A 3 Month 1:1 Journey to...

Ignite unwavering love for who you Truly are 💕
Heal your relationship with your inner child 💛
Deepen your connection to your purpose 💫
Activate the knowing of your Truth 🐍
Lead your life & business in your Truest most confident expression 🎉

My love… the biggest piece of the puzzle that you’ve been looking for to feel fulfilled, activated, loved & confident has been within you this whole time. 

My work with you is simple – I want to guide you to experiencing, embodying & expressing what is YOUR Truth. 

I want to facilitate your healing journey & the releasing of programming, beliefs & patterns that don’t serve who you Truly are & what you’re here to do in this lifetime.

I want to show you how develop unwavering LOVE & CONFIDENCE in your Truest self, so that you can show up effortlessly speaking your Truth, sharing your message & powerfully creating the life & business that you desire. 

I want to empower you to stand confidently in your power & navigate both your finite human experience as well as your Infinite & Divine nature with strength & resilience   

I want to walk with you HOME to the fact that the greatest teacher & guide you’ve been looking for… is within you. 

 Deep down you’ve already been feeling it.

You know you are here in this lifetime with an important mission to fulfill- for yourself & for the world, & you’re devoted to step up to it in a bigger way. 

You know you are meant to live a beautifully expansive & intentional life where every moment matters, because YOU MATTER.

You know that you have so much to offer others through your work, & honestly just through your powerful presence alone. 

You know you have potent medicine to share through your being, stories, & experiences that’ll be revolutionary for those meant for you.

You know you are capable of taking huge strides towards your vision & to keep on going – no matter what.

Because there’s no other way

There’s no other way but for you to be embodied & expressed in your Truth.

There’s no other way but for what you desire, or something even better, to happen FOR you.

There’s no other way but for you to massively lead in your most purposeful life & business. 

What Will Be Activated Within You IN THIS CONTAINER 💕

  • A clear understanding of & an enlivening connection to what is your purpose & vision here in this lifetime- for your being, your work & your contribution to the Collective 
  • A confident embodiment of your Truest self where you are fully expressed as YOU– the YOU who has been hiding for years under the web of disempowering programming, layers of “shoulds” & self-protection mechanisms. We will clear out the limiting beliefs & self-defeating patterns that have held you back, & anchor in a new way of thinking, feeling & BEING that supports what you desire. 
  • An unconditionally loving & expansive relationship with your inner child where you can finally feel FREE to act on the things that have always scared you & tempted you to dim your light 
  • An expanded capacity to witness, sit with & alchemize ALL of your emotions into your power so that you no longer fear or judge a “bad moment”, & instead know how to lovingly have your own back through whatever comes your way 
  • A deepened connection to the Infinite within you, & a knowing of how to cultivate a spiritual & Truth-embodied practice that nourishes your soul 
  • A set of empowering boundaries & standards for your Truest life & business so that you can confidently stand for & lead with who you are & what you deserve 

Essentially, you’ll be radically transformed at the subconscious, embodied & energetic level to Truly BE all of you & show up for your most purposeful life & business with calm confidence & power. 

What's Included 🎉

✨ A personalized expansion plan integrating subconscious, embodied & energetic work based on your specific vision & desired goals 

✨ 12 x weekly 60 minute coaching calls guided by the expansion plan to support you on your journey, & where we’ll dive into topics such as getting embodied in your Truest Self, healing the relationship with your inner child, using NLP techniques to shift your subconscious programming, & more 

✨3 x personalized subconscious reprogramming hypnosis & embodiment experiences to deepen your healing 

✨12 x weekly Truth Prescriptions including handpicked Kundalini Yoga meditations & kriyas, journal prompts, embodiment practices & self-healing tools to activate your Truth 

✨Unlimited messenger & voicenote support (M-F) so we can have frequent check ins & ensure that you are fully supported & empowered in this container 

LIFETIME ACCESS to the Light Up & Manifest program (value of $1333 USD) 💡


2 x 45 minute bonus sessions (which you can during or after the program)- value of $400 USD 


Hey! It's me, Ella!

Formally speaking, I’m a Truth Embodiment Coach, Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT + TIME Techniques & Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Informally speaking, I’m your new cosmic BFF who gets the ins & outs of deeply transformative & embodied mindset work. I am here to get you experiencing, embodying & expressing the Truest version of you in your every day – so that you can manifest more impact, freedom & abundance while living out your True purpose.

 I literally went from the girl who:

 ✨ constantly felt not good enough at everything to the point that it landed me in the hospital with a panic attack & full body numbness

✨was terrified AF to show her face online (literally took me months to record a video & over a year before I mustered up the courage to ask for a sale) because I was paralyzed at the thought of Fing up & being judged 

✨ was always dreaming up big ideas & offers, but then deserting them at the first sign of something not working because I took everything so personally 


to a Truth-embodied leader who:

💕 is full-time leading her most aligned purposeful business & showing up to serve her soulmate audience & clients daily 

💕 has deep emotional resilience to navigate any challenges & tempting shadow moments + keep on going for her desires no matter what  

💕has massively healed the layers of deeply rooted not-enoughness, shame, fear & anxiety that once steered her entire life

 💕 deeply LOVES who she IS before what she does & loves showing up online & being seen in her Truth 


The key pieces to my transformation involve opening myself to spiritual support, healing the unTruths I’ve taken on using NLP & embodied healing work, experiencing the Infinite through a Kundalini Yoga practice & committing to the practice of embodying my Truest self. All of which I am here to show you how you can integrate within YOU in this program. 

Take it from the girl who struggled through years of anxiety & literally once could not even fathom the idea of being alone with her thoughts. If I can do this & lead in a purposeful life that is aligned with my Truth- so can you. 


NLP: Neuro-Linguisitic Programming​
NLP is a methodology & attitude for understanding the language of your subconscious mind & using that to consistently create what you desire in your life. Your subconscious mind is responsible for 95%+ of your daily perceptions, emotions, decisions & behaviours. And through intentionally shifting your subconscious identity, beliefs, values, patterns & programs to align with your Truth & what you desire, you will quickly witness changes in your inner & outer realities. As a trainer of NLP, I integrate advanced NLP mind-shifting techniques + language patterns, hypnosis & TIME Techniques to shift your subconscious identity (how you see YOU), alchemize your fears & limiting beliefs into POWER & empower you to show up as your Truest most confident self DAILY. My approach to NLP is different in that I emphasize bridging your mind AND your body through the techniques for a more comprehensive transformation.
Kundalini Yoga & Technology
Kundalini Yoga is a yogic technology infusing kriya (postures & movement), pranayam (breath), mudra (hand gestures), mantra (chanting) & meditation to expand your consciousness, bridge your finite identity with your Infinite self and awaken you to your Truth (Sat Nam). When you commit to a Kundalini practice, you build physical & mental resilience to withstand any pressure, clear your subconscious mind of past programming, strengthen your energetic field and come home to your True purpose. I guide you through sacred Kundalini kriya & meditation teachings to awaken the Truth and Creative potential within you (your Kundalini energy) & massively expand your radiance from the inside out. This practice guides you to embody the Truth that your True teacher is within YOU.
Energetic Alchemy​
Energetic Alchemy is a modality I've created curating the most powerful techniques & tools for developing energetic awareness, strengthening your personal energy field, experiencing & alchemizing your emotions & aligning your energetic state. It is based on the scientific fact that everything in our reality is made up of energy. And not only does our energy affect our physical reality, but it CREATES it. Energetic Alchemy includes EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, energetic + emotional embodiment practices, quantum visualizations & more.


Pay In Full: $3333 USD 

or 3 monthly payments of $1133 USD

or 4 monthly payments of 875 USD

or 6 monthly payments of $633 USD 

Click below to apply for this program & book in an Activation Call to see if we are a good fit ❤️

Got questions? Send me a FB message below & let’s chat 😊


Jerine Nicole


Past Student of Light Up & Manifest | Nurse & Blogger 


Before being in this experience, I was struggling with being able to trust my decisions. I would overthink every single decision in my life, career and business. I didn’t know who I was and how to show up online as “myself”. I thought that I had to be two different persons, but I also wasn’t comfortable showing up as my “current self” then. I had no clear direction of where I was going. I felt anxious, stressed and pressured to follow the society’s standards of what success looked like. I learned to be the type of coach who would niche down, except I knew in my heart that I couldn’t do it. I knew I had something more to offer other than just one thing.

The Light Up & Manifest experience was absolutely amazing. At first, I was very skeptical as I’m not a spiritual person. But when Ella teaches the content, things make sense because I’ve been experiencing them throughout my life, and I just wasn’t aware of it. My favourites were our group calls and how she can support each one of us and always give her all. I could feel the same energy that she has on her Instagram videos and in her content. I always feel like Ella’s teachings are guiding me.

After this program, I feel that I could take on the world. I feel much more confident in making decisions in my life. I feel more clear about where I want to go in life. I am more comfortable and confident in expressing myself both in life and online because I always have my own back. I don’t feel rushed to do things or to achieve things, because I’ve learned to enjoy the process. And I know that there’s no other way but what I want to show up. These words are so simple, yet they are so powerful. One of my key wins from this program was really finding inner peace in this crazy world. I also started my own blog. I pivoted from the coaching business to writing online because that’s where my heart led me. I still have ups & downs, but they don’t bother me as much anymore. Because of tools that Ella gave, I know how to get myself back up.

Ella gives all her heart to everything that she does. She shows up in whatever energy she is in and because of her strong relationship with herself. With that, she’s also able to transmit and inspire others to do the same. She will give you the tools that you need to be able to make your own decisions. If you want to feel empowered in your life and business, then this is for you.

Even if you’re not into spirituality, this is a good program to start with. After this program, you will feel more comfortable with your relationship with yourself. I think it’s also the most important relationship that you can work on before being able to show up and serve others.

MorningStar Tom


Past Student of Light Up & Manifest | Anishinaabekwe | Researcher in Indigenous Education | Curriculum & Fitness Content Creator



Light Up & Manifest was AMAZING. I loved being able to take what Ella had to share and make it work for me – I loved the calm of something as “simple’ as breathing into your heart space and keeping it soul simple. I was able to make quite a few huge breakthroughs, and it still seems amazing that I was able to manifest some pretty incredible opportunities when I got out of my head and listened to myself in spirit form. I also love the Zoom calls and being to learn and share experiences with the other ladies. <3 Through the work we did together in this program, I felt so much lighter. When I got out of my head and into my heart it was like huge weights were taken from my shoulders. I had so many compliments on my “glow” lol. 

I really would recommend working with Ella. She is able to meet you where you are, and not where she thinks you can and should be. She really walks you through each experience and is there to guide you. On many calls she could focus in on a specific client when they were having troubles, and you can see her working firsthand.

If you’re thinking about joining, do it. Your inner child will thank you! And keep doing the work after – it isn’t just a program you work through and ta-da…life’s great now…it’s a program that gives you the tools to keep growing throughout life experiences.

Candice Chi

Past Student of Light Up & Manifest 

Before joining Light Up & Manifest, I followed the paradigm of what was my belief of “law of attraction” to a T. No matter how many affirmations I’ve told myself, how much I tried to “stay positive”, did the whole shebang of 3×33 and whatever else method….I felt things weren’t coming. That’s when the universe brought me to Ella’s work and from there was the first stepping stone of things really happening! My favorite takeaways from Ella’s modules is that it really just makes you face your shit. The thing that a lot of people try to do in most courses is cover the baggage with happy and positive fluff…which didn’t work at all for me especially when I had deep rooted things I needed to work through subconsciously. But she’s one of the only manifestation coaches that integrates NLP, science factual breakdowns of how manifestation works, and, Kundalini Yoga. Now Ill be the first to admit, I wasn’t consistent with Kundalini. And I’m not afraid to say that because even when I wasn’t I felt the BUZZ of energy after every session. Consistency is key with anything so I don’t suggest anyone to just dip your toes as I did with it but you can feel the difference on a physical level instantly which makes her workings so special. 

My biggest win is the self confidence I’ve garnered from my time in Light Up and Manifest. The trust in myself knowing that I get everything I ask for. Before, I was always in the shadows questioning everything and doubting my ability to bring this into fruition. However now, I’m in a place of knowing everything is working within my favor.

Ella’s not only an amazing mentor that’s with you every step of the way, but she also becomes more than that. A real friend which is not something I can say about most of the mentors in this space. She holds space for you and makes you feel you’re not alone ( anyone whose gone through a spiritual awakening or shift will know how lonely the journey can feel at times). I wasn’t expecting her to be so hands on during this but she really was there through every annoying question and tough subconscious work.

If you’re thinking of joining, I’d absolutely say to do it if you’re all in. Spiritual transitions and upheaval is a rough and strenuous journey…but beautiful if you see it through. As I mentioned, Ella is THE COACH I would recommend to anyone whose going through this cause she really is all hands on deck and truly makes you feel seen. You’re not just buying her product, she’s joining you for the ride.

Geneviève Paquette

Empowerment coach (Previous 1:1 Client)


“I used to have horrible self-talk, low confidence and low self-esteem. I identified myself as a negative person. I honestly thought it was who I am. I would compare myself constantly and use it to put me down. I used to not be able to feel my emotions, I felt numb. My main struggle was really my mindset and learn how to tap into my emotions.

Working with Ella inside of Light Up Your Life was literally the best thing I have ever done ! It allowed me to find my true self and show up with confidence. I used to hide in the sidelines but now I feel like I want to be front and center ! My biggest highlight is literally Ella she is the best. I feel like we were perfectly aligned and she always had exactly what I needed when I needed it, sometimes without even knowing ! I wouldn’t be able to pin point what was my favorite part of the program because I feel like my answer would be the entire experience. It’s that good !

I felt like I used to show up in my life as a caterpillar and now I am a beautiful butterfly flying all over the place. I found myself and fell in love with the person I am. My biggest shift is loving who I am. It gave me the courage and confidence to actually start my coaching business which I was pushing to the side By fear of not being good enough (self-sabotaging at it’s finest). I used to be a ghost on social media and now I am able to show up with confidence and certainty, sharing my message on my social platform. Something I would of never have been able to do before this program. I have never felt this good in my skin. I feel like I glow where ever I go.

Thinking about the opportunity of working with Ella? Don’t think twice, take it ! It’s the best investment you will ever make. You can’t put a value on a program like this. Loving your life and yourself is priceless!

Ella, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are I can’t even put words on how grateful I am for the work you do !

Mélissa Bellon

Cosmic Storyteller & Mindset Coach (Previous 1:1 Client)


Before I signed up to work 1:1 with Ella in the Shine With Your Cosmic Purpose upgraded experience, I was confused with who I was and what I was doing. I had a lot of limiting beliefs around myself, my value and what I was able to do. I was feeling stuck in my personal and spiritual growth. I lacked confidence in myself and my work.

This course is amazing and I can’t still believe all the value Ella gives inside the Shine with your Cosmic Purpose. I loved the exercises! They were complete and allowed me to really dig deep inside myself. This course helped me to reconnect with myself while giving me concrete actions to implement for my business. I couldn’t see myself evolving and working on my business without working on myself and Ella’s course allowed me to do both. I loved the fact that she’s using herself as an example, it’s really interesting to see the process of her creating content, you have the feeling that you can find your way to do it also. Her energy during the video is so contagious. I was always looking forward to the next lesson.

Through my 1:1 sessions with Ella, I had the feeling that I was always supported. Doing the journaling prompt Ella gave me every morning really transformed me and my mindset. I was struggling since a long time with journaling, even if I knew the benefits, I was lost with the prompts that were not for me. After my talks and calls with Ella, I was able to be more confident with my clients, I was able to let go a job that wasn’t good for me anymore. Thanks to her and her NLP technique, I know that I will always have my back, no matter what happen. I’m grounding in my Truth because I assume it. I assume who I am and I know I am enough and I have everything I need to attract my soulmate clients. I am beyond grateful that Ella was my mentor during this time of my life and I’m so happy to continue this journey with her ✨💛

My words won’t be strong enough to describe Ella. She is wonderful. She shows kindness while being able to confront my fears. She has helped me transform many limiting beliefs and made me feel supported and safe with myself and that is priceless. She always gives good advice and I immediately felt comfortable with her. Our calls helped me see further and bigger. Her holistic approach makes her content and her way to see things unique. She is not only a great help on the business, she helped me to evolve from a personal point of view, especially on my relationships. Ella is a magical gardener, she plants seeds and helps you turn them into beautiful flowers. I would recommend 1000% Ella ! I’ve already done it by the way 🙂

Cisa Sierra

Self-Love & Empowerment Coach (Previous 1:1 Client)


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