Private Coaching: Manifest Your Most Aligned & LIT UP Life


Design the life with purpose that lights you up. Cultivate your spiritual practice to connect with your inner light & truth. Shift your subconscious identity to your next level self. Own your manifestation magic to create whatever you want.

Welcome to Your Next Level High Vibe Life

I get it. You’ve been feeling misaligned, drained and low vibe in your current life. 

At a subconscious level, you are feeling not good enough to do what you really want to do, you are settling for subpar relationships & work that doesn’t light you up and deep down, you’re struggling to understand who you REALLY are and what you are capable of – the negative self talk is like a bad song on loop and your low vibe states are far exceeding your high vibe ones  

You’ve been reading every self development book you can Amazon Prime, watching the free trainings and listening to the countless podcasts about living your best life – but you have no idea where to start, how to apply it to your own life and simply how the F to get out of the rut that you’re in

You have a loose idea of what your most aligned + lit up life looks like, a few goals here and there that you’ve set – but you’ve never really taken any consistent action and followed through with your dreams. You’d try- and then give up, again & again.

You’ve traded your soul connection and self-care time for things that don’t serve you and have been caught up in self-sabotage behaviour like 9 hour straight Netflix binges, running away from your problems, mindless Instagram scrolling and just feeling bad, ALL THE TIME.

You’re watching the days drift by and time tick away, wondering: “How can I just make things BETTER?” 

Well, you’re in the right place  lightworker.  

It’s time to turn on the LIGHT on your life and SHIFT to your NEXT LEVEL

Things are about to get BEYOND better. It’s getting LIT UP. 

Imagine If Life Looked Like This...

✨ You wake up early in the morning,  inspired and motivated to do your nourishing spiritual practice and rituals, feel connected to your soul &  get into massive alignment to begin your day

✨ You have a laser focused clarity on your purpose & what your most aligned + LIT UP life looks like and you have a vision and goals that excite you to take action on 

✨ You have a high vibe mindset grounded in deep self belief and other empowering beliefs that are in alignment with your core values in life 

✨ You have a deep connection to your soul and the Universe and fully flow with your best life by knowing how to let go, surrender and TRUST 

✨ You effortlessly tap into your manifestation abilities and quickly attract in your biggest desires with EASE because your energy is vibing on a WHOLE NEW FREQUENCY

✨ You have full confidence in who you authentically are and are unafraid to set your energetic boundaries and speak up for what you believe in

Let's Work Together to Make This Happen


Soul-Aligned Coaching Pillars


A High Vibe Spiritual Practice with Kundalini Yoga & Technology + Energetic Alchemy


You cannot hear the callings and wisdom of your soul if you do not take the time daily to tune in through spiritual + self connection practice. Everyone has a different way of connecting within to their soul and their highest self and we will work together to uncover what works the best in your spiritual practice, one step at a time. Establishing this divine connection and developing heightened self awareness will give you the guidance you need to build your purposeful life from a place of alignment.

Together we will explore how you can best surrender, let go, forgive and TRUST on a daily basis.

Combining deeply transformative Energetic Alchemy practices and Kundalini yoga & meditation, we will establish your grounded daily spiritual practice through weekly spiritual prescriptions that raise your energetic vibration and amplifies your radiance to quantum manifest your most aligned life.


“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” – Rumi


Mindset Mastery with NLP & Hypnosis


You will never achieve the goals that you set to accomplish if you don’t subconsciously believe that:


  • You are good enough to do what you love

  • You are deserving and worthy of the success you desire

  • That your success and best life is inevitable


Your values and beliefs are the invisible program running on autopilot, steering your direction in life. Until you gain awareness of your values and your rules for fulfilling them (aka your beliefs), your mind will always be in control of YOU.


That’s where mastering your mindset comes into play. Using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques, strategies and hypnosis, we dive deep into overcoming the limiting subconscious programmings, stories and beliefs that have been holding you back from stepping into your power and create new empowering beliefs that are aligned with your values. By reconditioning your subconscious, you can let go of old patterns and negative emotions and feel motivated and inspired to take massive action towards your goals. Even when the sneaky limiting beliefs and patterns resurface, you have the tools in your belt to quickly shift them away.


“When you consciously control your subconscious, you become your master” – Yogi Bhajan



Manifesting a Life that Lights You Up

When you are connected within to your soul and your highest self and have conscious control over your subconscious, you can design a life on purpose that lights you up, everyday.

Together we work on:

  • Identifying the most authentic YOU and what deeply lights you up
  • Clarifying your life purpose & next level vision
  • Setting your most aligned goals that ladder up to your next level life
  • Creating daily alignment, gratitude and self-care rituals to ground you in self-love and high vibrations
  • Tapping into your manifestation powers and Quantum manifestation principles to bring your vision to life

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela


Who Am I?

Hey you beautiful badass ambitious lightworker. My name is Ella & I’m your new spiritual life & biz bestie. It is my soul purpose to empower lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs like you to connect to soul with a spiritual practice, reprogram their subconscious and shine their light & purpose with confidence. All the while manifesting their most soul-aligned business and life.

I’m a:

Spiritual (AF) Life & Business Coach

Master Life & Success Coach, NLP Licensed Practitioner, EFT, TIME Techniques & Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Yoga Alliance 200 HR Yoga Teacher

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Graduate

Previous Digital Manager for Maybelline New York & essie Canada


A truly aligned and radiant business and life comes from the authentic YOU. And the way to reaching the authentic YOU is by first connecting within to your soul and highest self in spiritual practice and up-levelling your mindset.


It is my absolute mission to guide you towards your most soul-aligned & high vibe business and life.


You ready?

The Finer Details


1 x 60 minute kick off call to align on intentions, expectations and objectives  

 8 x 60 minute video call sessions (3 calls per month) 

3 x 45 minute personalized hypnotherapy sessions (once a month; to help reprogram your subconscious mind & beliefs)

Weekly spiritual prescriptions with meditation, journalling and yoga suggestions tailored to your needs

Unlimited email, messenger + voice note support (M-F), so we can have frequent check ins, make sure you have no questions unanswered and ensure you’re taking massive action

 Free lifetime access to any of my courses or programs launched during our time working together


2 x 45 minute bonus sessions (which you can use during or after the program) – value of $400 USD



Pay in Full: $1500 USD 

Payment Plan: 3 monthly payments of $550 USD

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“When I began coaching with Ella, I was struggling with wanting to start a business and having the idea in my head but no idea where to start. I really didn’t know anything about branding, digital, email marketing…the list was endless. I can’t even believe over the last several months how far I have come!! This truly is in a huge part to Ella!  I feel completely amazed by all the work that has been done and truly so thankful for all of the knowledge that Ella has shared with me to make my business a reality and a success. It really is remarkable when I think of how much Ella has helped me to grow not only within my business but also to grow in mindset, confidence and learning to completely shift my mindset.

I now have a tribe and community of amazing women, have launched a freebie, have launched a free challenge within my group, have built a course and am offering 1:1 services, have been a guest on several podcasts, am now a contributing author in a book and have my first paid speaking gig coming up in November. At the beginning I was horrified of going LIVE for FB – and truly I can confidently say I have come so far with Ella’s help, guidance and teaching!! I sometimes feel like it is a dream!

I absolutely recommend working with Ella! She is so full of knowledge and has answers to so many questions. She is always wiling to help and has never made me feel ridiculous even though truthfully I completely started from scratch. It was truly fun to collaborate with Ella and share her positive vibes! She is amazing at lifting others up would always bring positive light to our coaching sessions.






“When I started working with Ella, I was on an emotional roller coaster with my business and I really wanted to get grounded again. I wanted to implement a spiritual practice in my life that connected my noisy mind to my soul’s purpose. Through working with Ella, I’ve gotten really good at shifting out of fearful thoughts into calm and loving ones! It feels like a relief mostly! To feel so deeply connected to the universe that you start trusting that you are always on the right path.I’ve truly been able to ground myself in my purpose and begun to feel that my good work in my business is being reflected back to me in the results I see. I have gotten so clear with my messaging and am now more easily able to communicate my souls purpose to attract my tribe. My business is the most aligned with my loving energy than it’s ever been!

I would DEFINITELY recommend working with Ella! She holds space for you to process your thoughts and emotions. I really appreciate her use of NLP knowledge and techniques for getting her I’m so glad Ella introduced me to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, because it’s changed my life as a tool for raising my energetic vibration.





Manifestation Hypnosis

Download this hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind & manifest your desires with EASE

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