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Your Rising, Is Our Rising


You are the microcosm to the macrocosm.

Everything that changes within you, changes all that is around you.

The remembrance of your True Nature reverberates into our Collective remembrance.

The freedom unlocked within you ripples into freedom for us all.

It’s time to stop fighting what was & RISE into what gets to be in your most purposeful business & beautiful life.

It’s time to raise your Kundalini Energy & let Infinite Divine Intelligence lead the way.

It’s time to fully own the greatness of your multidimensional journey & offer it as medicine for others to RISE.

Your life, your healing, your expression, your RISING– is the living breathing permission slip that somebody DESIRES right this second.

When you rise, we all rise.

No more avoiding. No more hiding. No more playing small.

Step into the heat.

Let it burn away all that is not You.

Let it catalyze your imminent rising.

Come Play in this Free Experience

 I will guide you on a journey to activate the next level of your rising.

 The rising of your self-sourced power & inner freedom.

The rising of the legacy you’re here to lead.  

The rising of your Kundalini Shakti & Divine Feminine consciousness.  


We’re creating magic with 3 days of LIVE transmissions, including a Kundalini Codes Embodiment Experience  

Day 1: The Rising of Your Self-Sourced Power & Inner Freedom 

Day 2: The Rising of Your Divine Legacy 

Day 3: The Rising of Your True Nature: Kundalini Codes Embodiment Experience to activate your Kundalini energy 

You will walk away with…

✨ A life-changing embodied shift to access your power NO MATTER what circumstances arise 

✨ Ignited LOVE for your Divine mission & crystal clarity on your next moves for greater impact 

✨Deepened confidence in what you have to offer just through who you ARE 

✨ Activated Kundalini Energy that will awaken your Feminine Essence & divinely guide your expansion

The value of this experience is $333 USD…but I’m gifting it to you for FREE 

When Kundalini Shakti calls – I listen. This is a co-creation with this Divine Intelligence life force that desires to set you FREE.

 I’ll be celebrating temple doors opening to a breathtakingly magical experience! 🎉 This is an invitation into deeper work with Kundalini Shakti to connect with your Divine nature, embody your True self & cultivate profound inner freedom. 

This offering is absolutely one-of-a-kind… & I can’t wait to unveil it to you!  

xx Ella

All photography by Danylo Bobyk  | @danylobobyk