You’ve been sensing the nudge, but you have no idea what it means or where to go. 

You’re waking up every day, following the same routine, doing what has always been “right” but for some reason, you can shake off this feeling that you are MEANT FOR MORE. That you have a bigger purpose in this world, more value to share and Divine light to be shined.

The problem is, you have don’t have a single clue where to begin. 

And this probably sounds familiar: 

There’s a lot of FEAR creeping up. Old stories and beliefs around what you should be doing and why you’re not “good enough” to do something you love.

There’s also the UNCERTAINTY around what this purpose could be. What do you have to offer the world like no one else? And what if you get your purpose wrong? What happens then? 

Not to mention, you DOUBT that you have the confidence to show up exactly as you are, to share your gifts and speak your truth.

Because you’re not a great speaker, you don’t know enough, you can’t really do this…. 

✨ Face your limiting fears head on & release them to step into your most aligned self where you can unapologetically own your purpose  

✨ Create empowering beliefs that raise your energetic vibration & get you feeling certain and aligned with what you are MEANT to do on this planet 

✨ Become connected to the Divine wisdom within you and allow your Higher Self & Soul to guide you daily towards your higher purpose

✨ Finally have clarity on your zone of magic (aka your realm of genius and value) so that you know exactly how your gifts & talents can be shared with the world

 ✨Turn your shadows and rock bottoms to light in a meaningful way that heals and empowers others through your soul work  

✨ Consistently take massive action with confidence towards what lights you up and show up with your message to create huge impact & create a living from what you LOVE 

Each day you will receive a short lesson, soul action item and journal prompts to do and reflect on, guiding you through the 3 stages of soul purpose ascension.

Remember your reason, connect to your soul + release limiting fears and stories 

Day 1: Remembering Your Reason – Uncover the signs and nudges to the reason as to why you’ve incarnated this lifetime to this planet 

Day 2: Witnessing Your Wholeness & Reconnecting Within – Transcend the noise of your ego and reconnect with your Higher Self & soul through a meditation journey 

Day 3: Recognizing the Fears & Old Stories – Shine light to the fears and old stories that are holding you back from aligning with your purpose and dispel them 

Day 4: Forgive & Release What No Longer Serves – Forgive and let go of the fears, stories, experiences and events that don’t serve your soul purpose 

Reclaim your unique gifts, your Divine light and soul purpose and affirm it into your being.

Day 5: Reclaim Who You REALLY Are– Deep dive into the uniqueness that you are and identify the gifts you have to share 

Day 6:  From Shadow To Light-   Witness your shadow side and the challenges you have been through & transform them into your medicine for the world 

Day 7: Stir Up Magic with Your Gifts- Craft your sacred soul purpose statement, combining your gifts & what lights you up to gain clarity on what you want to do  

Day 8: Embrace New Empowering Beliefs & Stories– Establish new empowering beliefs and stories to frame your perception and ground you in your truth 

 Unleash your soul purpose and shine your light in this world with confidence  + center yourself with a daily spiritual practice

Day 9: Dedicate to Action- Commit yourself to the specific actions you will take to start unleashing your soul purpose 

Day 10: Unlock Your Authentic Voice & Deepest Message- Align with your truth and gain the courage to speak up on what you believe in to spread your impact 

Day 11: Anchor in Confidence- Experience a confidence revivification NLP technique to anchor in your body a state of confidence & certainty for shining your light BIG TIME

Day 12:  Commitment to Daily Spiritual & Soul Connection- Declare your daily soul commitment connection and experience a Kundalini elevation meditation to raise your energetic vibration & connect you to infinite love & light 


12 days of soul lessons & soul journal prompts 

4 meditation journeys to connect you to your Higher Self, reclaim your truth & shine with confidence 

Each day takes you no more than 15 minutes to go through and will ignite in you a deep spiritual transformation to realign you back to your truth and empower you to unleash your soul purpose. 


You are a busy badass ambitious lightworker, and doing the soul work shouldn’t add more to your plate.

My name is Ella & I’m your new spiritual life & biz bestie. It is my soul purpose to empower lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs like you to connect to soul with a spiritual practice, reprogram their minds and shine their light with confidence. All the while manifesting their most soul-aligned business and life.

I’m a:

Spiritual (AF) Life & Business Coach

NLP Master Coach & Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 Graduate

Yoga Alliance 200 HR Yoga Teacher

Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

Previous Digital Manager for Maybelline New York & essie Canada

I know the hustle way too well, to know that it’s not a truly sustainable approach to your success.


Not too long ago, I too, thought I had to BE and ACT a certain way to grow a business and serve people through my work. Thought I had to be “professional”, speak only about “business tactics and strategy” and hide away the SPIRITUAL AF side of me that also LOVES the power of mindset work. Since coming out of the spiritual closet and embracing MY soul truth of awakening the masses to their true selves and underlining the IMPORTANCE of mindset and inner work to achieve success, my entire energetic vibration shifted.


  • I attracted in MORE soulmate clients (literally people I can talk endlessly with about the woo woo things and laugh over our cat obsessions) who LOVE to work with me and be in my energy 
  • I grew my soulmate tribe online with MORE and MORE likeminded badass ambitious lightworkers whom continue to support and inspire me DAILY 
  • I EVEN manifested my dream SPIRITUAL AF soulmate partner in life! 
  • I left my full-time job to live in Bali & pursue my soul purpose FULL TIME 

A truly aligned and radiant business and life comes from the authentic YOU. And the way to reaching the authentic YOU is by first connecting within to your soul and highest self in spiritual practice and up-levelling your mindset so that you can create a soul-aligned business strategy with flow and alignment rather than scarcity and fear.


When you turn inwards first, you raise your energetic vibration to match what you desire to manifest in your business and life. And things just become easy.

Bolly Phachaya Methakittiworakun, Content Creator

Being in the BS to BADA$$ Mindset Bootcamp with Ella has been the most rewarding experience for me as it felt like I have been supported all along, even to today. Regardless of what questions you have as a friend or as a coach, this girl is your number one cheerleader. She will definitely be your best friend in your business and self-discovery journey. I have invested in a lot of other courses and this is definitely by far the best one. If anyone were to ask me to recommend one thing to anyone, this would be it. Ella’s intention is definitely to give help and share her beautiful positive energy with everyone. Her energy, her content, her strategy of guidance is mindblowing. I have been seeing a therapist since I was 13 years old, now 23 turning 24 and none have helped me face my fear or helped me understand my fear to help me overcome it until I took part in Ella’s Bootcamp. After doing the first week of Ella’s Bootcamp, I was able to answer all the questions that were asked, share my story without shame, and this has definitely helped me believe in myself and with that, it has made me felt so much more positive about what the future has held for me. If you follow her on social media and think that her free content is good, give her strategy of coaching a try, it will be the rewarding thing you’ll ever give yourself.

Lauren Anderson Bustami, Professional Opera Singer & Singing Coach

I was struggling with my mindset and getting started in my business when I worked with Ella in her BS to BADA$ Mindset Bootcamp. Together, we dug deep and uncovered fear stories that helped to make sense of my old way of thinking. It challenged me and helped me uncover more of my true self and was a step that made me excited to continue my entrepreneurial journey. Before, I was feeling stuck and I couldn’t figure out why! I would for sure recommend working with Ella. She is so knowledgeable and works from a place of love. She knows her stuff!! You will love working with her!

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