Hey what’s up! I’m Ella! I’m a spiritual life and business coach and one big goal-getting badass determined to share my light, make MASSIVE impact and raise the vibration in this world.

In short, I’m your new spiritual life & biz BFF.

My soul purpose (literally WHY the Universe put me on this planet) is to empower badass ambitious soul-searchers to connect within, discover their soul purpose and light and build a life and online business that are ALIGNED AF with who they TRULY are.


I’ve always been determined. And I always KNEW that I am meant for more.

I am meant to carve my own path to success and happiness.

Of course coming from a Chinese family, the biggest question I got asked growing up was: “Are you becoming a doctor?”

With two sisters in healthcare as a pharmacist and a nurse, it seemed only natural that I would be the doctor. But nope, that was the epitome of UNALIGNED AF for me. I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do but I just knew that going into sciences and healthcare was NOT for me.

When I was 16, I took my first business course in high school and I FELL IN LOVE. Things made SENSE. Business allowed me to express my creativity but also be strategic at the same time. Right after taking this course, I was set on going to business school. Two years later, I moved from my hometown of Vancouver BC Canada to Montreal QC Canada to attend McGill University and pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce.

When I first started business school, I became fascinated with the boom of digital marketing and social media. I was obsessed with how businesses brand themselves online and build communities with their customers. Thinking about digital content creation, growing a brand on social media and building online businesses MADE MY INSIDES BUBBLE WITH JOY.

I discovered my passion: digital and online marketing.

To put my passion to practice, I started building my own Instagram account around health and wellness and gradually gathered an over 16k following.

Today, I have a Bachelor’s of Commerce and already 3 years of start up and corporate digital marketing experience under my belt. I work full time in my dream job as the Digital Manager of Maybelline New York and essie Canada, managing the 360 nationwide digital marketing strategy for both brands. From website and CRM to digital media campaigns and ecommerce, I am an expert in integrated digital marketing.

For a long time, I defined my sense of self with these achievements.

But not too long ago, I came to a realization…

Yes these are my qualifications and digital + online marketing is my passion… but that’s not all there is to WHO I AM, and WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER.


For a huge part of my life, I was unhappy.

On the outside, I had the paper perfect achievements, the crystal clear vision of what I wanted to create in a career and a great social life. But on the inside, I was miserable.

I was constantly seeking fulfillment from the outside, looking for external validation to fuel my sense of self worth. I had the worst critical ego voice nagging away at me on a daily, pushing me to compare myself to others and look at everyone as my competition.

It was tiring, draining and dim. Anxiety and stress ran my life.

I knew that there had to be more to life than the way I was living it. And I made a commitment to turn inwards and lean into self discovery through yoga and meditation. That’s when spirituality entered the picture. And it transformed my life.

Being spiritual is about learning to look WITHIN for the answers and to cultivate deep inner peace. It’s about learning to let go, surrender and trust in a higher power than yourself.

Over the last few years, I’ve hit quite a few rock bottoms from failed relationships to severe work anxiety that landed me in the hospital with a full blown panic attack. But by continuing to embrace my spiritual path, cultivate my inner light, I’ve discovered how to create a life of joy and inner peace.

I’ve uncovered how to choose love over fear in every situation in my life and as a result, I am the happiest I have ever been.

THIS I realized, is my BIGGEST soul purpose. To take what I know and continuously learn in spirituality and self development and help awaken other people to their own spiritual growth paths.

And so that’s why in my business today, I’m not JUST a business coach.

I’m not JUST a girl who’s great at online marketing and building a social media presence.

I’m not JUST a girl who can teach you strategy and how to make money online. 

I’m a SPIRITUAL LIFE & BUSINESS COACH who combines the spiritual practices of connecting within and self discovery WITH building an impactful and profitable online brand and business.

Because I believe that a purposeful, transformative and truly fulfilling business cannot be built and sustained without a connection to who you truly are and your soul purpose and it is my mission to help spark that that discovery of your authentic truth.

I believe in approaching business through the lens of SERVICE and LOVE. It’s only by continuously serving, spreading love in what you do and adding MASSIVE value will your business leave a lasting impact. The money is always the RESULT, not the GOAL.

This work is my soul calling.

My purpose.

And I’m OWNING it.

I am HERE to help you own YOURS.

By embracing these principles in my own online brand and business, I have been able to generate over $12k within the first 3 months of my business and build a Facebook group of over 1.4k passionate spiritual digital entrepreneurs.

I am confident that I can EMPOWER you to create a soul-aligned and radiant business and life.

✨I am certified 200 HR yoga teacher in Iyengar inspired vinyasa (and am about to become Kundalini yoga certified in 2019!)

✨My dream is to live half the year in Bali, where I can stay in the sunshine and eat smoothie bowls everyday

✨I have a fluffy cat named Bella and often have WAYYY too much cat hair on my clothes

✨I never stop talking about self development, spirituality and manifestation

✨I own 10 (and counting!) oracle decks and over 30 crystals that I put all over my apartment and in my bra

✨I LIVE in yoga pants and $3 black tank tops from Forever 21 (LOL I kid you not)

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