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Let's Play in 1:1

Mmmm soul excited to co-create with you 1:1 ✨  

Come play in a longer term Truth Activator 4-12 month container where we get to go deep, heal, expand & create together. Or…if you want to just dip your toes in to get a taste of this magic, let’s get started with a 1:1 90 minute Truth Alchemy intensive. 

Join the Party


Click to explore my 3 signature programs that I run LIVE & also offer the self-study versions of. 

Channelled Digital Art

I want to channel Divine art for you 💕  In True multidimensional fashion, beyond just being a coach + guide, I am an artist at heart. Together, we can collaborate on magical pieces for your social media, launches, sales pages, or just as home decor. I offer single designs & custom design packages. Mmmm soullll delicious 🤤