Soul-Aligned Brand Intensive

You have a “brand”, but something feels OFF AF.
Your brand communication just doesn’t feel in true alignment with your soul purpose and very frankly:

You don’t know exactly what your brand stands for and how to word your purpose

You don’t know how to articulate your brand story to highlight what makes you different from everyone else out there doing the same thing as you

You are on the struggle bus big time when it comes to sharing your brand on social media– you really have no clue where to begin aside from posting bland stock photos and smiley emojis.


✨ A clear-cut picture of who you are and what makes you unique so that you have the clarity and confidence in sharing what truly feels authentic to you in your brand

✨A specific idea of who your dream soulmate client is and what he or she desires so that you can speak in a way that connects

✨A deep understanding of the WHY and core values behind your brand and business so that you can cultivate the deep emotional connection to what you do and clearly communicate what sets you apart

✨A straightforward brand vision that you feel massively aligned with so that you can easily and clearly articulate the transformation your work provides to your soulmate clients

✨A simple to follow plan on how to amplify your brand through storytelling on social media so that you can immediately start sharing authentic and on-brand content that attracts in your potential soulmate clients


“When I reached out to work with Ella in a brand intensive, I was looking for help with content creation and a brand strategy for social media (especially Instagram). After the session, I was excited to have clarity on my mission, and the next steps to take to share my gift with the world 🙂 I learned a lot about personal branding and I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore regarding posting consistently on social media, because I have a strong brand and content pillar to rely on. My posts get more engagement even if I only implemented a little bit (yet) from Ella’s Instagram course and the intensive coaching session.

I would absolutely recommend working with Ella. I loved how structured the call was. It wasn’t one of these coaching calls where you’re asked “what you want to work on”, it was truly prepared, I felt like she cared a lot about my mission and business and I didn’t feel like another number or client but really special 🙂 Thank you!”

The Details

‣ 2x 90 mins video call sessions

  • In these 2 sessions, we will transform your unclear brand into a soul-aligned brand that connects back to your true purpose + core values and outline how to amplify your brand through social media content to connect with your soulmate clients

‣ 2 weeks of email & voice note support after the 2 sessions

  • Need some additional advice as you bring your new soul-aligned brand to life online? I will be there to help you through whatever questions you have for the next two weeks following the sessions via email and voice note support. 

One Time Payment: $600 USD


“When I signed up for the Soul-Aligned Brand Intensive with Ella, I was looking for branding guidance and direction for starting my coaching biz. This 100% achieved what I wanted as  it provided the focus my busy mind needed while giving real changes to make and helped design a brand from scratch.  Would I recommend working with Ella? Yes!!! Ella is now one of the people I would recommend to any one any time. Her expert branding knowledge coupled with the intuition to know when the brand isn’t really “you” is amazing. She keeps you true to yourself and ready to tackle your industry in an ethical and sustainable way.  I appreciate all the support and love!”

Manifestation Hypnosis

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