Birth Your Truest & Most Beautiful Online Brand- One That Embodies Your Potent Medicine, Serves Your Soulmate People & Expresses ALL of You

A Self-Study Course Experience


It started as a nudge & soon it became a deep soul calling. Now there’s no running away from it. 

It’s what your heart desires & what your soul KNOWS you’re meant to do. 

You’re here to awaken others to their power & make them FEEL.

You’re here to heal yourself & the world through your unique purpose, medicine & presence.

You’re here to leave a legacy behind…through who you ARE & the lives you transform. 

 And you know a big part of this path involves creating a True & beautiful brand online that embodies your potent medicine, serves your soulmate people, & fully expresses ALL of you.

The kind of brand that courses inexplicable excitement & bliss through your veins with every inspired idea, channeled creation & Divine offering 🤩

The kind of brand that empowers you to be the best & most confidently-embodied version of you 🎉

The kind of brand that magnetizes in your soulmate people because your frequency is FELT & awakens something deep within them 🔥

The kind of brand that transforms the world through the energetic & physical realms, simply by existing. 


If you really have what it takes to help others, transform lives & be paid through your soul’s work…

How you can fully embody what you you do & step into your role as a leader with unwavering confidence behind your message

What needs to happen so you can have aligned content, creations & offerings effortlessly flow through your channel 

What kind of magic people use to create visually beautiful brands with powerful messages that draw you right in 

How you can finally let go of the resistance that has held you back & allow yourself to be SEEN & HEARD


Oh beautiful, you are exactly where you're meant to be.

The Path of Building Your Truest Brand Is What Will Guide You Home to YOUR TRUEST SELF ✨

I’ve wondered every single thing above…

And through that curiosity I committed myself to uncovering the answers & becoming a LIVING EMBODIMENT of it. 

What I’ve found is that the path of building your Truest brand is what will guide you home to the Truest you. 

In order to create your Truest & most beautiful brand, you have to BECOME the Truest & most beautifully expressed version of you. 

I’ve been in the realm of online & personal branding since 2015. 

I started my journey as a health & fitness blogger 🏋🏻‍♀️

Evolved into an #Instafamous (LOL) smoothie bowl influencer 🍓

Became a brand, online business & social media marketing coach (while still keeping up with the smoothie bowls) 📱

Then ventured into becoming a mindset coach…🧠

Fell in love with NLP, Kundalini Yoga & initiated my spiritual awakening 🧘🏻‍♀️

Pivoted to become a spiritual life & business coach…✨

Moved into talking about mindset, manifestation, spirituality & aligned business…💫

Activated the knowing of my star & cosmic origins & so I started playing with the idea of being a Cosmic Life & Business mentor…

All these little steps…

All these little shifts…

And the commitment to building a brand that truly lights me up & activates my soul,

landed me to where I’m at today:

Leading in my TRUEST & MOST BEAUTIFUL ONLINE BRAND that serves thousands of people around the world through my content, attracts in the most soulmate clients & is a complete embodiment of WHO I AM.  

 I am a Truth Embodiment Coach with an unshakeable knowing that I am here to activate Truth in others- the Truth of who they are, what they are here to do & the lives they came here to life 🐍

I have built a beautiful brand that is 111% ON PURPOSE, embraces my multidimensionality & is where I am excited to serve in EVERY DAY as all of myself.

I am creating a ripple effect of awakening & change in the world, just by being ME & sharing my raw Truth 🌏


I believe


You are a vessel for a unique frequency & expression of the Divine & God's work.

And your brand is the vessel through which this frequency – this message & medicine gets to flow through & reach those who have been YEARNING for you & what you have to offer. 

My approach in branding is not just about making sure you pick the right colours & have the prettiest Instagram feed (although that is a cherry on top the sundae 🍒😉)

My Truth-embodied approach in cultivating your Truest & most beautiful brand lies in…

✨ Activating your multidimensionality & anchoring you into a purpose SO MUCH greater than your human limits – one that’ll keep you going & showing up no matter what  

✨ Showing you how to become a living embodiment of your work so that it’s not just something you “do”, but it’s who you ARE – which makes leading in your brand absolutely effortless 

✨ Guiding you home to your Truest self & igniting the confidence within to fully express yourself & your message with excitement, certainty & power  

✨ Designing a brand experience for you where ALL of you is welcome & where all of your gifts can be channelled through as offerings & medicine for your soulmate people – we’re tossing out the boxes & “have to”s!

✨ Empowering you to live & speak your Truth every step of the way, which makes you an absolute magnet for all those who are MEANT to be activated by you  

Everything that you are, gets to exist in your brand.

When I began my journey of building a brand, I thought that I was building something outside of me.

I believed that it had to “make sense”, & it couldn’t be “too much”.

And so I tried to fit myself in the boxes of titles, labels & confining who I am to what I do. 


But then it hit me...

My greatest power lies in the fact that I am one of a kind. 

I am a unique combination of all that lights my souls up & activates me. 

I am a beautifully unique expression of Source.

I am multidimensional. Multiple facets. Different expressions of the same. 

That’s what makes me me. 

I don’t “make sense” to everyone.

I may to be “too much” for some, but I am  absolutely perfect  for those who are meant for me. 

The same goes for you. 

You don’t need to sacrifice your greatness, your Infinite multidimensional nature & your Truth…

to fit yourself into the boxes of what some people deemed to be “right”, “effective” & “the way” once upon a time.

You weren’t born to follow “the” way.

You were born to carve your own way in the purest & Truest expression.

And show others how to do the same through your being. 


You do remember, don't yu?


Creatrix Channel

Your initiation to confidently become a channel for Source & God’s work ✨

Your path to embodying this work into your BEING, & allowing it to be alchemized into your Truest & most beautiful brand.

One that activates you to be more of yourself every day.

One that activates others into their power through the gift of your medicine & presence.

One that is completely breathtaking to look at & even more breathtaking to experience the magic of. 

One that will shift paradigms, transform lives & leave a legacy through your lifetime. 

A 30 Day Experience to not only birth a brand that is True to your heart & soul’s highest purpose, but to also BECOME the living & breathing expression of this brand. 

Beyond just the visuals & looks, this is about cultivating complete embodiment of your message & medicine & changing lives just through your BEING. 

Beyond having the perfectly crafted words & mission statements, this is about developing unshakeable certainty in who you are & showing up to speak your Truth & share your work. 

Beyond worrying about getting it “perfect” & “right” , this is about realizing this journey in creating a True & beautiful brand runs simultaneous to your spiritual awakening. 

You go first. 

As you expand, it expands. 

As you evolve, it evolves. 

And you are worthy & more than enough to massively serve people & receive abundance with your presence & medicine,

Every step of the way.  

After Creatrix Channel

Your Truest & most beautiful brand simply IS a reflection of who you really are 🎉

You become an open channel for Source & God to express through.

Creating, sharing & serving becomes effortless. 

You show up with complete knowing of the power of your work, because you LIVE it. 

Your soulmate people are drawn into your world, not just for what you do but for who you ARE.

Because you activate them. 

And no matter what challenges comes your way & how the heat of life comes in to expand you into an even Truer version of you.

You know exactly how to guide yourself through those moments & use even the most difficult moments as material. 

Material for alchemy.

Alchemy back into your purpose.

Back into your gifts, creations & offerings.

Back into the stories you’re here to tell.

Back into your Truest & most beautiful brand expression. 

Back into your Truth.


Creatrix Channel


The beautiful soul-led online entrepreneur, coach, mentor, wayshower, guide & healer who is EXCITED to throw out the boxes & revolutionize the way they express in their brand 💕

Whether you are brand new to building a brand, or you have already had a brand & just KNOW there’s deeper level of Truth to be unveiled within it.

You are committed to going first in embodying your work & BECOMING a leading example of it. 

You are devoted to healing & becoming your Truest self, no matter the resistance that may arise.

You are dedicated to serving the Collective from a place of integrity, alignment & Truth. 

You are ready to open your heart, be SEEN, be HEARD & be RECEIVED for the very purpose that Source & God streamed through your channel. 


Receive in this Experience




Click above to select which investment best expands you 🤩  If you desire to be in this experience & need an alternative payment option, please reach out to me at & I’d be more than happy to chat more with you on the different possibilities!

1:1 Upgrade 🎉

Mmmm my love, do you already know in your heart that you want to take your expansion to the next level & receive added 1:1 support within this container? If YESSS, then the 1:1 upgrade option is for you ✨ Beyond just getting all the program content, you’ll also be receiving:

2 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls personalized to your embodiment & branding journey 

30 days of 1:1 voicenote & messaging where you have me on demand for support 😉

Unlimited feedback & review on your brand content for the 30 days 

This is perfect if you desire to have an added level of accountability, support & want to have my personalized feedback over your branding. Aside from integrating the program content at a deeper level together, we’ll also navigate through any mindset, embodiment & energetic shifts that’ll guide you in expressing your Truest self. 


Sarah Vigil

Learning Strategist (Ongoing Shine Your Light 1:1 Client)

When I started working with Ella, I knew little about not just the online education industry, but about myself as an individual. I signed on because I wanted to learn what a coaching program is, and I know that one of the best to learn is to be a student. I had a few mentors to choose from, though, and I decided to work with Ella because there was something that intrigued me about spirituality because it made me feel somewhat uncomfortable – because it was unknown to me. The other coaches had seemingly simple programs, but Ella’s was different, and once I worked with her, I realized it’s different because her work is an expression of who she is. And that’s exactly what I learned from her that is more valuable than anything I could learn in a book or a course – I learned how to create a personal brand that actually is PERSONAL because I design and create it all (yes, Ella taught me this too). She truly is a multi-talented and passionate being who does exceptional work because she loves her craft, and it shows through in absolutely everything she does.

Cheyenne Beardsley

Transformation Coach for Heart-Centered Changemakers (Previous Shine Your Light 1:1 Client)

Before I worked with Ella, I was struggling with the direction I wanted to go with my brand new coaching business, as well as knowing how to build my audience and clientele. Ella helped me to find so much more clarity around my mission and purpose as a coach. She helped me embrace my spiritual self and helped me to see that I needed to show up as fully me in my business and brand. It feels great to be fully invested in the light work I’m doing as a coach! Since working with Ella, I feel more confident, excited and ready to show up more fully every day. My resistance to showing up and expressing myself on social media has transformed into excitement! The subconscious mindset work we did helped me to be more confident, self-trusting and aligned… I love the mix of mindset, spiritual and practical guidance she provides.

Catherine Paquette

Purpose Coach for Driven Multipotentialites (Previous Shine Your Light 1:1 Client)

“When I started working with Ella, I knew deep down in my heart that I wanted to become a coach, but didn’t know how to go about starting and felt like I needed years of experience before getting started! Since working together, I’ve been feel amazing, fulfilled and ready to conquer the world. Ella allowed me to understand and believe that I was already a coach. I didn’t need years of experience to get started. If you had told me four months ago that I would have a website running, a free mini-course, a 1:1 coaching program, closing a month of coaching three amazing BETA clients, and ready to find my first soulmate client to work with, I would not have believed you! Ella is a guide everyone needs, the friend you can turn to when you are not sure of yourself and the confidence booster that will have you take massive-action! I’ve never believed so much in myself and the potential I have. Ella was the confidence booster I needed to live fully in my next level identity! Oh, and did I mention that I gained abs from this 1:1 coaching!! Kundalini is now part of my daily life, all thanks to Ella! I would recommend and have recommended her in a heart beat because I’ve loved her way of working, her approach and I am so grateful for the epic transformation that came out of us working together. I can fairly say that she has exceeded my expectations!

Cisa Sierra

Self-Love & Empowerment Coach (Previous Shine Your Light 1:1 Client)

Mélissa Bellon

Cosmic Storyteller & Mindset Coach (Previous Shine With Your Cosmic Purpose 1:1 Client)

Before I signed up to work 1:1 with Ella in the Shine With Your Cosmic Purpose upgraded experience, I was confused with who I was and what I was doing. I had a lot of limiting beliefs around myself, my value and what I was able to do. I was feeling stuck in my personal and spiritual growth. I lacked confidence in myself and my work.

This course is amazing and I can’t still believe all the value Ella gives inside the Shine with your Cosmic Purpose. I loved the exercises! They were complete and allowed me to really dig deep inside myself. This course helped me to reconnect with myself while giving me concrete actions to implement for my business. I couldn’t see myself evolving and working on my business without working on myself and Ella’s course allowed me to do both. I loved the fact that she’s using herself as an example, it’s really interesting to see the process of her creating content, you have the feeling that you can find your way to do it also. Her energy during the video is so contagious. I was always looking forward to the next lesson.

Through my 1:1 sessions with Ella, I had the feeling that I was always supported. Doing the journaling prompt Ella gave me every morning really transformed me and my mindset. I was struggling since a long time with journaling, even if I knew the benefits, I was lost with the prompts that were not for me. After my talks and calls with Ella, I was able to be more confident with my clients, I was able to let go a job that wasn’t good for me anymore. Thanks to her and her NLP technique, I know that I will always have my back, no matter what happen. I’m grounding in my Truth because I assume it. I assume who I am and I know I am enough and I have everything I need to attract my soulmate clients. I am beyond grateful that Ella was my mentor during this time of my life and I’m so happy to continue this journey with her ✨💛

My words won’t be strong enough to describe Ella. She is wonderful. She shows kindness while being able to confront my fears. She has helped me transform many limiting beliefs and made me feel supported and safe with myself and that is priceless. She always gives good advice and I immediately felt comfortable with her. Our calls helped me see further and bigger. Her holistic approach makes her content and her way to see things unique. She is not only a great help on the business, she helped me to evolve from a personal point of view, especially on my relationships. Ella is a magical gardener, she plants seeds and helps you turn them into beautiful flowers. I would recommend 1000% Ella ! I’ve already done it by the way 🙂