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A 9 Module Program to Befriend Discomfort & Hold the Frequency of What You Desire


"Embody the frequency of what you desire to create it..."


"OK...& HOW?!" 😅🫠😒

The Answer I've Found,

has WAY LESS to do with specific things to DO to “stay high vibe”. 

(Yes, you can finally take a breather from reciting your affirmations 100X 😂) 

And everything to do with the art of holding various discomforts triggered in our day to day lives with immense self-love.

That’s because until we feel genuinely SAFE with the possible discomforts that our desired experiences can & will bring up… our energy will be spent self-protecting rather than devoting to the actions that get us closer to what we want. 

And this self-protection that is a brilliant mechanism of our nervous system is what we usually call “self-sabotage”/ “holding myself back” / “stuck in action”/ “lacking clarity”, among many other names.

Sounds like something you’d say? 😉  Keep reading. 

Beneath the shiny "quantum leaps" & "dreams come true" is this SKILL of being with discomfort & sourcing safety in the body that most people don't talk about

Because It's NOT Pretty

It’s not flashy & shiny to “sell” 

It’s not comfortable.

And it sure has not been portrayed as sexy in the past.

But you know what it IS? 

It’s the TRUTH of what will set us FREE to no longer live a life constantly in FEAR of everything that is happening or could be & may in the future happen. 

I Truly Believe

learning how to lead yourself through emotional discomforts like being stretched outside of your comfort zone, being seen by others, making mistakes,  feeling sadness & scarcity… with immense self-love & safety is one of the most incredible skills we can develop in this lifetime.

Whether you are wanting to create change in the world as a healing facilitator in your own business or you are leading change within an amazing career, knowing how to be with discomfort will give you the power & ability to keep on going no matter what. 


In my own life, it is because of my ability to be with discomfort that has allowed me to…

⚡️ Support my Dad & my family during the wake of my Dad’s cancer diagnosis & guide my Dad through a Kundalini awakening that facilitated his healing  – today my Dad is cancer free & our family has been closer than it’s ever been. As someone who had to leave home at 17 because of how toxic & traumatic our family dynamics were – this says A LOT  

⚡️ Share my message & Kundalini gifts online & in-person every day through my content, videos & sessions. Being seen especially as a Kundalini activation facilitator was TERRIFYING at first from past life & ancestral woundings of being killed for doing this work. AND there is the existence of not-so-nice Instagram trolls 😅 But it was because of my ability to be with the discomfort of being seen & being misunderstood that led me to keep on going 

⚡️ Stay committed to my vision of offering coaching & healing work, despite many months in business making barely enough money to pay the bills & ALL the 💩 this journey has brought up around my relationship with money. Learning how to befriend the discomfort of scarcity has empowered me to increase my level of safety for receiving & circulating money.  And to keep believing that I will be taken care of when I devote fully to the Divine’s work. 


that as I teach about discomfort in the Frequency program & in other aspects of my work, I fully acknowledge that I do so from a lens of privilege. 

I am light-skin, cis-gender, able-bodied, coming from a higher socio-economic background, have full university education which was paid for, skinny,  without any dependents or children to take care of. And even in the worst case of my business not working out, I know I would always have place to live in with my parents.

There are many depths to discomfort that I have not been through in my life. 

There are countless nuances to the conversation of discomfort especially when it comes to the real & differing realities we have based on our race, skin colour, bodies & lineages.

And in the Frequency program, the content is designed to be an open space where we honour, witness & explore those nuances. 

The more discomfort we can hold without catapulting into a fight/ flight/ freeze/ fawn response, the greater our capacity to hold the vibration of what we want, take action & stay devoted to our desires until their fruition.

There Are 7 Kinds of Discomfort I Want to Show You How to Befriend for a TRUE Elevated Frequency



In your desire for growing as a Soul & being of service through your work, you will meet with the discomfort of being stretched. This is the sweaty palms & stomach churning you feel as you do things you’ve never done before like sharing your first offer, holding space for more people in your services, facilitating a greater circulation of money & more.

This is a normal & absolutely valid discomfort.



In your desire for full creative expression, sharing your voice online & teaching others, you will inevitably run into the fear of being seen, misunderstood, judged & disliked. The discomfort of putting your True self out there in the spotlight… not knowing what response you’ll get & if you can handle it.

This is a normal & absolutely valid discomfort.



In your desire for healing past traumas,  building a business that shares yours gifts & being a Truer expression of yourself, you will have moments of explicable & inexplicable sadness.


Sadness from things not happening as quickly as you’d like.

Sadness from being disappointed by the lack of immediate results.

Sadness from unravelling what your ancestors had to go through.  

Sadness from letting go of people & things that no longer serves you.

Sadness from realizing how hurtful you’ve unconsciously been to yourself over the years.

This is a normal & absolutely valid discomfort.



In your desire for creating impact while doing your soul’s work, the discomfort of scarcity will peek in as one of your greatest teachers.

Our capacity to hold the “I don’t have enough” moments with calm correlate directly with our capacity to hold MORE abundance without fearing losing it all.

Scarcity is also something many of us walk with in our bones as our ancestors have faced injustices & violence that forced them to live only from survival. 

This is a normal & absolutely valid discomfort.



In your desire for anything, you’ll realize that faster & more ≠ better.

Many times especially in the “in-between” where you are between where you have been & where you want to be, slowness is actually what is asked instead of more pushing & doing.

It’s the invitation to be, trust, surrender & tend to our own wellbeing. And… this can feel like the most terrifying thing ever especially being conditioned by toxic capitalistic ideals that tie our worth to our “production”. 

This is a normal & absolutely valid discomfort.


SLIP-UP 🤷🏻‍♀️

This is the fear & the actual pain in the face of making a mistake & getting it “wrong”… which usually leads back in one way or not the discomfort of disappointing people & yourself.

When we learn to honour our humanity & find self-compassion & safety even when we mess up, we’re A LOT MORE likely to make ourselves more visible & do the things we’ve been sitting on.

This is a normal & absolutely valid discomfort.



And finally… even when you ultimately receive what you want: the visibility, dream partnership, business results, confident self-expression, PEACE… there is still another discomfort that tends to arise.

The one that sinks your stomach & whispers: “What if something bad happens?”/ “What if I can’t hold it?” / “What if people hate me?”

This is a normal & absolutely valid discomfort.

When we expand our capacity to create safety & love ourselves through these discomforts...

there's nothing that we can't create in a matter of TIME.

Let's make ART with our discomfort & embody of the TRUE frequency of our desires.

Here's What's Included

9 Recorded Transmission Trainings &
2 Group Coaching Call Replays

BONUS Date with Discomfort Workshop 🦋🌹

Ceremonial Embodiment Practices & Integration Activities Accompanying Every Module

We will immerse in real-time healing experiences, sacred ceremony with our human self & transformative breath + body practices that you can integrate in your day to day.

After Frequency You Will...


Have a radically empowered relationship with discomfort, fear & uncertainty where you know how to soothe yourself, have your own back & stay devoted to your desires even when you don’t get immediate results


Show up more in your online brand & share your message with natural consistency & calm confidence because you feel SAFE in your body & your emotions


Tap into True & embodied energetic alignment with your desires of being of service to others, building a business with your soul’s work & being in loving & healthy relationships without bypassing your lived experiences & past traumas


Know how to create more of what you desire in your life & business while joyfully honouring the whole process


Pay in Full

$555 USD

4 x Bi-Weekly Payments of 

$139 USD


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