💛 You know you were put on this planet with a purpose to fulfill, that involves helping people in a spiritual-based business…but you have 0 clue how to put it into words (every time you try, you feel like you’re just word vomitting your passions), let alone how to actually turn the idea into an online business & brand with an offer that someone would want to buy 

💛 You’re spending a way-more than-you’d-like-to-admit amount of time stalking other coaches, healers & service-based providers on Instagram, binge watching courses & freebies you’ve signed up for, reading the countless self-help books you’ve Amazon Primed & convincing yourself that you’re “not good enough”, “experienced enough”, & “ready yet” to actually launch something & help people. Plus, you’ve still got your own problems, so who would pay YOU to solve theirs?

💛 You’re terrified about taking the big steps into the unknown & truly committing to doing what you LOVE because your mind is only focused on the WORST CASE scenarios. Like: generating 0 money (NOPE you are NOT going to go back to Corporate), making a fool out of yourself on a live video and receiving a negative troll comment that confirms your already ever-so-present limiting belief of not being good enough. Not to mention- what would your friends & family think?

💛 Deep down, you know your transformation story alone is powerful enough to heal others & you know you have what it takes to facilitate beautiful transformations…but the thought alone of showing your face on an Instagram story makes you nauseous…so how are you supposed to convince people to invest in what you offer?! 

💛 You truly want to feel anchored in your Truth, standing confidently behind who you are, what you are here to do, who you do it for & HOW you do it, PLUS being unapologetically YOU online as you drop massive value & allow yourself to be compensated for it 

💛 You want to know that you are living a life & doing work that MATTERS for the Collective, & you want to feel fulfilled going to bed at night, knowing that what you did that day has greatly helped someone in their life in some way 

💛 Imagine what it would be like if you had an online spiritual business that is aligned with your Truth, & where you made money doing what you LOVE as you excitedly show up & serve daily with certainty as a LEADER. You know without a doubt that people are truly better off with hearing your message, getting your value, & investing in what you offer.

You truly do have all you need to create this purposeful business, show up as your truest self & make money doing your soul's work. right now.

And I want to show you how. 


4 Month 1:1 Private Coaching Program

This is designed to help you turn your cosmic purpose into an aligned online spiritual service-based business where you are showing up with certainty, serving your soulmate clients & raising the vibration of this planet while receiving massive abundance, as your Truest self. 

Blending the elements of spirituality, subconscious mind reprogramming & aligned brand strategy…

Folding in the potent modalities of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Kundalini Yoga & Energetic Alchemy…

And tailored to where you are at & what you need…

Shine Your Light is all about shifting you from being the person who’s been dreaming of creating an impact in the world to being an unapologetic multidimensional LEADER who is changing lives through her True presence, message & offers.

During our time together, you’ll:

💫 Launch your online spiritual service-based business, offer & brand with crystal clarity on who you are, what you do, who you do it for & HOW you are one-of-a-kind in the way that you do it 

💫 Radically anchor into your True identity & release limiting beliefs that have kept you playing small, knowing that you are good enough & worthy NOW to take what you know, help others on their journey & receive money for it 

💫 Develop authentic confidence in showing up online, being seen, sharing your message, story & value with consistency to build an online community who LOVES what you have to offer 

💫 Cultivate unshakeable trust in both yourself & the Universe for having your back, where you deeply know that you are the Creatrix of your reality & you are 111% supported every step of the way 

I stand by the fact that your inner reality creates your outer reality. Through this experience, I’ll show you how to completely shift your inner game & align with your Truth through subconscious mindset work with NLP & Kundalini Yoga, so that your outer reality truly mirrors the life that you desire. 


  1. YOU DON’T NEED TO “NICHE DOWN” TO ONE THING IN YOUR PURPOSE- YOU ARE THE NICHE: I literally cannot even describe the cringes & 🤮 vibes I get when the gurus say “you must niche down” & “only do ONE thing”. The problem is- this gets us thinking that WE ARE WHAT WE DO, rather than WHAT WE DO BEING AN EXPRESSION OF WHO WE ARE . The truth is, we are multidimensional beings with a multitude of gifts & a one-of-a-kind way in which we are here to leave a mark on this planet. You DON’T need to choose between your love for astrology or your deep passion for mindful movement – you can BLEND THEM SEAMLESSLY into your unique process as your magical modalities, & facilitate a transformation for your soulmate client that’s truly irreplicable. 

  2. YOU DON’T NEED ANOTHER COURSE OR CERTIFICATION BEFORE YOU GET STARTED NOW: Trust me, there will always be “more” that you could know, learn & have at any stage of your journey. If you keep of following through with this belief of needing to know more, have more experience, learn more, BEFORE you get started, you’ll never start. It’s a fact. Realize that you get to be both a work-in-progress AND a masterpiece at the same time (cliche I know 🤷🏻‍♀️), as you show up to serve others. All you need to be in ONE STEP AHEAD of the person you are looking to help. 

  3. WHAT YOU’RE REALLY AFTER ISN’T JUST TO BE “MORE CONFIDENT” OR TO “MAKE MORE MONEY”: Now here’s an additional shocker – what you’re really after isn’t even to HELP PEOPLE. What you, & your soul is truly truly after, is to be embodied & expressed in your TRUTH. Think about it, when you can BE ALL OF YOU, SHARE ALL OF YOU & LIVE AS ALL OF YOU without holding back, filtering yourself, or fitting into any “should” moulds- you naturally become confident, make more money AND help people in the process. That’s why this container is designed to ACTIVATE YOUR TRUTH, because not only does this ensure that the business you launch is fully in alignment with your purpose, but we are truly working at the root level of your being, where all of your abundance & deep fulfillment lie. 

  4. WHEN YOU BECOME THE TRUE YOU AT AN IDENTITY LEVEL, ALL YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS, FEARS & EXCUSES BECOME IRRELEVANT: Toss out the belief that you’ve always got more limiting beliefs to work on. If that’s what you believe in, then yes, you will keep on uncovering more & more to shift. My work is in shifting you at an identity level to align with the TRUEST version of you. Think about it: when you DEEPLY KNOW who you are, what you are capable of, & what is the purpose you are here to live in this lifetime, any limiting beliefs, fears & excuses become completely irrelevant, & are therefore EASY PEASY to poof out of your subconscious mind. Yes, I’ll be teaching you some powerful AF subconscious identity recoding & belief shifting techniques that you get to keep for LIFE. 

  5. WHEN YOU LEARN TO TRUST YOURSELF, BELIEVE YOU ARE SUPPORTED, & HAVE YOUR OWN BACK EVEN IF YOU F UP, YOU BECOME UNSTOPPABLE: Contrary to popular belief, spirituality & woo woo, isn’t so much about placing your trust OUTSIDE of you, as it is deepening your trust in yourself, & in the fact that you are always supported no matter what. Your greatest fear isn’t what so & so is going to think about you if you mess up on a live video, or even what your parents would say if you made no money in your business. Your greatest fear is what YOU would think about YOU if that happened. So if you just learned how to deeply trust & love yourself, no matter WHAT HAPPENED, wouldn’t you just automatically become unstoppable? 😉 And yes, that’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do!

Meet Your New Cosmic + Spiritual Bestie ✨

👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽 Hi, I’m Ella!

My name literally means shining light 💡😂 – if this isn’t a sign that I am doing my soul’s work & aligned with my purpose, I don’t know what is LOL. I’m a Cosmic Life & Business Alignment Mentor & Coach, subconscious mindset + manifestation expert and a collector of way-too-many-to-count crystals & oracle card decks. 

I am living in my Truth, doing my soul’s work, & serving in alignment with my cosmic purpose every single day!

And that looks like empowering badass lightworkers (all kinds of coaches, healers, wayshowers, teachers & guides) like yourself to alchemize your mind’s limits, align with your cosmic purpose & deeply experience, embody & express your Truth in your most aligned life & business. The result? Getting you doing your soul’s work, expressing as your True self online AND offline, creating a massive vibration-raising ripple effect in the world & manifesting the abundant life you came here to live. 

I’ve totally been where you’re at…this deep knowing that I was meant to BE more & DO more in this lifetime rather than just spending the rest of my life in a Corporate cubible, but having 0 idea & only a ton of fear & self-defeating beliefs as to how I was going to make it happen. Look- no one starts this online business & personal brand thing with everything figured out. I surely didn’t. I started in the online space as a fitness influencer, became an Instagram marketing coach & really dabbled around for over a YEAR in my side hustle, before I began to truly align my business with my purpose. It was frustrating to not know how I TRULY wanted to help people, & even more annoying that I was so scared of putting myself out there online & ADMITTING that I was so damn spiritual. And honestly, it came to a point where I just DECIDED. 

I DECIDED that enough was enough with beating around the bush around what truly lights me up, not owning who I really AM & allowing my spiritual journey & wisdom to LEAD THE WAY for myself AND others. So I went all in on building an spiritual-based coaching business where I mix in the modalities of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Kundalini Yoga, & my self-created modality Energetic Alchemy, in a never-seen & never-done way in the coaching industry. 

What I’ve learned first hand is that when you DO the inner work to connect with your True Self, understanding your purpose & following it becomes SO MUCH EASIER. And once you are deeply connected to with your cosmic purpose (aka the VERY REASON you were put on this planet), there is NO WAY but for you to feel this profound ignited DESIRE to show the F up, share your gifts & story & change the world in the way that you know only YOU can. 

That’s what I did. I left my Corporate digital marketing job a year ago, went full into my spiritual coaching business & haven’t looked back. I wake up every day feeling EXCITED AF to work in my business, serve my clients & students, facilitate beautiful transformations in their mindset & spiritual-based online businesses AND simply EXPRESS as my Truest self. 

If you like the fancy certs & things, I am also:

A Master NLP, Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, EFT & Life & Success Coaching Practitioner 

A 200H Vinyasa Yoga Teacher & a 200H Kundalini Yoga Teacher 

An online spiritual thoughtleader with a 16K+ following across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Podcast

And to be honest, just someone who is just DAMN GOOD at helping others truly EXPERIENCE who they really are & what they are capable of, dismantle limiting beliefs & self-perceptions, & take a mish-mash of ideas around their purpose to birth it into a powerful online brand that massively changes lives. 

Trust me when I say I know what I’m doing & I am phenomenal at what I do with awakening the Truth & power inside you, helping you to alchemize the past limits in your subconscious mind to POWER, & deeply believe in all that you have to offer the world. 

My signature style around blending spirituality, Kundalini Yoga, energetics & quantum manifestation with the practicality of NLP and aligned brand development, makes living your most purposeful life & running your most aligned spiritual business, easy, empowering, & a HECK OF A LOT OF FUN.   

I’m the exact kinda spiritual yet grounded AF BFF you’ve been looking for 😉

Take a Deep Breath & Tune In...

What would it mean for you to FINALLY act on your purpose, change the lives you KNOW you were meant to change & make what lights your soul on fire, your life’s work? 

Isn’t it about time that is ACTUALLY the reality you’re living? 

Well, I’ve got some good news for you – aligning with your True identity & FINALLY launching the online spiritual business that’s been waiting to be birthed from you is now closer than ever. 

Here's What We're Covering

Over our 4 months together, we’ll go through a 3-phase Truth Activation Process that alchemizes your mind’s limits & endless ideas, into the Truest expression of your leader self, & the birth of your online spiritual-based business- one that aligns with your purpose, stands for your Truth, massively transforms lives & brings you income 💕 

This process is fully tailored to your vision, desires & goals. No cookie cutter formulas here 😉


Experience your Truth: meaning your True self, your True purpose & just how TRULY worthy you are to do your soul's work & live the life you desire


Activate the Truest version of you at an identity level so that you gain pristine clarity on your purpose & soul's work, dismantle old self-identities & beliefs that have kept your small & know how to clearly articulate who you are, what you are here to do, who you are here to serve & HOW is your approach one-of-a-kind.


Embody your True identity & become a living & breathing expression of who you really are & the powerful work & message you are here to share

EMBODY Your Truth

Embody the beliefs, thoughts, emotions & actions of the True you at a conscious, subconscious & energetic level, to effortlessly develop an aligned offer & cultivate know, love & trust with your soulmate audience online with authenticity. Become a living & breathing expression of your cosmic purpose 💫


Express your Truth & serve with full embodied confidence online, & guide your soulmate people into your offer with certainty

EXPRESS Your Truth

Fall in love with showing up, speaking your mind & fully expressing your True self online, every single day. It's your new normal to serve the F out of your soulmate audience, share amazing value & confidently sell to them because you deeply believe they're better off with your help.

Phase 1: Experience Your Truth 💡

Activate the Truest version of you at an identity level so that you gain pristine clarity on your soul’s work & dismantle old self-identities & beliefs that have kept you second-guessing your value, feeling not confident enough & chasing your own tail for safety. 


    • Uncovering your True identity, & integrating new empowering programs, beliefs, perceptions, emotions & actions at a subconscious level so that you can fully show up, take consistent action with certainty in the value that you have to offer & know even if things don’t work out as expected, it has nothing to do with who you ARE 
    • Healing & releasing past untrue stories & beliefs around your worth, value, capacity to receive & capabilities, so you can feel confident in your ability to serve others NOW & be abundantly compensated for it 
    • Distilling down your cosmic purpose & clearly defining WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHO you do it for & HOW you do it in a way that’s truly one-of-a-kind 
    • Understanding what is the overarching message you are communicating through your brand, what you are stand for & against, & how you want to see the world transformed through your work 
    • Outlining the underlying frameworks & methodologies to what you do & how you help people transform so that talking about your work becomes second-nature, & instantly connects with your soulmate client 
    • Designing the visual aesthetics & expression of brand – we’ll create a brand board including your logo, font & brand elements that aligns with who you are & implement it on your site & socials

Phase 2: Embody Your Truth ✨

Embody the True you & your soul’s work at a conscious, subconscious & energetic level daily as you develop an aligned offer that solves your soulmate person’s problems & cultivate know, love & trust with your online community 


  • Crafting your most aligned signature offer that seamlessly blends your unique modalities & framework, & speaks to your soulmate clients’ deepest problems & desires in a way that gets them squealing with EXCITEMENT to join your offer 
  • Learning how to deeply embody the work that you teach & the story you have to share, so that you become a living expression of your purpose in a way that is MAGNETIC to those who need what you offer 
  • Setting up your social platforms (Instagram & Facebook) & knowing how to grow your audience every day through sharing deeply resonating content & simply LEADING as the Truest version of you 
  • Developing a value-packed free offer that shows your soulmate client why they HAVE TO work with you, & effortlessly leads them into your paid offer 
  • Powerful hypnosis audios & morning activations that continue to anchor in your Truth, release past programming, elevate you into unshakable certainty & confidence, and get you taking massive imperfect action with 0 hesitation

Phase 3: Express Your Truth ⭐️

Fall in love with showing up, speaking your mind & fully expressing your True self online, every single day. It’s your new normal to serve the F out of your soulmate audience, share amazing value & confidently sell to them because you deeply believe they’re better off with your help. 


  • Mapping out your sacred marketing funnels, so you know exactly how to cleverly repurpose your content (aka you create ONE piece of gold that gets turned into many many other pieces of gold 🤩), & guide someone from “just knowing you” to “LOVING & EXCITED to buy from you” across your social platforms on the reg 
  • Implementing soulful outreach & sales strategies that clearly tell your soulmate people what you’re offering, how it’s going to help them, and why they NEED TO get themselves inside your offer like now 
  • Potent NLP state-shifting techniques & mind shifting strategies under your belt (yours to keep for the rest of your life 😉) to continuously ground you in empowering states of Truth, confidence, certainty & alignment so you can fully be you & share massive value on your platforms with ease (even if an old “you’re not good enough” pops up- you’ll be able to stop it in its tracks & quickly SHIFT)   

In Case You're Curious About the Modalities I Work With

Click on the arrows to discover each modality 💛

NLP: Neuro-Linguisitic Programming​
NLP is a methodology & attitude for understanding the language of your subconscious mind & using that to consistently create what you desire in your life. Your subconscious mind is responsible for 95%+ of your daily perceptions, emotions, decisions & behaviours. And through intentionally shifting your subconscious identity, beliefs, values, patterns & programs to align with your Truth & what you desire, you will quickly witness changes in your inner & outer realities. As a trainer of NLP, I integrate advanced NLP mind-shifting techniques + language patterns, hypnosis & TIME Techniques to shift your subconscious identity (how you see YOU), alchemize your fears & limiting beliefs into POWER & empower you to show up as your Truest most confident self DAILY. My approach to NLP is different in that I emphasize bridging your mind AND your body through the techniques for a more comprehensive transformation.
Kundalini Yoga & Technology
Kundalini Yoga is a yogic technology infusing kriya (postures & movement), pranayam (breath), mudra (hand gestures), mantra (chanting) & meditation to expand your consciousness, bridge your finite identity with your Infinite self and awaken you to your Truth (Sat Nam). When you commit to a Kundalini practice, you build physical & mental resilience to withstand any pressure, clear your subconscious mind of past programming, strengthen your energetic field and come home to your True purpose. I guide you through sacred Kundalini kriya & meditation teachings to awaken the Truth and Creative potential within you (your Kundalini energy) & massively expand your radiance from the inside out. This practice guides you to embody the Truth that your True teacher is within YOU.
Energetic Alchemy​
Energetic Alchemy is a modality I've created curating the most powerful techniques & tools for developing energetic awareness, strengthening your personal energy field, experiencing & alchemizing your emotions & aligning your energetic state. It is based on the scientific fact that everything in our reality is made up of energy. And not only does our energy affect our physical reality, but it CREATES it. Energetic Alchemy includes EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, energetic + emotional embodiment practices, quantum visualizations & more.

Here's What's Included in the Experience

 ✨16 x 60 minute coaching sessions (4 calls per month) where we’ll launch your cosmic purpose into your soulful online brand & dive into powerful NLP & energetic techniques that shift your subconscious mind & energy & anchor you into the embodiment of your Truth

✨5 x Subconscious Mind Reprogramming Hypnosis & Activation Audios tailored to help you release limiting beliefs & integrate your Truest, most confident identity

✨ 16 x Weekly Spiritual Prescriptions with handpicked & personalized Kundalini kriyas + meditations, journal prompts & potent Energetic Alchemy practices that connect you to your Truth, dissolve energetic blocks & deepens your spiritual connection 

✨ Access to the Shine Your Light Business Activation Portal, including aligned business building modules guiding you from clarifying your message to building a loyal online community 

✨ Unlimited email & voice note support (M-F), so we can have frequent check ins & make sure you have no questions unanswered)

✨ Unlimited feedback on anything you are creating for your business so you are never left to figure things out alone 

✨Access to the Light Up & Manifest Subconscious Mind Elevation & Manifestation Program & Shine With Your Cosmic Purpose Program, which are potent programs to master your mindset & effortlessly turn your purpose into your life’s work

✨Access to The School of Cosmic Consciousness 💫 monthly consciousness expansion membership 

Pay in Full Bonus

2 x  30 minute SOS calls (for when you need major help, ASAP) – value of $450 US

Energetic Investment 💰

Full Investment : $4500 USD 

Payment Plan Options:

4 monthly payments of $1125 USD

6 monthly payments of $833 USD 

8 monthly payments of $647 USD

If you are ready to FINALLY turn your cosmic purpose into an aligned online spiritual service-based business that makes you money doing what you LOVE & gets you MASSIVELY changing lives with your story & gifts, apply below & book in your FREE Light Alignment Roadmap Call to see if we are a good fit to work together!

When you click below, you’ll be guided to select an available time & fill out an application questionnaire. 

I will review your questionnaire & if I feel like you are a good fit for this program, I’ll confirm your call booking & we’ll have a chat (kinda like a mini interview 😉) where I’ll make sure that this is the best path for you & answer any questions you may have. Sounds goood? 💕 

Got questions? Send me a FB message and let’s chat in real time!

From Other Fellow Lightworkers

“When I started working with Ella, I knew deep down in my heart that I wanted to become a coach, but didn’t know how to go about starting and felt like I needed years of experience before getting started! Since working together, I’ve been feel amazing, fulfilled and ready to conquer the world. Ella allowed me to understand and believe that I was already a coach. I didn’t need years of experience to get started. If you had told me four months ago that I would have a website running, a free mini-course, a 1:1 coaching program, closing a month of coaching three amazing BETA clients, and ready to find my first soulmate client to work with, I would not have believed you! Ella is a guide everyone needs, the friend you can turn to when you are not sure of yourself and the confidence booster that will have you take massive-action! I’ve never believed so much in myself and the potential I have. Ella was the confidence booster I needed to live fully in my next level identity! Oh, and did I mention that I gained abs from this 1:1 coaching!! Kundalini is now part of my daily life, all thanks to Ella! I would recommend and have recommended her in a heart beat because I’ve loved her way of working, her approach and I am so grateful for the epic transformation that came out of us working together. I can fairly say that she has had exceeded my expectations!


“When I joined Shine Your Light, I was struggling with my mindset and needing guidance on how to begin building my coaching practice. Since working with Ella, I feel more confident of my abilities and more inclined to take action rather than getting stuck second guessing myself. I have a clearer vision for my business and additional tools I can utilize to continue to support it’s growth. My business now has a clear message that feels authentic to who I am as a person and to who I want to serve.

Ella is absolutely amazing!! She is incredibly supportive, down to earth and just an overall wonderful human being. She has the ability to help you make mindset shifts quickly and provide just the right recommendations particular to what you are struggling with. She is also very knowledgeable in marketing and I found her feedback to be an invaluable resource for my business.


“Before Ella & I worked together, I was struggling with the direction I wanted to go with my brand new coaching business, as well as knowing how to build my audience and clientele. Through our work together, Ella helped me to find so much more clarity around my mission and purpose as a coach. She helped me embrace my spiritual self and helped me to see that I needed to show up as fully me in my business and brand. It feels great to be fully invested in the light work I’m doing as a coach! 

Since being a part of Shine Your Light, I feel more confident, excited and ready to show up more fully every day. My resistance to showing up and expressing myself on social media has transformed into excitement! The subconscious mindset work we did helped me to be more confident, self-trusting and aligned. I also gained lots of practical knowledge about online marketing.

I truly don’t know where I would be without Ella’s help- I gained helped in areas I didn’t even know I needed help with! I love the mix of mindset, spiritual and practical guidance she provide!”


“When I began coaching with Ella, I was struggling with wanting to start a business and having the idea in my head but no idea where to start. I really didn’t know anything about branding, digital, email marketing…the list was endless. I can’t even believe over the last several months how far I have come!! This truly is in a huge part to Ella!  I feel completely amazed by all the work that has been done and truly so thankful for all of the knowledge that Ella has shared with me to make my business a reality and a success. It really is remarkable when I think of how much Ella has helped me to grow not only within my business but also to grow in mindset, confidence and learning to completely shift my mindset.

I now have a tribe and community of amazing women, have launched a freebie, have launched a free challenge within my group, have built a course and am offering 1:1 services, have been a guest on several podcasts, am now a contributing author in a book and have my first paid speaking gig coming up in November. At the beginning I was horrified of going LIVE for FB – and truly I can confidently say I have come so far with Ella’s help, guidance and teaching!! I sometimes feel like it is a dream!

I absolutely recommend working with Ella! She is so full of knowledge and has answers to so many questions. She is always wiling to help and has never made me feel ridiculous even though truthfully I completely started from scratch. It was truly fun to collaborate with Ella and share her positive vibes! She is amazing at lifting others up would always bring positive light to our coaching sessions. 


“When I started working with Ella, I was on an emotional roller coaster with my business and i really wanted to get grounded again. I wanted to implement a spiritual practice in my life that connected my noisy mind to my soul’s purpose. Through working with Ella, I’ve gotten really good at shifting out of fearful thoughts into calm and loving ones! It feels like a relief mostly! To feel so deeply connected to the universe that you start trusting that you are always on the right path.I’ve truly been able to ground myself in my purpose and begun to feel that my good work in my business is being reflected back to me in the results I see. I have gotten so clear with my messaging and am now more easily able to communicate my souls purpose to attract my tribe. My business is the most aligned with my loving energy than it’s ever been!

I would DEFINITELY recommend working with Ella! She holds space for you to process your thoughts and emotions. I really appreciate her use of NLP knowledge and techniques for getting her I’m so glad Ella introduced me to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, because it’s changed my life as a tool for raising my energetic vibration.





“When I started working with Ella, I was struggling with living a life of purpose that truly felt aligned. I was also transitioning from Christianity to a more spiritual based practice.

Ella unknowingly bought me my first crystal! While I continue to discover what feels most aligned for me, Ella is an authentic breath of fresh air, a reminder of the beauty of the journey and not being fixated on an end result. Ella inspires fearless changing of sails, if something doesn’t feel right.


After working with Ella, I feel less inclined to live the status quo. I have THREE oracle decks now. I trust myself more. My website for my daughter & my natural skincare brand Elysian Glow is beautiful. I’m more than ok with stillness and silence as I listen for my next move.

I would absolutely recommend working with Ella! She is organized, will hold you accountable, gentle when needed, and will challenge you when needed. I am a badass light worker now, thanks to Ella! Yes, bad ass! And yes, a light worker, in all of her glory!


Manifestation Hypnosis

Download this hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind & manifest your desires with EASE

If you signed up to get emails from me, I want to let you know that things are no strings attached around here! You can unsubscribe whenever you want. To contact me, you can reach me at Ella Tsang, 1500 Ste Catherine Ouest, PO Box 55008 CP MacKay, Montreal QC, H3G 2W5 | | (438)-700-4187