You’re far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. It’s time to awaken, remember who you REALLY are, align with your purpose & manifest the activated life you came here to live ✨

You Are Waking Up 💫

Have you been feeling the nudge for quite some time now that there’s a bigger purpose as to why you’re on this planet?

Have you been feeling like there’s got to be more to life than the way you’ve been living it? 

And let me guess…you’ve low keyed been saving posts from a bunch of spiritual Instagram accounts (nothing speaks to your soul more than spiritual memes 😂) , binge watching YouTube videos (perhaps even from my YouTube channel 😉), but you’re just feeling a bit overwhelmed in the world of spiritual jargon, & not knowing what you should focus on first on your journey.

You’re not completely sure of the next step… how to navigate this spiritual path & nudge inside you that you’re meant to do something BIGGER… but you are certain that:

✅ You are done with handing your power to things outside of you & allowing external circumstances to dictate how you feel & see yourself 

✅ You are so OVER paralyzing yourself by the “should’ve” & “could’ve”s of the past & the unproductive “what ifs” of the future that only get you stuck in your head & manifesting the same things you DON’T want over & over again. You are READY to align your mind, body & energy with what you truly want to be experiencing out of DESIRE. 

✅ You are done with letting the fear-based beliefs of “I am not good enough”, “who am I to do this?” & “I am going to fail” run the show of your life, call the shots & hold you back from the expansive life you KNOW you’re made for 

✅ You are ready to stop leaning on the next promotion, your $X income goal, a new romantic partner or *insert whatever other shiny goal or desire* to feel happy & fulfilled in the NOW. Instead, you desire to cultivate deep presence & live an intentional life where joy & LOVE can be accessed in every moment. 

There’s way more to your purpose on this planet than just going to work, paying bills & waiting for that magical day when someone gives you permission to finally start living life on your terms. 

You’re not meant to blindly look outside of you for the answers, follow “rules” that deep down make you want to 🤮 & take whatever you’re told as the truth without questioning,

You are waking up. You are Remembering. You are ready to create.

I know it’s scary & exciting at the same time. 

And you don’t need to figure all out this & walk the path alone. 

I’m excited to be your guide ✨

Imagine This For a Moment 🤩

What if…

✨ You have the essential consciousness-expanding spiritual & mindset teachings & practices (presented in an easy to understand way) to finally feel embodied in your Truth, dissolve fears that once paralyzed you, feel fully supported in the present & be in your best energy DAILY to act on your purpose? 

✨ You are equipped with potent spiritual, subconscious mindset & energetic tools that empower you to be the Creatrix of your reality & that you can pull out WHENEVER to realign your energetic state, no matter what 💩 hits the fan? 

✨ You have a whole new level of awareness of who you REALLY are, what you are capable of & can easily shift past limiting thoughts & self-sabotage tendencies to feel empowered, on purpose & supported? PLUS, you finally take those scary leaps forward out of your comfort zone towards what you truly desire to do.

✨ You experience a deepened connection to your purpose & WHY you are here on this planet, which motivates you to step into your leader identity, take massive action & helps you see the bigger picture for everything that happens

✨ You see yourself being fully surrounded & supported by a community of Cosmic Creatrices, lightworkers & awakening souls just like yourself and with whom you can get deep & open with without worrying about being judged or “too much”? 

✨ You are passionately committed to an elevating spiritual practice infusing Kundalini Yoga, meditation & other beautiful practices that activate your innate Kundalini energy (the energy that connects you to the Infinite & your Truth) & helps you access deep calm & peace every day. 

✨ You are fully SHINING every single day, feeling deep certainty & trust that everything is always happening FOR you & that Source has your back (& you’ve literally got your friends on your back asking you “WHAT DID YOU DO TO TRANSFORM LIKE THIS?!”)?

What if that’s all possible NOW?

It is 😉 


School of Cosmic Consciousness 💫

This is your portal to the Cosmos, to your soul & to your Truth. 

This is your sacred container designed to activate the remembrance in you of who you REALLY are, the soul gifts & power within you, & what you’re capable of creating in this lifetime. 

This is your soul-centric school to learn & embody all things around spirituality, Kundalini Yoga & Kundalini Energy, self-mastery, energy work, manifestation, purpose & multidimensional leadership

This is the place you’ve been waiting for to come home to who you are & fully LET YOUR LIGHT shine. 

A Sneak Peek Into Your Cosmic Curriculum 🤩

Our Cosmic Curriculum for your studies involves 4 key subjects as detailed below. Each subject will be explored at an intellectual learning level, but most importantly EMBODIED at a BEING level in your every day so that you can easily integrate all that you learn & witness magical shifts in your reality. 

Consciousness Expansion

Cultivate deep self-awareness, come home to your Truth & consciously shift your subconscious mind to create your desired reality

Upgrade Your Mind to Access Your Infinite Potential

Combining ancient spiritual teachings with potent NLP techniques, we cultivate your deep self-awareness, transcend limiting beliefs & perceptions & shift you at a subconscious level to be embodied in your fullest potential & create what you want

Spiritual Alignment & Manifestation

Deepen your connection with the Infinite & embody your creative power

Align With Your Higher Self & Deepen Your Soul Connection

We deepen your relationship with the innate wisdom within, align you with the frequency of LOVE, empower your spiritual + emotional healing & anchor you into a nourishing spiritual practice that elevates you

Multidimensional Leadership & Cosmic Purpose

Remember the purpose you were put on this planet to fulfill & step into your most authentic online leadership to create the change you want to see in the world

Speak Your Truth & Follow the Purpose You Were Born to Fulfill

Uncover your deepest purpose, tap into your most authentic message & take massive action as the multidimensional leader you were put on this planet to be

Kundalini Yoga & Energetic Activation

Tap into your Infinite nature by awakening the Kundalini energy within, & develop the emotional, mental & physical capacity to navigate through life with grace & power

Experience the Infinity That You Came From

Kundalini Yoga is a practice of returning you to the Truth of who you are. Through Kundalini kriyas & meditations, you are guided to shed the layers that are not true to you, develop deep personal power & resilience & align your energy to be your most radiant & expansive self

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS Multidimensional Experience

Each month you’ll receive a Cosmic Curation Kit around a chosen topic for your expansion, which includes:

✨ A masterclass training diving in one of the curriculum subjects above along with a guided workbook & action items that invite you to lead your own healing & expansion journey & embody what you learn 

✨ A guided Kundalini yoga or meditation class to activate your Kundalini energy, rewire your subconscious mind, align your energy for manifestation, connect you with Infinite wisdom within, & more 🧘🏻‍♀️

✨ Other magical & potent tools to help you expand your consciousness & step into your power (think: guided meditations, EFT sequences, hypnosis experiences, journaling prompts, embodiment practices, & more)

You’ll Also Experience: 

Empowering support within a loving, safe, anti-racist & inclusive private FB group community with other Cosmic Creatices, lightworkers, multidimensional leaders & all around beautiful souls 

✨  A monthly Cosmic Creatrix Circle Call hosted on Zoom, where you get the opportunity to ask whatever questions are on your mind around the month’s topic & whatever else is going on in your world, benefit from the power of a mastermind & get 1:1 guidance from me!

All the Magic At a Glance

In Case You're Still Wondering "So Why Should I Join?" 🤔

For the price of a cup of coffee daily/ 3 yoga classes per monthyou are getting access to:

💕 Highly transformative curated content that will expand your consciousness, get you out of your limiting mind patterns & empower you to take massive action towards manifesting your desired reality & purpose (aka my 5+ years & $40k+ worth of self development & spirituality training & studies condensed into the ESSENTIALS for you to implement) 

💕 Guided Kundalini Yoga classes that not only give you a massive energetic GLOW UP but also a major body TONE UP 💪🏼


💕 Clarity on your soul’s purpose & tangible guidance on how to get out of your own way & make what truly lights you the F up your every day

💕 Life-changing practices that radically shift your energy, identity & the way you show up EVERY DAY in all aspects of your life, which finally creates the results you want 

💕 Loving, empowering & occasionally 🍑-kicking support & guidance from me & your community of Cosmic Creatrices to hold you accountable & ground you in the PROCESS of your journey


 Most offers & programs out there providing similar content & support are over $150+ a month… 


As someone who has BEEN THROUGH the struggles of trying to figure out this spiritual journey & have dealt with the not-so-pretty effects of having a self-defeating mindset (like ending up in the hospital with a MASSIVE panic attack, unable to feel my body)- it is part of my purpose to make this kind of life-changing content at a highly accessible price point for those who are committed to aligning their mind & life for the better.


Meet Your New Spiritual Bestie ✨

Hey! It's me, Ella!

Formally speaking, I’m a Truth Embodiment Coach, Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT + TIME Techniques & Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Informally speaking, I’m your new cosmic BFF who gets the ins & outs of deeply transformative & embodied mindset work. I am here to get you experiencing, embodying & expressing the Truest version of you in your every day – so that you can manifest more impact, freedom & abundance while living out your True purpose.

 I literally went from the girl who:

 ✨ constantly felt not good enough at everything to the point that it landed me in the hospital with a panic attack & full body numbness

✨was terrified AF to show her face online (literally took me months to record a video & over a year before I mustered up the courage to ask for a sale) because I was paralyzed at the thought of Fing up & being judged 

✨ was always dreaming up big ideas & offers, but then deserting them at the first sign of something not working because I took everything so personally 

to a Truth-embodied leader who:

💕 is full-time leading her most aligned purposeful business & showing up to serve her soulmate audience & clients daily 

💕 has deep emotional resilience to navigate any challenges & tempting shadow moments + keep on going for her desires no matter what  

💕has massively healed the layers of deeply rooted not-enoughness, shame, fear & anxiety that once steered her entire life

 💕 deeply LOVES who she IS before what she does & loves showing up online & being seen in her Truth 

The key pieces to my transformation involve opening myself to spiritual support, healing the unTruths I’ve taken on using NLP & embodied healing work, experiencing the Infinite through a Kundalini Yoga practice & committing to the practice of embodying my Truest self. 

Take it from the girl who struggled through years of anxiety & literally once could not even fathom the idea of being alone with her thoughts. If I can do this & lead in a purposeful life that is aligned with my Truth- so can you. 

Truth Alchemy Modalities for Lasting Shifts 💫

The way I facilitate transformations is one of a kind, & incorporating a unique blend of the potent modalities of NLP (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming), Kundalini Yoga & Energetic Alchemy. Click the arrows to check out the details of each modality 😊 And you can sure bet these modalities will be weaved into your monthly curriculum content. 

NLP: Neuro-Linguisitic Programming​
NLP is a methodology & attitude for understanding the language of your subconscious mind & using that to consistently create what you desire in your life. Your subconscious mind is responsible for 95%+ of your daily perceptions, emotions, decisions & behaviours. And through intentionally shifting your subconscious identity, beliefs, values, patterns & programs to align with your Truth & what you desire, you will quickly witness changes in your inner & outer realities. As a trainer of NLP, I integrate advanced NLP mind-shifting techniques + language patterns, hypnosis & TIME Techniques to shift your subconscious identity (how you see YOU), alchemize your fears & limiting beliefs into POWER & empower you to show up as your Truest most confident self DAILY. My approach to NLP is different in that I emphasize bridging your mind AND your body through the techniques for a more comprehensive transformation.
Kundalini Yoga & Technology
Kundalini Yoga is a yogic technology infusing kriya (postures & movement), pranayam (breath), mudra (hand gestures), mantra (chanting) & meditation to expand your consciousness, bridge your finite identity with your Infinite self and awaken you to your Truth (Sat Nam). When you commit to a Kundalini practice, you build physical & mental resilience to withstand any pressure, clear your subconscious mind of past programming, strengthen your energetic field and come home to your True purpose. I guide you through sacred Kundalini kriya & meditation teachings to awaken the Truth and Creative potential within you (your Kundalini energy) & massively expand your radiance from the inside out. This practice guides you to embody the Truth that your True teacher is within YOU.
Energetic Alchemy​
Energetic Alchemy is a modality I've created curating the most powerful techniques & tools for developing energetic awareness, strengthening your personal energy field, experiencing & alchemizing your emotions & aligning your energetic state. It is based on the scientific fact that everything in our reality is made up of energy. And not only does our energy affect our physical reality, but it CREATES it. Energetic Alchemy includes EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, energetic + emotional embodiment practices, quantum visualizations & more.

Your Expansive Self Investment 💰

$77 USD/month  | $195 USD/ 3 month commitment 

(Enrolling in the 3 month commitment means you only pay $65/ month 💕 On the monthly commitment, you can cancel at anytime.)

Yup, that’s literally less than $2.60 a DAY to massively expand your consciousness, align with your Truth, transcend your limiting beliefs, get into spiritual alignment, manifest your most purposeful life AND get your sweat in + body toned with highly transformative Kundalini Yoga sessions. 


I know, I can’t believe it either 😂 


You’re also receiving BONUS access to my Unleash Your Soul Purpose 12-day email course AND my EXCLUSIVE Cosmic Crystal Guide for Manifestations

JUST THE VALUE OF THESE BONUSES ARE WELL OVER $100+, and so you’re basically getting this membership free for this first month 


Specifically masterclass trainings, practices & Kundalini Yoga classes around:

🎉 Accessing 5D Consciousness & Embodying It In Your Every Day 

🎉 Stepping into Multidimensional Leadership & Purpose in the Aquarian Age 

🎉 Expanding Your Resilience to Navigate Whatever Comes Your Way & Dissolving Anxiety

🎉 Getting into Energetic Alignment with the Chakra System for Manifestation

🎉 Cultivating Unconditional Self-Love for the True You to Powerfully Create Your Most Aligned Life 

🎉 Getting Embodied in Deep Presence in Your Life 

🎉 Leading Your Most Truth-Embodied 2021 

🎉 Deepening Your Connection to Divine LOVE 
🎉 Alchemizing Pain into Your Purpose with Pleasure 

Got questions about enrolling? Send me a FB message and let’s chat in real time!

What Other Souls Say About Working With Me

Geneviève Paquette

Empowerment coach (Previous Light Up Your Life 1:1 Client)


“I used to have horrible self-talk, low confidence and low self-esteem. I identified myself as a negative person. I honestly thought it was who I am. I would compare myself constantly and use it to put me down. I used to not be able to feel my emotions, I felt numb. My main struggle was really my mindset and learn how to tap into my emotions.

Working with Ella inside of Light Up Your Life was literally the best thing I have ever done ! It allowed me to find my true self and show up with confidence. I used to hide in the sidelines but now I feel like I want to be front and center ! My biggest highlight is literally Ella she is the best. I feel like we were perfectly aligned and she always had exactly what I needed when I needed it, sometimes without even knowing ! I wouldn’t be able to pin point what was my favorite part of the program because I feel like my answer would be the entire experience. It’s that good !

I felt like I used to show up in my life as a caterpillar and now I am a beautiful butterfly flying all over the place. I found myself and fell in love with the person I am. My biggest shift is loving who I am. It gave me the courage and confidence to actually start my coaching business which I was pushing to the side By fear of not being good enough (self-sabotaging at it’s finest). I used to be a ghost on social media and now I am able to show up with confidence and certainty, sharing my message on my social platform. Something I would of never have been able to do before this program. I have never felt this good in my skin. I feel like I glow where ever I go.

Thinking about the opportunity of working with Ella? Don’t think twice, take it ! It’s the best investment you will ever make. You can’t put a value on a program like this. Loving your life and yourself is priceless!

Ella, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are I can’t even put words on how grateful I am for the work you do !

Trifina Sofian

Cancer Recovery Mindset Coach (Limit to Light Mindset Intensive Client)

Before signing up to work with Ella, I was struggling to show up on video and sharing my message authentically. The Limit to Light mindset alchemical session we had blew my mind, totally exceeded my expectations! The session helped me banished my limiting beliefs about my inability to communicate and sharing my message authentically. My confidence has improved dramatically because those limiting beliefs fell away naturally and I feel transformed on an identity level. I definitely recommend working with Ella! It’s money well spent for a truly transformational experience.

Mélissa Bellon

Cosmic Storyteller & Mindset Coach (Previous Shine With Your Cosmic Purpose 1:1 Client)


Before I signed up to work 1:1 with Ella in the Shine With Your Cosmic Purpose upgraded experience, I was confused with who I was and what I was doing. I had a lot of limiting beliefs around myself, my value and what I was able to do. I was feeling stuck in my personal and spiritual growth. I lacked confidence in myself and my work.

This course is amazing and I can’t still believe all the value Ella gives inside the Shine with your Cosmic Purpose. I loved the exercises! They were complete and allowed me to really dig deep inside myself. This course helped me to reconnect with myself while giving me concrete actions to implement for my business. I couldn’t see myself evolving and working on my business without working on myself and Ella’s course allowed me to do both. I loved the fact that she’s using herself as an example, it’s really interesting to see the process of her creating content, you have the feeling that you can find your way to do it also. Her energy during the video is so contagious. I was always looking forward to the next lesson.

Through my 1:1 sessions with Ella, I had the feeling that I was always supported. Doing the journaling prompt Ella gave me every morning really transformed me and my mindset. I was struggling since a long time with journaling, even if I knew the benefits, I was lost with the prompts that were not for me. After my talks and calls with Ella, I was able to be more confident with my clients, I was able to let go a job that wasn’t good for me anymore. Thanks to her and her NLP technique, I know that I will always have my back, no matter what happen. I’m grounding in my Truth because I assume it. I assume who I am and I know I am enough and I have everything I need to attract my soulmate clients. I am beyond grateful that Ella was my mentor during this time of my life and I’m so happy to continue this journey with her ✨💛

My words won’t be strong enough to describe Ella. She is wonderful. She shows kindness while being able to confront my fears. She has helped me transform many limiting beliefs and made me feel supported and safe with myself and that is priceless. She always gives good advice and I immediately felt comfortable with her. Our calls helped me see further and bigger. Her holistic approach makes her content and her way to see things unique. She is not only a great help on the business, she helped me to evolve from a personal point of view, especially on my relationships. Ella is a magical gardener, she plants seeds and helps you turn them into beautiful flowers. I would recommend 1000% Ella ! I’ve already done it by the way 🙂

“When I started working with Ella, I knew deep down in my heart that I wanted to become a coach, but didn’t know how to go about starting and felt like I needed years of experience before getting started! Since working together, I’ve been feel amazing, fulfilled and ready to conquer the world. Ella allowed me to understand and believe that I was already a coach. I didn’t need years of experience to get started. If you had told me four months ago that I would have a website running, a free mini-course, a 1:1 coaching program, closing a month of coaching three amazing BETA clients, and ready to find my first soulmate client to work with, I would not have believed you! Ella is a guide everyone needs, the friend you can turn to when you are not sure of yourself and the confidence booster that will have you take massive-action! I’ve never believed so much in myself and the potential I have. Ella was the confidence booster I needed to live fully in my next level identity! Oh, and did I mention that I gained abs from this 1:1 coaching!! Kundalini is now part of my daily life, all thanks to Ella! I would recommend and have recommended her in a heart beat because I’ve loved her way of working, her approach and I am so grateful for the epic transformation that came out of us working together. I can fairly say that she has had exceeded my expectations!


“When I joined Shine Your Light, I was struggling with my mindset and needing guidance on how to begin building my coaching practice. Since working with Ella, I feel more confident of my abilities and more inclined to take action rather than getting stuck second guessing myself. I have a clearer vision for my business and additional tools I can utilize to continue to support it’s growth. My business now has a clear message that feels authentic to who I am as a person and to who I want to serve.

Ella is absolutely amazing!! She is incredibly supportive, down to earth and just an overall wonderful human being. She has the ability to help you make mindset shifts quickly and provide just the right recommendations particular to what you are struggling with. She is also very knowledgeable in marketing and I found her feedback to be an invaluable resource for my business.



“Before Ella & I worked together, I was struggling with the direction I wanted to go with my brand new coaching business, as well as knowing how to build my audience and clientele. Through our work together, Ella helped me to find so much more clarity around my mission and purpose as a coach. She helped me embrace my spiritual self and helped me to see that I needed to show up as fully me in my business and brand. It feels great to be fully invested in the light work I’m doing as a coach! 

Since being a part of Shine Your Light, I feel more confident, excited and ready to show up more fully every day. My resistance to showing up and expressing myself on social media has transformed into excitement! The subconscious mindset work we did helped me to be more confident, self-trusting and aligned. I also gained lots of practical knowledge about online marketing.

I truly don’t know where I would be without Ella’s help- I gained helped in areas I didn’t even know I needed help with! I love the mix of mindset, spiritual and practical guidance she provide!”



“When I began coaching with Ella, I was struggling with wanting to start a business and having the idea in my head but no idea where to start. I really didn’t know anything about branding, digital, email marketing…the list was endless. I can’t even believe over the last several months how far I have come!! This truly is in a huge part to Ella!  I feel completely amazed by all the work that has been done and truly so thankful for all of the knowledge that Ella has shared with me to make my business a reality and a success. It really is remarkable when I think of how much Ella has helped me to grow not only within my business but also to grow in mindset, confidence and learning to completely shift my mindset.

I now have a tribe and community of amazing women, have launched a freebie, have launched a free challenge within my group, have built a course and am offering 1:1 services, have been a guest on several podcasts, am now a contributing author in a book and have my first paid speaking gig coming up in November. At the beginning I was horrified of going LIVE for FB – and truly I can confidently say I have come so far with Ella’s help, guidance and teaching!! I sometimes feel like it is a dream!

I absolutely recommend working with Ella! She is so full of knowledge and has answers to so many questions. She is always wiling to help and has never made me feel ridiculous even though truthfully I completely started from scratch. It was truly fun to collaborate with Ella and share her positive vibes! She is amazing at lifting others up would always bring positive light to our coaching sessions. 



“When I started working with Ella, I was on an emotional roller coaster with my business and i really wanted to get grounded again. I wanted to implement a spiritual practice in my life that connected my noisy mind to my soul’s purpose. Through working with Ella, I’ve gotten really good at shifting out of fearful thoughts into calm and loving ones! It feels like a relief mostly! To feel so deeply connected to the universe that you start trusting that you are always on the right path.I’ve truly been able to ground myself in my purpose and begun to feel that my good work in my business is being reflected back to me in the results I see. I have gotten so clear with my messaging and am now more easily able to communicate my souls purpose to attract my tribe. My business is the most aligned with my loving energy than it’s ever been!

I would DEFINITELY recommend working with Ella! She holds space for you to process your thoughts and emotions. I really appreciate her use of NLP knowledge and techniques for getting her I’m so glad Ella introduced me to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, because it’s changed my life as a tool for raising my energetic vibration.






“When I started working with Ella, I was struggling with living a life of purpose that truly felt aligned. I was also transitioning from Christianity to a more spiritual based practice.

Ella unknowingly bought me my first crystal! While I continue to discover what feels most aligned for me, Ella is an authentic breath of fresh air, a reminder of the beauty of the journey and not being fixated on an end result. Ella inspires fearless changing of sails, if something doesn’t feel right.


After working with Ella, I feel less inclined to live the status quo. I have THREE oracle decks now. I trust myself more. My website for my daughter & my natural skincare brand Elysian Glow is beautiful. I’m more than ok with stillness and silence as I listen for my next move.

I would absolutely recommend working with Ella! She is organized, will hold you accountable, gentle when needed, and will challenge you when needed. I am a badass light worker now, thanks to Ella! Yes, bad ass! And yes, a light worker, in all of her glory!



Manifestation Hypnosis

Download this hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind & manifest your desires with EASE

If you signed up to get emails from me, I want to let you know that things are no strings attached around here! You can unsubscribe whenever you want. To contact me, you can reach me at Ella Tsang, 1500 Ste Catherine Ouest, PO Box 55008 CP MacKay, Montreal QC, H3G 2W5 | hello@psimella.com | (438)-700-4187