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Your Invitation into the Alchemical...


You’ve been feeling the call deep within.

The DESIRE to step into deeper embodiment of what is a FULL BODY YES for you.

In your freest self-expression.

In your most breathtaking life.

In your delicious soul-led business.

You know you are here for MORE in this lifetime.

More purpose. More joy. More love. More abundance. More impact. More magic. 

And that MORE begins with YOU.

It starts with you experiencing the power already inherent within you.

Embodying who you know at a SOUL LEVEL is your Truest & most magnetic self.

And expressing all that you have to offer + your deepest desires with certainty. 

It’s about YOU finally SEEING & CLAIMING…

That YOU are the SOURCE of MORE.   

What if everything you’ve been wanting… is just an identity shift away? 

Are you ready to find out what’s on the other side?  If the answer is “YES”…


Come Play in this Free Experience

 I will guide you on a journey to EXPERIENCE, EMBODY & EXPRESS your FULL BODY YES self, life & business

These are the phases of my signature Truth Alchemy process 🐍… a transformative experience of coming home to who you REALLY are & living your Truest & most beautiful life. 

We’re creating magic with 3 days of LIVE transmissions & 1 day of a LIVE Kundalini Yoga experience + Q&A 

Day 1: EXPERIENCE Your Power & Heart’s Desires


Day 3: EXPRESS Your Truth & Make Bold Moves 

Day 4: Kundalini Embodiment & Q+A Integration

You will walk away from with…

✨ Renewed excitement for your purpose, life & business 

✨ Deepened embodiment into your Truest self & loving acceptance for who you are 

✨ Activated confidence on the next alchemical actions on your journey & a bubbling readiness to make bold moves 

✨ Practical + highly transformative mindset & embodiment tools that’ll accompany you for the rest of your life 

The value of this experience is $333 USD…but I’m gifting it to you for FREE 

because I soul deeply desire that you have the foundations to make your most beautiful life & business a reality. 

PLUS… I am celebrating with you AN OUT OF THIS WORLD EXTRAORDINARY paid offering that I am bringing to life 😭🎉  You don’t want to miss out on this EXCITING activation portal, my love!

See you there! 

xx Ella

All photography by Danylo Bobyk  | @danylobobyk