Manifest Your Most Soulful Multidimensional Business & Life


I see you right there, lightworker

& I know you’re feeling frustrated AF right now.

You’re swiping through the Insta stories, seeing all these glorious shares of the people you follow & can’t help notice that icky feeling at the pit of your stomach. You’re seeing coach after coach, healer after healer & all these other soulful service-based providers shining their light, sharing their unfiltered messages & facilitating epic transformations within their work. 

While you’re here, sitting in your Forever 21 sweatpants on your couch after a mediocre at most meditation session (really hoping you would get some Divine insights to tell you what the F you should do next- but didn’t), feeling lost, scared, unsettled & quite frankly, just pissed off.

Running your hand through your hair, you exasperatedly sigh: 

“ I know Im meant for more. I know I’m here with a mission to fulfill in this lifetime. I know I’m supposed to change lives. But I just don’t feel good enough to do it, and have 0 clue how to make it happen at a practical level.” 

Let Me Know If This Sounds Familiar...

✨ You’ve signed up for courses after courses (TBH, you’ve given up on keeping track of how many you’ve bought at this point), binge watching hours of content & hoping that by just learning, your soul-aligned business will magically build itself & clients will show up at your door – P.S. I call this productive procrastination 🤷🏻‍♀️

✨ Deep down you know that you are a cosmic + multidimensional spiritual being but you’re terrified of fully owning that online. You try to say the “right” things, instead of truly owning your spiritual gifts & serving your soulmate clients in a way that is in alignment with your truth

✨ You’re struggling to piece together and clearly communicate WHAT it is that you do in your business and HOW you help your soulmate clients transform. Because in your true multidimensional nature, you’ve got a handful of spiritual gifts & passions like transformational coaching, astrology, reiki, energy healing, Divine Feminine work, yoga (the list goes on!) and you REALLY cannot vibe with the idea of choosing one thing & that’s it

✨ Deep down, you’re scared about taking the big steps forward into the unknown & truly committing to doing what you LOVE because your ego mind is always flashing through the WORST CASE scenarios of what could happen. Like: generating 0 money (*gulp* is it time to go back to a job?!), making a fool out of yourself on a live video or receiving negative feedback that confirms your already ever-so-present limiting belief of not being good enough. What would your friends think? And also your family?! Moreover, WHO ARE YOU to charge for what you do anyways? 

You might think that you’re not where you want to be yet because you’ve yet to find the “magical formula” that will change everything. Nope that’s not it. And I hate to break it to you…but it doesn’t exist.

Here's Why You *REALLY* Still Haven't Launched Your Lightworking Business Yet,


⭐️ #1: Your subconscious mind programming is outdated with false beliefs & a self-limiting identity  

that you are not enough. No matter how hard you try to motivate yourself & #justdoit (which is just trying to change at the conscious level), your negative ego is still running the show – meaning that procrastinating on actions that push you out of your comfort zone are the default. The result? You’re chasing your own tail out of safety & literally stay in the same place month after month. 

What Needs to Change: What if there was a way to bring these old subconscious programs, patterns & beliefs to the conscious, release them & program in a new empowering self identity where you EMBODY the leader you know you’re meant to be? The outcome is you begin to EFFORTLESSLY shift your energy, take massive inspired action & finally build a purposeful brand that is aligned with your vision. 

⭐️ #2:You are so caught up in your wounded masculine with trying to find the “right” strategy, control the whole situation & just hustle hustle your day away

that you’ve forgotten to give your Divine Feminine & Masculine their chance to shine, & listen to your soul guidance. You are multidimensional & trying to dim your light, narrow yourself into a box, fit yourself in a cookie-cutter strategy, just doesn’t work for you. 

What Needs to Change: Wouldn’t it be freeing to clarify what is the transformation you truly want to facilitate for others, connect to your WHY & identify your signature modalities & pillars to craft your unique approach in bringing your soulmate clients from their point A to their desired point Z? Yup! It would, & we’ll cover all that & this ends up being the foundation of your most aligned brand.  

⭐️ #3: You keep thinking you need to know more, have more, do more, learn more, [insert whatever else you think you need] more

BEFORE you take action. When in fact, you already have everything you need inside you right now to get started. 

What Needs to Change: Imagine how amazing it would feel to easily access empowering states of confidence & certainty and reframe what it means to take massive action, right NOW. Instead of just waiting for the Universe to have your back, you learn how to create a lit up strategy that stretches you, take the uncomfortable massive action in showing up & sharing your value & services, & MEET the Universe halfway to build your most aligned business. You end up then manifesting the most soul-aligned clients & creating financial abundance while doing your soul’s work. Oh & surprise surprise, you don’t need to get rid of all your fears before you’re ready to create epic results 😉

Take a Deep Breath & Tune In...

What would it mean for you to FINALLY step into your purpose, build your most multidimensional lightworking business, change the lives you KNOW you were meant to change & make what lights your soul on fire, your life’s work? 

Isn’t it about time that is ACTUALLY the reality you’re living? 

Well, I’ve got some good news for you – reprogramming your subconscious mind to experience deep certainty in your worthiness coupled with the clarity to finally take massive action in building your most aligned business is now closer than ever. 

Meet Your New Cosmic + Spiritual Bestie ✨

Let me give you a bit of a formal introduction of who I am…

Meet Ella, a Cosmic Life & Business Alignment Mentor, manifestation expert and a collector of way-too-many-to-count crystals & oracle card decks. 

She empowers badass lightworkers who are afraid of shining their light & sharing their message to expand their consciousness with a Kundalini-infused spiritual practice and reprogram their subconscious mind for success so they can manifest their most LIT UP life & online brand. 

With over 5 years of self development and online marketing experience, Ella offers a deep inner to outer self transformation for her clients, from shifting their subconscious identity to their next level self and cultivating massive self confidence using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & energy work to aligning their message and building a magnetic multidimensional online brand that transforms lives. 

Having gathered a community of 16k+ lightworkers across social platforms, Ella’s signature badass style around blending the woo of spirituality, Kundalini yoga & manifestation with the practicality of neuroscience and aligned brand development, makes embracing your cosmic multidimensional nature & manifesting your desired reality  easy and empowering for her soulmate audience.  

Ella’s badass community & clients love her for her consistent daily value-loaded content, bright and radiant energy and unwavering dedication in empowering lightworkers to tap into their infinite potential & manifest all that they desire. It is her absolute soul’s passion to show up and share massive value around spirituality, manifestation, mindset & aligned business.


Shine Your Light 4 Month Experience


Your lasting life & business transformation begins & continues with creating deep inner mindset shifts & cultivating spiritual alignment. 

The inner creates outer – no exceptions.


NLP: Neuro-Linguisitic Programming​
NLP is a methodology & attitude for understanding the language of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious runs 99.996% of the show in your every day decision-making, action-taking & state of being. When you gain awareness over & develop an empowering relationship with your subconscious identity, beliefs, values & programs, you can transform your mindset, achieve anything you set your mind to & manifest whatever you desire with ease & flow! As an Master NLP Practitioner, I incorporate advanced NLP techniques, strategies, hypnosis & TIME Techniques to guide you in releasing limiting beliefs, building your next level identity & elevating into your most confident & TRUE LIT UP self
Kundalini Yoga & Technology
Kundalini yoga is a comprehensive technology infusing kriya (postures & movement), pranayam (breath), mudra (hand gestures), mantra (chanting) & meditation to expand your consciousness, bridge your finite identity with your Infinite self and ignite the light & truth inside you. When you commit to a Kundalini practice, you build physical & mental resilience, reprogram your subconscious identity, become more aware of your potential, strengthen your energy, aura + magnetic field to attract in all that you desire and come home to your true identity (your Sat Nam) & purpose. I guide you through the sacred kriya & meditation teachings to awaken the true light and Creative potential within you & expand your radiance (aka light you the F up) from the inside out!
Energetic Alchemy​
Energetic Alchemy is a potent blend of energy practices & spiritual principles to raise your energetic vibration & help you quantum manifest. It's a manifestation focused modality based on the fact that everything is energy. We are all energy and so are everything that we desire in our lives. So to manifest and create our desired reality, we must actively manage our energy and release resistance through deep spiritual understanding & energy techniques like EFT, thought + feeling awareness & shifting, Reiki & Quantum visualization.


The 3 phase transformation process that gets you shining as the cosmic lightworking leader you were meant to BE so that you can create lasting impact for others while manifesting your most fulfilling & abundant life + business.


Awaken yourself to your most authentic brand message and the infinite creator power and light that is within you

Awaken Your Light

Spirituality: Tap into your spiritual connection with the Universe & practice deep self awareness so that you can witness and harness the creator power that you have

Mindset: Identify the old subconscious programs and limiting beliefs holding you back so that you can actively dismantle & recode them

Business: Align your business brand foundations, specifically your message, purpose, soulmate client profile, offers & brand identity so that you can create an attractive seamless brand experience


Align with your true high vibrational self and share your light with your soulmate tribe online

Align to Your Truth

Spirituality: Explore spiritual practices and meditations to shift from fear to love, raise your vibration & manifest with ease

Mindset: Shift your subconscious identity and old programs so that you can step into your NEXT LEVEL identity, values & beliefs

Business: Develop aligned offers and build up your social media presence & content strategy to create know, like & trust with your soulmate clients


Shine with faith and confidence as your most authentic self and massively serve your soulmate tribe

Shine Your Light

Spirituality: Deepen your faith and trust in the Universe & shine your light through daily alignment rituals & practices

Mindset: Cultivate deep belief and certainty in your abilities, uplevel your self-image and tap into your most authentic confidence

Business: Show up with confidence online through soulful selling and serving to book in soulmate clients for your services and programs

Phase 1: AWAKEN Your Light 💡

Let go of the “I’m not X enough” beliefs holding you back from finally starting your lightworking business & begin to tap into your spiritual connection, manifestation powers & the message you are here to share. It’s time to turn your gifts into gold 💰


    • Weekly spiritual prescriptions that guide you to begin a committed daily Kundalini yoga, meditation & journaling practice. You’ll tune into what grounds you into deep self-awareness & unravel old patterns holding you back, so you can finally access the infinite creator power & inner wisdom within you
    • NLP & energetic infused techniques & coaching sessions that empower you to identify the old beliefs, patterns and identity that have held you back (up until now!), and begin to dismantle & shift them into what you desire instead
    • Building your Aligned Cosmic Brand Guide, where we deep dive into outlining your soul-led brand foundations, explore your soulmate client profiles, define your signature modalities, establish your aligned brand pillars & design your visual brand board – yup, we’ll create your logo & create your visual aesthetics together so you can begin to implement it online right away 

Phase 2: ALIGN With Your Most Lit Up Self ✨

Ditch the old ways of defaulting to fear & start to lead your life & business from a place of love instead. It’s time to craft your lit up next level identity that magnetizes in abundance & step into that version of you, as you build out your most aligned offers & community. 


  • Tailored journal prompts, energetic practices & Kundalini kriyas & meditations to raise your vibrational frequency, amplify your aura to attract abundance & guide your thoughts & feelings to love 
  • Powerful hypnosis audios & morning activations that rewire your subconscious mind, shift your old limiting patterns & beliefs and integrate you into your lit up next level identity (the YOU who has what you desire) 
  • Crafting your most aligned signature offer that seamlessly blends your unique modalities & speaks to your soulmate clients’ deepest problems in a way that gets them raising their hand to work with you 
  • Building & growing your community on Instagram & Facebook to draw in your soulmate tribe through deeply resonating content & nurture them to build know, love, trust & RAVE

Phase 3: SHINE Your Light & Message ⭐️

Release any fears around being seen, and fully lean into deep trust and faith in yourself & a Higher Power, so you can show up & serve as your most authentic self for your soulmate audience & call in your soulmate clients with ease. 


  • Spiritual teachings (made easy), handpicked Kundalini meditations, exclusive energetic practices & personalized EFT tapping sequences to align you with full faith & trust with a Higher Power & making sharing your truth effortless & authentic 
  • Potent NLP state anchoring techniques & mind shifting strategies to continuously ground yourself in empowering states of confidence, certainty & full alignment so you can fully be you & create connecting content that draws in your soulmate clients 
  • Mapping out your sacred marketing funnels, implementing an enticing free offer that calls in your soulmate people, building out your weekly content master + repurposing plan & developing your daily outreach & soulful sales strategies to bring your soulmate clients from being “potential” to “paid & excited AF” to start working with you

Who's This For?

This is for the badass lightworker & cosmic light leader who’s ready to launch an aligned service-based online business or already has one and is in need of some guidance to get back into full alignment

If you are:

  • Tired of downplaying your potential and hiding your beautiful light which you know DEEP DOWN has the power to create MASSIVE change in this world & to transform their lives 

  • So done with taking course after course and learning strategy after strategy with still ZERO inspiration to take massive action because you don’t feel like you’re good enough or ready enough  

  • Fed up of all the negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and fears that keep you constantly worrying about nothing, resistant to share your gifts & quite frankly just in the same place you were at a year ago 

  • Feeling lost about how to define and communicate your LIT UP brand in a way that tells your story, encompasses all your passions and attracts in your soulmate clients with ease  

  • Done with living in under constant feelings scarcity and lack, and falling into the traps of thinking you need a cookie-cutter formula to succeed 

Then this is for you!

Here's What You'll Experience

 ✨16 x 60 minute video call sessions (4 calls per month) 

✨5 x Subconscious Mind Reprogramming Hypnosis & Activation Audios tailored to help you release limiting beliefs & step into your next level identity

✨ 16 x Weekly Spiritual Prescriptions with handpicked & personalized Kundalini kriyas + meditations, journal prompts & potent Energetic Alchemy practices

✨ Access to the Shine Your Light Business Activation Portal, including aligned business building modules guiding you from clarifying your lightwork and brand message to building a loyal online community and selling with soul 

✨ Unlimited email & voice note support (M-F), so we can have frequent check ins & make sure you have no questions unanswered)

✨ Unlimited feedback on anything you are creating for your business

✨Access to the Light Up & Manifest Subconscious Mind Elevation & Manifestation Program & Shine With Your Cosmic Purpose Program 

✨Access to The School of Cosmic Consciousness 💫 monthly consciousness expansion membership

Pay in Full Bonus

2 x  30 minute SOS calls (for when you need major help, ASAP) – value of $450 US

Energetic Investment 💰

Full Investment : $3997 USD 

Payment Plan Options:

4 monthly payments of $1000 USD

6 monthly payments of $733 USD 

8 monthly payments of $575 USD

Click below to apply & schedule your FREE Light Alignment Roadmap Call to see if we are a good fit to work together!

Got questions? Send me a FB message and let’s chat in real time!

From Other Fellow Lightworkers

“When I joined Shine Your Light, I was struggling with my mindset and needing guidance on how to begin building my coaching practice. Since working with Ella, I feel more confident of my abilities and more inclined to take action rather than getting stuck second guessing myself. I have a clearer vision for my business and additional tools I can utilize to continue to support it’s growth. My business now has a clear message that feels authentic to who I am as a person and to who I want to serve.

Ella is absolutely amazing!! She is incredibly supportive, down to earth and just an overall wonderful human being. She has the ability to help you make mindset shifts quickly and provide just the right recommendations particular to what you are struggling with. She is also very knowledgeable in marketing and I found her feedback to be an invaluable resource for my business.


“Before Ella & I worked together, I was struggling with the direction I wanted to go with my brand new coaching business, as well as knowing how to build my audience and clientele. Through our work together, Ella helped me to find so much more clarity around my mission and purpose as a coach. She helped me embrace my spiritual self and helped me to see that I needed to show up as fully me in my business and brand. It feels great to be fully invested in the light work I’m doing as a coach! 

Since being a part of Shine Your Light, I feel more confident, excited and ready to show up more fully every day. My resistance to showing up and expressing myself on social media has transformed into excitement! The subconscious mindset work we did helped me to be more confident, self-trusting and aligned. I also gained lots of practical knowledge about online marketing.

I truly don’t know where I would be without Ella’s help- I gained helped in areas I didn’t even know I needed help with! I love the mix of mindset, spiritual and practical guidance she provide!”


“When I began coaching with Ella, I was struggling with wanting to start a business and having the idea in my head but no idea where to start. I really didn’t know anything about branding, digital, email marketing…the list was endless. I can’t even believe over the last several months how far I have come!! This truly is in a huge part to Ella!  I feel completely amazed by all the work that has been done and truly so thankful for all of the knowledge that Ella has shared with me to make my business a reality and a success. It really is remarkable when I think of how much Ella has helped me to grow not only within my business but also to grow in mindset, confidence and learning to completely shift my mindset.

I now have a tribe and community of amazing women, have launched a freebie, have launched a free challenge within my group, have built a course and am offering 1:1 services, have been a guest on several podcasts, am now a contributing author in a book and have my first paid speaking gig coming up in November. At the beginning I was horrified of going LIVE for FB – and truly I can confidently say I have come so far with Ella’s help, guidance and teaching!! I sometimes feel like it is a dream!

I absolutely recommend working with Ella! She is so full of knowledge and has answers to so many questions. She is always wiling to help and has never made me feel ridiculous even though truthfully I completely started from scratch. It was truly fun to collaborate with Ella and share her positive vibes! She is amazing at lifting others up would always bring positive light to our coaching sessions. 


“When I started working with Ella, I was on an emotional roller coaster with my business and i really wanted to get grounded again. I wanted to implement a spiritual practice in my life that connected my noisy mind to my soul’s purpose. Through working with Ella, I’ve gotten really good at shifting out of fearful thoughts into calm and loving ones! It feels like a relief mostly! To feel so deeply connected to the universe that you start trusting that you are always on the right path.I’ve truly been able to ground myself in my purpose and begun to feel that my good work in my business is being reflected back to me in the results I see. I have gotten so clear with my messaging and am now more easily able to communicate my souls purpose to attract my tribe. My business is the most aligned with my loving energy than it’s ever been!

I would DEFINITELY recommend working with Ella! She holds space for you to process your thoughts and emotions. I really appreciate her use of NLP knowledge and techniques for getting her I’m so glad Ella introduced me to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, because it’s changed my life as a tool for raising my energetic vibration.





“When I started working with Ella, I was struggling with living a life of purpose that truly felt aligned. I was also transitioning from Christianity to a more spiritual based practice.

Ella unknowingly bought me my first crystal! While I continue to discover what feels most aligned for me, Ella is an authentic breath of fresh air, a reminder of the beauty of the journey and not being fixated on an end result. Ella inspires fearless changing of sails, if something doesn’t feel right.


After working with Ella, I feel less inclined to live the status quo. I have THREE oracle decks now. I trust myself more. My website for my daughter & my natural skincare brand Elysian Glow is beautiful. I’m more than ok with stillness and silence as I listen for my next move.

I would absolutely recommend working with Ella! She is organized, will hold you accountable, gentle when needed, and will challenge you when needed. I am a badass light worker now, thanks to Ella! Yes, bad ass! And yes, a light worker, in all of her glory!


Manifestation Hypnosis

Download this hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind & manifest your desires with EASE

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