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A 6 Month Partea to Heal Your Relationship with Yourself, Embody Your Truest Expression, Live Your Sweetest Life & Share Your Healing Gifts with the World 🫖



This isn't your average tea party.

This is a gathering in the rose garden with the soul fam you’ve been waiting for, the perpetual virtual partea of a lifetime where we sip spicy chai, shake our hips, FEEL, laugh, cry, come back into wholeness inside & FALL IN LOVE with everything that matters all over again. 

Falling in love… 

With yourself  – in all of your fears, doubts & sweet humanity 

With your life – with all its messiness & stresses 

With the people around you

With your purpose 

With the transformative healing gifts you’re here to share with the world (I see you my life, wellness + self-love coaches, spiritual guides, Kundalini facilitators & energy healers who are so MOVED to awaken consciousness & bring people back to their hearts)  

With all the emotional ups & downs that makes you beautifully human  

With the breathtaking brand that is SOUL MUCH FUN to create & serve in because it’s an absolute extension of YOU 

In falling in LOVE with all these facets, this is what allows you to access a full body BLISS for the life you’re living right NOW & a fierce undying devotion to what you desire to create next.


Imagine 6 months from now...

You have payment notifications rolling in for your first ever soul-crafted offer! You are BUZZING with squealing excitement because you get to lead a group of soulmate humans who absolutely ADORE you on how to live a better life! And you are letting yourself be moved as a surrendered vessel for the Divine to create through 😍  

You’re packing your newly purchased school bus camper & ready to go on the road trip of a lifetime that you’ve been waiting on for 10+ years. You’re tapped into your courage & taking risks no longer feel paralyzing because you trust yourself & the Divine. You’re speechless at all the realtime evidence of how much the Divine has your back 🚌
You’re hosting in-person healing circles in your garden & opening yourself to create community after having closed off from people out of fear of rejection for 20+ years in your life.  You unapologetically accept yourself & confidently embrace everything you’ve previously judged as “weird” & “too much”. You’re the definition of a MAGNET to aligned people who come into your life as friends & clients 🧲


Mmmm yes, breathe in all these possibilities… & there’s more… 

Imagine after months of grieving the ending of a relationship you KNEW you had to walk away from,  the kind of partner you’ve been desiring drops from the sky & into your life. You are surprised with roses on the daily & breathtaking dates to catch the sunset by the beach. Beyond the romantic gestures, this is someone who TRULY SEES YOU, is COMMITTED FOR THE LONG RUN, & is a reflection of all the inner work you’ve done ❤️


Envision you’re hosting your first ever mini retreat with an audience who have raised their hands to listen to you speak & be in ceremony with you. Even though your heart flutters with nerves, you know exactly how to breathe through the heart palpitations & remind yourself just how amazing you are. You show up, give it your ALL & people are MIND BLOWN at how powerful the experience is. They can’t wait to come back for more! 🤯



See yourself you’re no longer in this one foot in, one foot out relationship with creating & using your voice. Your Instagram is an effortless extension of YOU & you have the time of your life experimenting with new posts, reels & live videos. You fully value all the incredible stories life has gifted you to share with others & that’s exactly what you do! Every day you build your business as the INDUSTRY OF YOU & in a way that is unconventional. Even when the occasional “but does this really matter?” thought pops up, you can now kindly encourage yourself & easily stay devoted to your purpose.  Getting messages & voicenotes from your soul fam telling you HOW MUCH you’ve changed their lives is a NORM🌹 



What sweet desires do you want to walk away from this tea party with?

Let's get the water boiling, scones baking & your dreams in the making!

Now to be fully transparent...

This experience is not about helping you create a "picture perfect" life & business that's ALWAYS rainbows, sprinkles & unicorns 🍩

Perfect is an illusion that doesn’t exist…like even unicorns POOP! 🤣🦄💩 

And if you’re looking for THE program that will take away all your problems & blast you off to La La Land for life, this isn’t the one for you. 

No matter what level of consciousness we get to, how confident we become & how much we heal… life still often feels like a pressure cooker & the inevitable lemons get chucked our way 🍋  

Things can get difficult…like…

business slows down when you NEED it to be picking up, 

you have to get a side job to take care of growing expenses, 

your landlord out of the blue tells you’ve got to move out in 30 days,

you’re hit with a health crisis & can barely get out of bed, 

everything your partner is doing triggers you & you don’t know WHY 

you feel defeated that despite your hours of work, it feels like no one is responding to your content

& all the while…

the whole world also feels like its on fire with injustices, violence, pain & grief…


And we're not here to escape it.

The Tea Party is about activating the Truth Alchemist inside you & showing you how to create a direct access path to COMPASSION, LOVE & TRUTH in the face of fear & how to turn whatever is chucked your way into GOLD. 

Or in this case, turn whatever lemons given to you into lemon scones, lemon tarts, lemon macarons, lemonade, lemon pound cake & lemon vanilla cupcakes!  🤤

There are 6 core archetypes that we work with & embody, which you learn about in the included Reunion program. 

What this means is no matter what hardships happens, you skillfully use the circumstance as an opportunity to love yourself more, deepen your connection with the Divine, grow your resilience & live a story that heals you & others.  

The natural result to this skill is that you KEEP creating more of what you desire:

PEACE reverberating in your cells where you genuinely feel held & like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be in life. 

Harmoniously loving connections with family, friends, loved ones & your community forged from revealing all of your messy humanity 

Unapologetic self-expression in your words, videos, podcasts & teachings that are sourced from what feels like an endless stream of creative juice spewing out of you 

Life-changing & heart-led transformational experiences that alters lives 

Breathtaking romance with yourself & ever-growing intimacy with your lover. 

Freedom to frolic in Nature, scuba dive in the ocean & adventure in the mountains your way.


Soul-Led, Sustainable & Integrous Business Building TAKES Time

If you’re looking for a “quick path to overnight success” or a “step by step formula to 10X your life & business in 30 days”… this is also not the program for you.

Toxic capitalism has conditioned us to believe that in order to be “successful” or “be doing things right”, we should be quantum leaping to a booming business & “all figured out” life in months. 

And while I’m ALL FOR tapping into STARDUST possibilities ✨ the real hard Truth of building a life & business that is in integrity & TRUE to your Soul is that it takes time.

Just like everything else in Nature.

Roses take on average 3-4 years to grow & blossom in maturity 

A Cacao tree requires 5 years to go from seed to producing pods 

Standard sized apple trees can take up 8+ years to bear fruit!

Each person’s timeline is unique, sacred & exactly what is needed for them to return to themselves, heal their nervous system, develop  core inner + outer skills & LIVE the lived experiences to build a thriving body of work.  

In short – this Tea Party isn’t about catapulting you to quick results that validate your enoughness. 

You already are enough. 

It’s about attuning to your True Nature’s RHYTHM as the compass in your life & business.

AND- having A LOT OF FUN, LAUGHS & MACARONS along the way 😉

We will cultivate lasting emotional, mental, spiritual, self-expression & brand-building SKILLS like...

Unwaveringly having your own back through “failures” & picking yourself up to keep going no matter what

Speaking to your inner parts that are afraid, uncertain & protective & developing a loving & trusting relationship with them so that all of you feels congruent to act towards your vision 

Growing the capacity to hold discomforts of being stretched, slowing down, being seen, sadness, scarcity, success & stillness – without your nervous system contracting into “self-sabotage” behaviours 

Being aware of when your mind is making meanings to protect you from disappointment & leaning into faith just a TAD bit more than fear   

Knowing how to access your creative flow even when financial stress makes you freeze & say “I lack clarity” 

Listening to your body’s wisdom & designing a life & business that works WITH your seasons & not against 

Making peace with the part of you that’s perfectionistic & choosing to imperfectly create & share anyways 

Articulating what’s happening in your messy life & very real struggles so you foster GENUINE human to human community connections  

Normalizing CELEBRATING EVERYTHING & believing that everything is always adding up for you  

Being kind to yourself before, during & after you put yourself out there so you code joy into your nervous system instead of trauma 

Developing a unique way to connect with your intuition & the Divine so that everything you do is a co-creation vs. solo action 

& soul much more

At this tea party, we desire big AND we move to the rhythm of our bodies

Because safety & sustainability are savoury, sweet AND sexy 🤤

although I look cute and sweet on the outside like a decadent cupcake, 🧁, i'm KINDA INTENSE, DEFINITELY BOLD & 100% unafraid to go deep with you 😉

With the support of Kundalini energy & the Divine Mother, the Tea Party is a space where we unravel repressed emotional pains & liberate the trauma that lives in your cells so you can finally feel FREE in your body to be yourself.

The healing we do is not just for you, but for your entire lineage. 

Your ancestors who came before you & your children & children’s children who come after you. 

Many of us walk with inherited traumas & lived pains of experiencing systemic oppression like racism & the effects of colonization. In this space, we acknowledge the Truth of how these systemic factors can influence how we see ourselves & our level of safety & we re-establish a connection back to our body. 

This is a courageous space where all of what you have carried is welcomed, witnessed & validated. No more making ourselves wrong for the very things that make us beautiful humans.

Together, we walk towards the future of what you desire while holding unconditional love for all parts of you & a space to honour nuances in your lived experiences. 

Get ready to breathe into your pain, crawl on the ground roaring like a lion, vibrate your body like an inner earthquake is erupting, shake your booty to drop the shame & cry with the FULL PERMISSION you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

I LOVE descending into the depths of our shadows so we can hold more of our LIGHT. 

Rrrrr you are warned & hopefully VERY excited for it! 🦁🔥

I Created This Tea Party For...


Heart-centered humans who are healing facilitators, life & wellness coaches, spiritual guides & conscious creators who feel the undeniable call to live a beautifully meaningful life & share their gifts, message & stories with the world.

Although the call is real, so are the FEAR & RESISTANCE. 

The fear of being seen. 

The fear of it not working out.

The fear of it actually working out. 

The resistance to creating because “what if it’s not perfect?”

The resistance to sharing your offers because “who is even paying attention?” 

The resistance to staying in faith in your desires because “what if the past just repeats itself?” 

You’re ready to stop stumbling in shame when someone asks you “so what are you doing in life now?”.

And instead you proudly claim “I’m living my life in full service to my Soul, letting myself be guided by the Divine Mother Shakti & sharing my healing gifts with the world!”  


(1) First Course 🥪

Lifetime access to the Truth Alchemy Core Library including 15 programs & masterclasses on self-love, emotional & mindset healing, energetics & manifestation, multidimensional business & facilitator embodiment 


(2) Second Course 🥐

6 months of group coaching & healing calls where you are seen, held & LOVED with coaching & mentorship on anything related to your healing journey, business & brand building & sharing your gifts  

 (2X per month)

6 months access to the Kundalini Temple – aka THE HOTTEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET for activating your Kundalini energy & embodying Divine Feminine consciousness  

(includes 15 portals of teachings, 2X live virtual Kundalini Codes Activation Journeys & 1X temple coaching call per month)

Private group virtual tea partea chat where we toss confetti in celebration of each other & continue conversations of support 


(3) Third Course 🧁

Private SPILL THE TEA podcast featuring mini macaron-sized audio trainings to listen on the go 

Lifetime access to any new programs & trainings created during the 6 months together (*excludes the KCA Facilitator Training*)


And unlimited Kundalini bliss 😉💖


They're yummier than a smoked salmon tea sandwich - promise!

Click on each program to learn more about it ❤️


Pick Your Payment Option to Join Now! 

6 x Monthly Payments of 

$555 USD
(Total of $3330 USD)

10 x Monthly Payments of 

$333 USD
(Total of $3330 USD)

Pay in Full & Save $300 

$3000 USD 

I offer partial scholarships to those who are eager to join but have financial limitations to invest at any of the above levels. Please send me a message on Instagram @psimella to chat more 💗

xx Ella



2 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching or 1:1 Kundalini Codes Activation sessions  

Private M-F voicenote & messaging support 


$555 USD/ month

The enrolment page offers the option to begin with one month of 1:1 support add on. If you would like a longer term 1:1 add on commitment, send me a message on Instagram @psimella to chat more 💗

This is the kinda tea party vibe I'm talking about 😍

(Hehe this photo was taken with my dear friends at my 28th birthday partay & it was this incredible day that inspired me to turn the Truth Alchemy Experience into The Tea Party 🫖🌹)


Here’s some macarons for you to nibble on as you read through what past clients have to say about experiences like Unveiled, Stardust, Kundalini Codes Activations & coaching with me in general… all included in The Tea Party 😉