True beliefs that support your desires 

✨ Heal past emotional wounds that perpetuate self-defeating patterns & step into deeper energetic alignment with your desires 

✨  Deeply FEEL & alchemize your shadows & lower vibrational emotions through mind & embodiment work. This develops your capacity to handle whatever comes your way & manifest no matter what you are feeling 

✨  Integrate potent subconscious NLP techniques that will reframe your fears, release stuck emotions & rewrite self-sabotage patterns 

Week 4: Get Embodied in Your Desires, Activated In Your Heart & Aligned In Your Energy 💕

 Deeply embody your desires through your mind, heart & body so that you constantly emit a magnetic frequency into the Quantum Realm that works hand in & hand with the physical actions you are taking to magnetize in your desires  

Open & activate your heart portal to experience deep unconditional self-love, so that you learn how to lovingly have your own back & attune your thoughts + emotions to what you desire 

✨ Access my Energetic Alchemy toolkit with simple yet highly effective techniques that’ll help you realign your energy in moments – no matter what you’re going through 

✨  Expand your aura through potent Kundalini Yoga practices– this is all about amplifying the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body so you can draw in your desired experiences

Week 5: Here's to Massive Intuitive Action, Pleasure & Showing Up As the True You 🥂

✨ Activate a deepened connection with your intuition so that you can take massive action that seamlessly guide you to your desires. 

Create an alchemizing action plan that integrates your inner Masculine & Feminine energies (sacred container meets intuitive action) so that you have a clear structure of what needs to be done to meet your goals while creating space for flow & BEING 

✨ Integrate the mindset shifts to confidently do the things that used to scare the F out of you around showing up online & sharing your message – whether that’s finally doing a live video, hopping on a sales call, sharing a vulnerable story or more 

Implement a magical state shifting practice to access unstoppable confidence & any other elated emotions within minutes to empower your action taking  

✨ Cultivate pleasure in every moment & fall in love with the process so that you experience all that you would want to feel when you GET what you want before you get it  

(pssst – this makes letting go & actually GETTING what you want SO MUCH easier…) 

…which leads me to…

Week 6: Truths about Trust, Letting the F Go & Receiving on REPEAT 💖

✨ Understand what it REALLY means to trust, & unravel all the ways in which you may have thought you were letting go, but in actuality, have been clinging on tighter 

✨  Experience what it’s like to surrender your desires, while still knowing with unshakeable certainty that there is no other way but for you to get what you desire

✨   Know EXACTLY what you can do to stay anchored in trust & surrender in the moments when you feel old self-doubt kicking in & quite frankly when  💩 feels like it’s hitting the fan in all aspects of life 

✨  Open yourself even more to receive your desires & shed away anything that keeps you closed so that what you experience only gets better & BETTER 😉

Ready to Jump In?

Self-Investment 🎉

4 weekly payments of $145 USD

8 weekly payments of $82 USD

Jerine Nicole

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest | Nurse & Blogger |

You can read a full article that Jerine wrote on her Light Up & Manifest experience here 🎉

“Before being in this experience, I was struggling with being able to trust my decisions. I would overthink every single decision in my life, career and business. I didn’t know who I was and how to show up online as “myself”. I thought that I had to be two different persons, but I also wasn’t comfortable showing up as my “current self” then. I had no clear direction of where I was going. I felt anxious, stressed and pressured to follow the society’s standards of what success looked like. I learned to be the type of coach who would niche down, except I knew in my heart that I couldn’t do it. I knew I had something more to offer other than just one thing.

The Light Up & Manifest experience was absolutely amazing. At first, I was very skeptical as I’m not a spiritual person. But when Ella teaches the content, things make sense because I’ve been experiencing them throughout my life, and I just wasn’t aware of it. My favourites were our group calls and how she can support each one of us and always give her all. I could feel the same energy that she has on her Instagram videos and in her content. I always feel like Ella’s teachings are guiding me.

After this program, I feel that I could take on the world. I feel much more confident in making decisions in my life. I feel more clear about where I want to go in life. I am more comfortable and confident in expressing myself both in life and online because I always have my own back. I don’t feel rushed to do things or to achieve things, because I’ve learned to enjoy the process. And I know that there’s no other way but what I want to show up. These words are so simple, yet they are so powerful. One of my key wins from this program was really finding inner peace in this crazy world. I also started my own blog. I pivoted from the coaching business to writing online because that’s where my heart led me. I still have ups & downs, but they don’t bother me as much anymore. Because of tools that Ella gave, I know how to get myself back up.

Ella gives all her heart to everything that she does. She shows up in whatever energy she is in and because of her strong relationship with herself. With that, she’s also able to transmit and inspire others to do the same. She will give you the tools that you need to be able to make your own decisions. If you want to feel empowered in your life and business, then this is for you.

Even if you’re not into spirituality, this is a good program to start with. After this program, you will feel more comfortable with your relationship with yourself. I think it’s also the most important relationship that you can work on before being able to show up and serve others.”

Morning Star Tom

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest | Anishinaabekwe | Researcher in Indigenous Education | Curriculum & Fitness Content Creator | |

Light Up & Manifest was AMAZING. I loved being able to take what Ella had to share and make it work for me – I loved the calm of something as “simple’ as breathing into your heart space and keeping it soul simple. I was able to make quite a few huge breakthroughs, and it still seems amazing that I was able to manifest some pretty incredible opportunities when I got out of my head and listened to myself in spirit form. I also love the Zoom calls and being to learn and share experiences with the other ladies. <3 Through the work we did together in this program, I felt so much lighter. When I got out of my head and into my heart it was like huge weights were taken from my shoulders. I had so many compliments on my “glow” lol. 

I really would recommend working with Ella. She is able to meet you where you are, and not where she thinks you can and should be. She really walks you through each experience and is there to guide you. On many calls she could focus in on a specific client when they were having troubles, and you can see her working firsthand.

If you’re thinking about joining, do it. Your inner child will thank you! And keep doing the work after – it isn’t just a program you work through and ta-da…life’s great now…it’s a program that gives you the tools to keep growing throughout life experiences.”

Karen Ng

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest | Certified FDN Practitioner |

I was struggling with overwhelm before joining Ella’s program. It seemed like I needed to do everything in order to get my business somewhere. But I was in my own way because I didn’t have the right mindset about it. I thought I needed to do it all the way I was taught or figure it all out in order for me to succeed. My journey as an entrepreneur was slowly sucking the love and energy from my soul.

I love Light up and Manifest! I’m constantly aware that even though the group program is over, Light up and Manifest itself is never over. Having access to the material indefinitely means I go back and watch everything to remind myself and I need a lot of reminding. My favorites that I have gone back to are the meditations, hypnosis, the energy from Ella in her lessons.

Since this program, I’ve felt myself transform by celebrating the little wins in my business, finally being comfortable with what I do in the time I do it in and accept myself for all of it. Not second guessing myself, and moving away from all the overwhelm and anxiety I had during the beginning of the year.

I definitely recommend working with Ella. She’s more than just your personal cheerleader. She combines a lot of science plus spiritual plus actionable steps to bring you the what, why and how to get through your roadblocks.”

Candice Chi

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest 

“Before joining Light Up & Manifest, I followed the paradigm of what was my belief of “law of attraction” to a T. No matter how many affirmations I’ve told myself, how much I tried to “stay positive”, did the whole shebang of 3×33 and whatever else method….I felt things weren’t coming. That’s when the universe brought me to Ella’s work and from there was the first stepping stone of things really happening! My favorite takeaways from Ella’s modules is that it really just makes you face your shit. The thing that a lot of people try to do in most courses is cover the baggage with happy and positive fluff…which didn’t work at all for me especially when I had deep rooted things I needed to work through subconsciously. But she’s one of the only manifestation coaches that integrates NLP, science factual breakdowns of how manifestation works, and, Kundalini Yoga. Now Ill be the first to admit, I wasn’t consistent with Kundalini. And I’m not afraid to say that because even when I wasn’t I felt the BUZZ of energy after every session. Consistency is key with anything so I don’t suggest anyone to just dip your toes as I did with it but you can feel the difference on a physical level instantly which makes her workings so special. 

My biggest win is the self confidence I’ve garnered from my time in Light Up and Manifest. The trust in myself knowing that I get everything I ask for. Before, I was always in the shadows questioning everything and doubting my ability to bring this into fruition. However now, I’m in a place of knowing everything is working within my favor.

Ella’s not only an amazing mentor that’s with you every step of the way, but she also becomes more than that. A real friend which is not something I can say about most of the mentors in this space. She holds space for you and makes you feel you’re not alone ( anyone whose gone through a spiritual awakening or shift will know how lonely the journey can feel at times). I wasn’t expecting her to be so hands on during this but she really was there through every annoying question and tough subconscious work.

If you’re thinking of joining, I’d absolutely say to do it if you’re all in. Spiritual transitions and upheaval is a rough and strenuous journey…but beautiful if you see it through. As I mentioned, Ella is THE COACH I would recommend to anyone whose going through this cause she really is all hands on deck and truly makes you feel seen. You’re not just buying her product, she’s joining you for the ride.”

Jenny Rousseau

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest 

The Light Up & Manifest experience arrived at a perfect timing in my life. It allowed me to deconstruct my limiting beliefs, understand some old patterns and rebuild new habits that have honestly made my life so much better. My biggest takeaway is that we truly have everything within us to be our best amazing self, that version of ourselves that we truly love. It just requires time, conscious efforts and the willingness to make these transformational changes in our lives to get to it. It is such a beautiful process to live and experience, and honestly, it takes some perspective to see the results. However, I can definitely say that I felt myself transform. And so many friends around me noticed my evolution and were curious to understand how it was possible for me to seem so happy and at peace with my life. I truly became aware of what was blocking me in my life and understood what had to be done to unlock my next level self, the one I want to be every day! It is so empowering to not only connect with your true nature but to have the tools to nurture it on a daily basis and witness the progress. I definitely recommend joining this program & working with Ella. Ella is such a gem, she is so generous, dedicated, and truly genuine in her work. She will never give you the answers to your questions but she will guide you to find those answers within you by sharing some relevant tools and questions. It’s probably one of the best investments in your life! Honestly, this program is a recipe to success if you are ready to put in the effort and time!”

Saiyak Rakeeb

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest | Digital Wellness Coach & Expert

Before I joined Light Up & Manifest, I was struggling with confidence in terms of showing up with my work online. I was afraid of judgment and that was the main thing holding me back from becoming the person I wanted to be. I learned a lot of new things from Light Up & Manifest! I gained a lot of knowledge on things that I didn’t know about before (e.g. Kundalini Yoga, EFT, NLP, etc.) It was more than just a course, it was an experience. I even cried after a hypnosis. I really love Ella’s essence and wisdom. I felt like I developed a greater understanding of my values and learned just how significant my language was to my subconscious mind and to my path of manifesting my desired reality. My biggest win was seeing progress happen right in front of me as I began to embody the type of person I wanted to be. Ella KNOWS I would recommend her & this course. I’ve already done it multiple times on my Instagram. She’s like a friend I’ve always wanted. As a coach, she’s brilliant and wonderful.”