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Receive Your Free Alchemical Coaching Codes

A 20+ Page Guide + WORKBOOK on Co-Creating Alchemical Coaching Transformations with Your Clients

Alchemical Coaching Codes is a comprehensive guide walking you through powerful embodied coaching principles that you can use TODAY to massively change YOUR life & your clients’. 

I’ll be walking you through powerful, potent & practical ways to co-create embodied mindset shifts with your clients using applications of Truth Alchemy modalities NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Kundalini Yoga, Energetics & Embodiment

I desire for you to expand your confidence & coaching skills so you can change MORE lives with your beautiful gifts! 😍

After flowing through this guide, if you want to deepen the mastery of your coaching craft, I’ll share more with you about the Truth Alchemy Practitioner Certification where you can become certified & trained in these modalities! 

We officially begin March 11, 2022 & right now through to February 25, 2022, you can SAVE $1111 on your enrolment 💖

xx Ella

All photography by Danylo Bobyk  | @danylobobyk