Does this sound familiar?

You’re Amazon priming book after book about manifesting your desires, attracting abundance, being a leader and growing a six figure online business – butttt, you haven’t really been doing much with it other than reading

You’re binge-watching the countless courses and group programs you’ve bought (and never finished) Netflix style, hoping that by learning, your business will magically grow and your life will sort itself out (productive procrastination as I call it 😉)


You keep chasing the endless “solutions” & “secrets” outside of you; in the mentors to hire, the webinars to attend, the freebies to download and the more courses to buy – because you “HAVE TO” invest and know more “IN ORDER” to succeed right?

How much consistent & concrete action have you been taking towards your most aligned business and life?

If it’s anything less than A LOT, why?

I can sure bet that no matter what you come up with, it can be distilled down to the following:


✨ I don’t think I know enough yet to share my services

✨ I don’t think that I’m interesting enough to attract in soulmate clients

✨ I don’t think I am ready enough yet to create a training or launch a program

Which then leads to…

✨ I am afraid that people will judge me if I’m not doing well.

✨ I am afraid that people will think that I’m not smart enough.

✨ I am afraid that people won’t want to invest in me and my services.

You have a subconscious program in the background that is running AGAINST what you desire at the conscious level.


It’s NOT in more courses, books, programs that you are going to suddenly find the consistent jolt of inspiration to take massive action.


We must first address what is within you right now, limiting you at the subconscious level and shift that so that you can shine with certainty and confidence.


Lasting change needs to happen at the deeper subconscious level.


And no, just because it’s subconscious, it doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to change.

Complete & utter certainty in your worth and badassery to go out there with confidence to speak your truth, share your lightwork unapologetically & attract in your soulmate clients with ease

An empowered & up-leveled identity at the subconscious level that drives you to take massive action towards your goals, believe in yourself FULLY and step into that NEXT LEVEL version of you that’s badass AF

Simple yet powerful spiritual practices & alignment rituals that ground you in your truth and get you buzzing with high vibes and inspiration DAILY to create and act with FLOW

Tried & tested modalities rooted in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Kundalini technology up your sleeves that you can use to easily shift past any limiting BS that tries to resurface


That my Badass Lightworker, is what you will walk away within a Limit to Light Intensive Experience, where yes, we will literally take your presupposed LIMITS and turn it into bright AF LIGHT

💡A 90-minute intensive session to dismantle your limiting beliefs, bust through your self-sabotage stories and patterns and recode your subconscious identity with a new empowering light-led belief system

💡 A 45-minute hypnosis experience to program new beliefs and ways of being at the subconscious level for lasting change

💡 An audio recording of the hypnosis for you to re-listen to whenever you want an extra boost of badassery

💡 Your personalized Limit to Light guide, with your new spiritual & alignment practices, journal prompts and Kundalini meditations to implement into your life for deep integration

💡 1 week of voice and message coaching support post session

My name is Ella & I’m your new spiritual life & biz bestie. It is my soul purpose to empower lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs like you to connect to soul with a spiritual practice, reprogram their minds and shine their light with confidence. All the while manifesting their most soul-aligned business and life!

I’m a:

Spiritual (AF) Life & Business Coach

NLP Master Coach & Hypnosis Practitioner

Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 Graduate

Yoga Alliance 200 HR Yoga Teacher

Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

Previous Digital Manager for Maybelline New York & essie Canada

I know the hustle way too well, to know that it’s not a truly sustainable approach to your success.


A truly aligned and radiant business and life comes from the authentic YOU. And the way to reaching the authentic YOU is by first connecting within to your soul and highest self in spiritual practice and up-levelling your mindset so that you can create a soul-aligned business strategy with flow and alignment rather than scarcity and fear.


When you turn inwards first, you raise your energetic vibration to match what you desire to manifest in your business and life. And things just become easy.

$444 USD full payment


2 bi-weekly payments of $244 USD 


Daniella Shedenhelm , Brand Storytelling and Copywriting for Purpose-Driven Female Entrepreneurs

When I did a limiting beliefs & hypnosis session with Ella, I was struggling with limiting beliefs around money and feeling stuck.  After our session, I felt so much more fresh, exhilarated, and excited to move forward in my business! I’m ready to take the next steps to grow into abundance, and Ella gave me the tools and ideas to do so. I would absolutely recommend working with Ella. She is a ray of light. She really cares about your success and wellbeing and she shows it in her sessions.

Bolly Phachaya Methakittiworakun, Content Creator

Being in the BS to BADA$$ Mindset Bootcamp with Ella has been the most rewarding experience for me as it felt like I have been supported all along, even to today. Regardless of what questions you have as a friend or as a coach, this girl is your number one cheerleader. She will definitely be your best friend in your business and self-discovery journey. I have invested in a lot of other courses and this is definitely by far the best one. If anyone were to ask me to recommend one thing to anyone, this would be it. Ella’s intention is definitely to give help and share her beautiful positive energy with everyone. Her energy, her content, her strategy of guidance is mindblowing. I have been seeing a therapist since I was 13 years old, now 23 turning 24 and none have helped me face my fear or helped me understand my fear to help me overcome it until I took part in Ella’s Bootcamp. After doing the first week of Ella’s Bootcamp, I was able to answer all the questions that were asked, share my story without shame, and this has definitely helped me believe in myself and with that, it has made me felt so much more positive about what the future has held for me. If you follow her on social media and think that her free content is good, give her strategy of coaching a try, it will be the rewarding thing you’ll ever give yourself.