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Enter the Temple of Kundalini Shakti



A source of Infinite cosmic life force energy.

 Divine Feminine in nature. 

An all-loving force that desires to LIBERATE you into your Truth. 

And that lies dormant… a coiled serpent at the base of your spine awaiting its awakening. 

Once activated it rises through your spine & central energy channel…

A fierce fire burning away false layers of coding that do not serve your highest expression.

Opening you up to higher consciousness & returning you to an embodied experience of your Infinite nature.

The rising of your Kundalini Shakti is not here to transcend you out your human experience.

It is here to guide you into a transcendental human experience that bridges your Infinite AND finite nature.

So that you can FULLY be, live & create with FREEDOM & in TRUTH in this lifetime.  

When She calls you, you will know. 

And the work that you will do together will not just change YOUR world, but it will change THE world. 


As cheesy as it sounds, it is true. I didn’t find Kundalini Shakti, She found me. 

It was Fall of 2018 – I was 23 years old & just finding my way out of YEARS of self-destructive patterns that had me hospitalized multiple times & paralyzed with anxiety & depression.

Somehow… Kundalini became omnipresent in my life. I saw the word & specifically Kundalini Yoga everywhere I went. 

In September 2018, I was last minute invited to a dinner party where a woman there introduced herself to me as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. She invited me to class at the local studio, I followed the nudge & went. 

My first Kundalini Yoga class had me overflowing with tears as I was overwhelmed with a profound sense of coming home that I couldn’t put words to. 

All I knew was that I had to keep going back. 

Within a few months, I enrolled myself to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

My first 2 years of practicing unwinded so many subconscious patterns, developed strength in my body & amplified my magnetism. For once I could feel PEACE in my being & had the courage to follow my soul call to build my coaching business. 

In July 2020, after a 40 day Kundalini practice to opening my heart & in a plant medicine ceremony, I had a full on Kundalini awakening that shook me to my core in the most indescribably beautiful way. 

For hours, the best way I can describe is was that I was making love with Source & I FELT the PURE Kundalini ECSTASY penetrating every fibre of my being. 

For the months after, I was invited into the DEPTHS of my BEING & BODY as I confronted layers of unhealed trauma, wounded Masculine tendencies & what felt like a complete identity dissolution.

If I wasn’t the result of protection mechanisms from fear & trauma, who was I? 

Throughout this time, I received Divine raw Kundalini energy transmissions & studied with a mentor to navigate the rough patches of awakening…

Throughout 2021, the question of who am I was answered. 

Not through specific words, but through an EMBODIED EXPERIENCE.

The experience of my power, Divine Feminine nature, unconditional love, strength, devotion to purpose, & pure LIGHT. 

And through this process, I was set FREE. 

Set FREE to BE.

Set FREE to BE ME.

Set FREE, because I’VE GOT ME. 

This energy continues to guide me every single day as more of it becomes awakened & circulates through my body. 

Into Truer expression, Higher service & more LOVE. 

It is this Divine Intelligence that called me forth to be the human vessel for birthing the Kundalini Temple.

Our greatest desire together is that YOU my love, get to experience this magic in your life & be fully supported on this journey of coming home to yourself & the limitless possibilities that await you in your life. 



This is a 3 or 6 month journey where you will be initiated into your unique Kundalini awakening journey, led to heal your relationship with yourself & guided to anchor Divine Feminine consciousness into the planet through YOUR BODY & LIFE.

Divine Feminine consciousness is unrelated to gender, but speaks to the Feminine aspect of Divine Consciousness. 

It is the energy of unconditional Love, intuition, body wisdom, Divine creation, flow & receptivity. 

Through activating our innate Divine Feminine energy via Kundalini Shakti, we bring these qualities into embodiment in our BEING.

In a society that has been built on patriarchal hierarchies & run on wounded Masculine energy, resurrecting & embodying the Divine Feminine within us is what will initiate the rising of the Divine Masculine energy within us & the world. 


fighting to accepting 

overthinking to present feeling

mind only to mind, body & soul harmony

controlling to trusting 

competition to collaboration for all to rise 

repression to open-hearted healing 

lack to abundance

either/or to both/and 

hiding to Truth expression 

fear to unconditional Love 

The union of our inner Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine so that we experience inner freedom, unconditional Love & wholeness is sacred intention of Kundalini Shakti.  


Mind, Body & Soul Experience

The Kundalini Temple brings in sacred teachings & practices from various lineages that I have been trained & activated in to offer healing & expansion for the mind, body & soul.

This includes deliciously expansive…

🔥 LIVE teachings & transmissions on Divine Feminine leadership, Goddess Energy & spiritual connection + healing 

💖  Kundalini Codes Activation Journeys, which is a psychedelic-like, altered state of consciousness surrender-based practice for activating your Kundalini energy

🐍 Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment Experience, which is a Divinely channeled practice infusing embodiment, Light Language activations & breathwork 

✨ Light Language transmissions (these are encoded Light frequencies passed through sound & spoken directly to your Soul) for Kundalini activations. 

Possibilities that await when you say YES

Yesss awakening your Kundalini energy, moving with Divine Feminine energy & feeling FREE in your self-relationship sounds oh-so-amazing, but what are the specific possibilities that become available to you from this work? Well I’m glad you asked 😉 

Activating & leading with your Kundalini Shakti allows you to…

💖  Dial up your radiance & confidence & courageously take action on the things that once scared the living bejesus out of you – think: showing up online & sharing your message, leaving unaligned jobs & relationships, travelling to the places that have been on your vision board for years, you name it

✨ Align with your highest purpose which means you’re actually making money doing work that you LOVE & that you KNOW creates a ripple impact in the world. No more being stuck in the same 9-5 hamster wheel of proving yourself & climbing ladders. This often looks like being guided to activate your spiritual gifts & turn what you’ve lived through into a service & business that support others 

🎉 Become an effortless energetic match to your heart’s desires which looks like manifesting the partner of your dreams & experiencing LOVE like never before, manifesting the money you desire while doing work you LOVE, receiving Divine opportunities to speak & share your gifts… truly it’s limitless 

🎉 Collapse the time in which create & get things done because you’re no longer just living in your head, being at conflict with yourself in your head & thinking, thinking AND overthinking in your head. Instead your energy is more in your body & you have the emotional capacity to make big moves while loving yourself, get back up when you fall & attain mastery much faster without the consistent self-judgment 

🌹Deepened joy, presence & fulfillment in your life because you know how to change your relationship with fear, live in the present, passionately create & intelligently respond with calm in the face of challenge. Circumstances no longer automatically send your nervous system into fight or flight & your conscious awareness gets to come in & create an experience that FEELS GOOD. 

💖  Emanate pure juicy Feminine energy as you move through your life DEEP sensorial pleasure & literally melt in LOVE every time you look in the mirror 

… seriously I could go on for pages but I think you get the idea 💖


Hey it's me, Ella!

Formally speaking, I’m a Truth Embodiment Coach, Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT + TIME Techniques & Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Informally speaking, I’m your multidimensional BFF who gets the ins & outs of deeply transformative & embodied mindset work that’ll transform your self-relationship. I am here to get you experiencing, embodying & expressing the Truest version of you in your every day – & to LOVE every bit of YOU.

Over the last 4 years of my life, I have lead myself out of a depression, countless years of deep anxiety & an extremely toxic self-relationship. And have since stepped into the embodiment of a woman & leader who is anchored in her power.

Just a few short years ago, I could literally not even fathom the idea of being alone with my thoughts…let alone being SEEN online sharing them. Now, I am in the most beautifully expansive relationship of RAPTURE with myself & actively sharing the message that God placed on my heart to walk with in this lifetime 💕

I have learned to how to show up fully as myself with confidence & remain resilient through the ups & downs of life.

I know how to have my own back no matter what, & am in the deepest devotion to my desires & purpose.

Truly, this work has transformed my life. It has given me life again in ways I didn’t even know I was missing.

I am beyond grateful to show you this magic




Every Month You'll Receive

💕  2 x LIVE  Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment Experiences over Zoom  

🐍 4 x LIVE Kundalini Codes Activation Journeys over Zoom

✨ 1 x LIVE masterclass transmission on FB live 

📞 1 x monthly group coaching call

🌹  An assortment of past Kundalini Yoga & Kundalini Codes embodiment practices & exploration exercises to deepen your reflection & integration of the month’s theme

💖 Ongoing community & support within the Temple FB group 

Mmm full body yes?

3 MONTH or 6 MONTH commitments at $155 USD/ month. 

The Temple is open for ongoing enrolment.

Pay in full & save 💕

3 month for $388 USD 

6 month pay for $688 USD

Kayla Vavra

Self-Love & Self-Empowerment Coach |

Katia Pedersen

Client of Creatrix Channel |

Before joining Creatrix Channel, I was super lost in my business!

I’ve had so many wins from this… like finding my WHY! Healing parts within myself. Learning to balance the doing with the BEING. Actually SHOWING up as who I am in the world and in my brand and on Instagram! Doing my first lives on Instagram! Getting to the point where I just KNOW I’m a channel for my business from source and that I always always always have my own back no matter the circumstances I’m in. (I was in big time lack-mindset) but now I know everything is on it’s way to me and I have been able to handle some tough moments much better since. 

I 1000% would recommend working with Ella! She’s the best! 


Rasheeda Roach

Client of Enraptured |

The Enraptured experience was amazing! I learned so much about myself, my desires and connected with my inner child. My biggest takeaway is when you able to love yourself unconditionally, it creates a ripple effects to all your other relationships. Everything begins to shift in order to match the change in energy. After this experience, I feel overflowing with love for myself on all levels. Being able to connect with my higher self and experience the life that she is living became a great motivator for me to know that I’m on the right path to actually live that life! I definitely recommend working with Ella. She has such a unique energy about her that pulls you in. She knows the right questions to ask to help you find the answers within yourself.


Josephine Hobbs

Client of Creatrix Channel |

What inspired me to join Creatrix Channel was the way it focused on uncovering our unique, multidimensional selves. So many courses are about strategy and a list of things to do, I’d never seen a course and approach that focused so much on our own indiviudal being and I knew I had to sign up!

The experience was a magical, intense month! I loved the intimate nature of the calls, the wisdom that Ella channeled and every module felt like she spoke to my soul on a deep level.

By the end of it, I found myself remembering my own true power and divinity. I remembered my own magic, came back to my self and felt deeply empowered with renewed confidence in myself! I still revisit the modules as there is always more wisdom that speaks to me.

If you’re thinking of joining, go for it! It will activate you in ways you never thought possible!


Janessa Lew

A little excerpt from this beautiful testimonial transmission:
“…If you’re feeling that call to work more deeply with Ella, it’s an opportunity to be witnessed, to be held & to be supported, but in a way that empowers to know that this is YOU. This is your essence unfolding, this is all of who you already are, & you have someone who is believing in you, & loving you unconditionally so that you can feel safe in that journey. Even when all the stuff comes up…the inner child work, the holding yourself when you are in the middle of a death & rebirth cycle & you feel completely alone…you somehow know you can have your own back. Ella has been so so critical in my unfolding, in my ability to receive others receiving me…If you feel that YES & that curiosity of what if I allowed myself to be held this way… F**King take the leap!”

Geneviève Paquette

“I used to have horrible self-talk, low confidence and low self-esteem. I identified myself as a negative person. I honestly thought it was who I am. I would compare myself constantly and use it to put me down. I used to not be able to feel my emotions, I felt numb. My main struggle was really my mindset and learn how to tap into my emotions.

Working with Ella inside of Light Up Your Life was literally the best thing I have ever done ! It allowed me to find my true self and show up with confidence. I used to hide in the sidelines but now I feel like I want to be front and center ! My biggest highlight is literally Ella she is the best. I feel like we were perfectly aligned and she always had exactly what I needed when I needed it, sometimes without even knowing ! I wouldn’t be able to pin point what was my favorite part of the program because I feel like my answer would be the entire experience. It’s that good !

I felt like I used to show up in my life as a caterpillar and now I am a beautiful butterfly flying all over the place. I found myself and fell in love with the person I am. My biggest shift is loving who I am. It gave me the courage and confidence to actually start my coaching business which I was pushing to the side By fear of not being good enough (self-sabotaging at it’s finest). I used to be a ghost on social media and now I am able to show up with confidence and certainty, sharing my message on my social platform. Something I would of never have been able to do before this program. I have never felt this good in my skin. I feel like I glow where ever I go.

Thinking about the opportunity of working with Ella? Don’t think twice, take it ! It’s the best investment you will ever make. You can’t put a value on a program like this. Loving your life and yourself is priceless!

Ella, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are I can’t even put words on how grateful I am for the work you do !”

Sarah Vigil

When I started working with Ella, I knew little about not just the online education industry, but about myself as an individual. I signed on because I wanted to learn what a coaching program is, and I know that one of the best to learn is to be a student. I had a few mentors to choose from, though, and I decided to work with Ella because there was something that intrigued me about spirituality because it made me feel somewhat uncomfortable – because it was unknown to me. The other coaches had seemingly simple programs, but Ella’s was different, and once I worked with her, I realized it’s different because her work is an expression of who she is. And that’s exactly what I learned from her that is more valuable than anything I could learn in a book or a course – I learned how to create a personal brand that actually is PERSONAL because I design and create it all (yes, Ella taught me this too). She truly is a multi-talented and passionate being who does exceptional work because she loves her craft, and it shows through in absolutely everything she does.


Catherine Paquette

“When I started working with Ella, I knew deep down in my heart that I wanted to become a coach, but didn’t know how to go about starting and felt like I needed years of experience before getting started! Since working together, I’ve been feel amazing, fulfilled and ready to conquer the world. Ella allowed me to understand and believe that I was already a coach. I didn’t need years of experience to get started. If you had told me four months ago that I would have a website running, a free mini-course, a 1:1 coaching program, closing a month of coaching three amazing BETA clients, and ready to find my first soulmate client to work with, I would not have believed you! Ella is a guide everyone needs, the friend you can turn to when you are not sure of yourself and the confidence booster that will have you take massive-action! I’ve never believed so much in myself and the potential I have. Ella was the confidence booster I needed to live fully in my next level identity! Oh, and did I mention that I gained abs from this 1:1 coaching!! Kundalini is now part of my daily life, all thanks to Ella! I would recommend and have recommended her in a heart beat because I’ve loved her way of working, her approach and I am so grateful for the epic transformation that came out of us working together. I can fairly say that she has exceeded my expectations!”

Jaime Lee

Past Creatrix Channel Client |

Here’s a real-time capture of Jaime’s celebrations in self-love & healing her relationship with herself in the Creatrix Channel program. You can watch this video on Jaime’s IGTV here

Jerine Nicole

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest | Nurse & Blogger |

You can read a full article that Jerine wrote on her Light Up & Manifest experience here 🎉

“Before being in this experience, I was struggling with being able to trust my decisions. I would overthink every single decision in my life, career and business. I didn’t know who I was and how to show up online as “myself”. I thought that I had to be two different persons, but I also wasn’t comfortable showing up as my “current self” then. I had no clear direction of where I was going. I felt anxious, stressed and pressured to follow the society’s standards of what success looked like. I learned to be the type of coach who would niche down, except I knew in my heart that I couldn’t do it. I knew I had something more to offer other than just one thing.

The Light Up & Manifest experience was absolutely amazing. At first, I was very skeptical as I’m not a spiritual person. But when Ella teaches the content, things make sense because I’ve been experiencing them throughout my life, and I just wasn’t aware of it. My favourites were our group calls and how she can support each one of us and always give her all. I could feel the same energy that she has on her Instagram videos and in her content. I always feel like Ella’s teachings are guiding me.

After this program, I feel that I could take on the world. I feel much more confident in making decisions in my life. I feel more clear about where I want to go in life. I am more comfortable and confident in expressing myself both in life and online because I always have my own back. I don’t feel rushed to do things or to achieve things, because I’ve learned to enjoy the process. And I know that there’s no other way but what I want to show up. These words are so simple, yet they are so powerful. One of my key wins from this program was really finding inner peace in this crazy world. I also started my own blog. I pivoted from the coaching business to writing online because that’s where my heart led me. I still have ups & downs, but they don’t bother me as much anymore. Because of tools that Ella gave, I know how to get myself back up.

Ella gives all her heart to everything that she does. She shows up in whatever energy she is in and because of her strong relationship with herself. With that, she’s also able to transmit and inspire others to do the same. She will give you the tools that you need to be able to make your own decisions. If you want to feel empowered in your life and business, then this is for you.

Even if you’re not into spirituality, this is a good program to start with. After this program, you will feel more comfortable with your relationship with yourself. I think it’s also the most important relationship that you can work on before being able to show up and serve others.”